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David –

Victim Location 07208

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Investment

Met this person on Instagram who goes by the name of LysaWorthsword.. we had a discussion on Instagram in which led to a app called "whats app" which is basically like texting ….he sent photos he claimed to be proof that hes not a scammer and everything is official and real….his services were to invest my investment of $500 and in 7days it would increase in value to $5200… he would then take 10% of my payout and send me the rest of the total value… his services were based upon binary options trading … to invest I would need to transfer my funds to an coinbase app to convert .. then I would need to transfer the converted coinbase funds into his coinbased wallet.. the apps he recommended were blockchain and coinbase..After I send the funds and screenshot of proof of payment he asked me to create a login on this website and which I did but I was never able to login .. it asked me to verify but when I hit the verify button , nothing happened just a black screen.. he said he would connect my account manually and then proceeded to tell me not login until he said so… he said my deposit will be confirmed and my trading would start the next day.. I was told he would inform me of when my trading would start… also after that he now claims that he was informed to be able to monitor the trade "the tc software and migwor and vredo key" I would have to purchase for full access of monitoring my trade .. which I didn’t … he now claims I wouldn’t be able to log in monitor but hell keep me informed with progress everyday .. the next day he sent me a picture of a trading screen with a profit number and tells me this is what my account results are .. in which was a total lie because he sent me the same picture he had posted months ago on his Instagram account.. Friday which is today 9/7/2018 is supposed to be payout day .. this person send me a text on the "whats app "statingthey are experiencing a problem with my account for payout and to get an successful payout I would need to purchase the location locking key and it cost $1500 .. please respond because my account is ready for payout… the location is locked on his platform.. after seeing this I am shameful iam just now realizing its a scam.. I then told him if I didn’t get my payout or refund I will report him and his services to every scam platform as possible… he then proceeded to tell me he can help me raise 500 and he can help me with the balance of $1500 so I can get my payout now … this is a total scam

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