Lyons Deborah Maloney

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Darren –

Victim Location 32958

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was in Facebook and I got a chat from someone that was my friend named *** ***. I was told that I had to contact Deborah Maloney to apply for this "grant money" and that she just received $150,000 from them. It had to be done immediately because she was online now! and I would probably not be able to reach her later. This was about midnight my time (EST). My Friend *** is in Colorado so it would have been earlier her time. The whole thing seemed fishy to me.

After a few chats I knew that I was not talking to ***. I texted *** and got no response till this morning. I let *** know that she had been hacked.

It occurred to me that Deborah Maloney was probably hacked also because the posts on her facebook page and the information about this "Lion’s Club Grant" are all from year 2016.

It is a pretty good scam actually because the chat box comes with your friend’s picture and everything. I did contact this Deborah and when she started asking me for a bunch of information I did not give her anything except my name. She already had that information.

It is about a grant that supposedly anyone can get for $150,000 and of course you have to apply on Facebook in the middle of the night, etc.

They use another person’s profile (Deborah) also that actually has a bunch of information about this grant on her facebook page. When you google the name of the grant you will find it. It appears that the grant was given to some schools for some Minnesota Indians back in year 2016.

Then I also googled Facebook Grant Scam and found the entire story about it. I should have googled that first when someone wanted to give me money in the middle of the night….duhhhhh

*** ***

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