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Nikki – Feb 12, 2021

These people keep calling my family members asking for me stating they’re with my local court house and seeking $3200 from me. I called them out on their bs immediately knowing the courthouse doesn’t contact anyone let alone family members. They stated they delivered court documents to me. I stated i never received anything. They then asked for my address and when i stated they should have it off they delivered documents to me they for really defensive mind you this was 6:30 in the evening. When i called them out for being scammers they hung up on me and never called again. They do continue to contact some family members. Special place in hell for these people.

Monique – Feb 12, 2021

18882129105 here is the number

Yolanda – Feb 05, 2021

Monday, January 18, 2021. First, I missed a call while I was at a doctors appointment from 706-252-9003 and within about 10 minutes my adult daughter sends me a text saying a lady by the name of Sophia has been trying to reach me regarding legal documents that they have been trying to deliver to me. I call my daughter and got the call back information and a “case number” (888-539-6475). Also listened to my voicemail and it was the same person and case number. I immediately called back and asked for Sophia. The guy that answered said hold one moment while I transfer you to your case worker. When he comes on the phone he hohums around and then finally said yes, I have your case right here. We have legal documents to file against you for a Wachovia count that was over drawn. I said I haven’t had a Wachovia account in probably 20 years. He then said this was for 2009 account that was left overdrawn. Again I stated, it was not my account and this must be some kind of stolen identity or fraud. I then asked how much and he said well now it includes legal fees so it $2,370.43. I literally screamed NO EFFING WAY! This is some kind of scam. I told him he was full of [censored] and running some kind of scam. He got angry and said well ma’am, we will just file these legal documents against you in a court of law. I said, I thought you and Sophia said that you had been trying to mail them to me? He then said he’d see me in court and hung up on me. I am still patiently waiting for those “court documents”. SCAM ALERT SCAM ALERT! SOME ONE NEEDS TO TAKE THIS GROUP DOWN!

Amanda – Feb 02, 2021

SCAM: This company called my work phone to tell me about a case against my husband, after googling phone numbers and name: Advent Litigation Associates this site came up. I am filing with FTC now.

Colin – Feb 12, 2021

I just did too.

Gloria – Jan 27, 2021

I received a call from Steve at 281-824-1186 who advised there is a court case against me. He advised me that I need to call Advent Litigations at 888-545-5708 with Case# 407598. I was transferred to Derek Johnson (who online is an actual trial attorney). I was told that the case against me was for services rendered at Tacoma General on 07-28-2009 for 10K+ with reference# 1437770997. After advising that I was not in Tacoma in 2009, he told me to call the hospital. I did so. I was advised they do not have anything for me for 2009. I called Advent Litigation back for information and was told the court information with a court date would be mailed to me. This is obviously a scam. Do not provide them with any information. Do not trust what they say. They are using names of actual attorneys they Googled online (that is my opinion).

Marcus – Jan 11, 2021

Victim Location 43204

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called and said I had a debt with 5/3rd bank from 12 years ago that had gone to civil court. They said they attempted to serve me but when I asked them what the case number was or for proof of debt they refused to tell me. They claimed they would put a lien on my car. They tried to get me to do a Docsign without any other proof of debt. I knew my history with the bank so I called them and they affirmed I had no such debt.

Deanna – Dec 07, 2020

i just received a call from them stating that they are trying to serve me papers from a lawsuit against me from us bank and i cornered the little schmuck and he hung up on me saying see you in court

Wendy – Dec 04, 2020

**************BEWARE****************Today I received a phone call from a phone number that gave me the phone number for advent litigation firm. They told me that I was being sued by Wachovia which is now Wells Fargo. This was for an account I had back in 2009. They told me that the account was recently closed in 2015 which is not possible because that account was closed in 2009. So what I’m assuming happened is that a collection agency picked up the debt after Wachovia close the account and then eventually advent litigation firm picked up the debt. He told me that the county that I currently reside in has sent legal document to me in reference to this lawsuit. I called the county civil clerks office, told them the name of the litigation firm, my name, the date that they were referring to, and I gave them the case number that was given to me by advent litigation firm and of course they could not find anything at all. Furthermore when I try to call and get information on the case that is supposedly brewing up against me, the guy laughed and hung up on me eventually because I told him that I am aware that they got my information through skip tracing. How I know this for a fact is because they had my old address on file. The Wachovia account was opened in a different county back in 2009 and they know the county and old address that I used to live in. I know this is skip tracing also because this is something that was recently told to me. Why haven’t I heard about this before. 11 years ago is a long time for a company to be digging up old information. It’s really sad the things that companies do to get money out of people. If I was weak I would have just listened to what they said and ended up just paying the debt to get them off my back. But I did a little research of my own and I see on here that they have harassed other people as well. Please do your research prior to giving your money or Current information to anyone. Also this debt isn’t even on my credit report. I just think it’s all fishy. So sad.

Gloria – Nov 11, 2020

Scammer’s phone 8884580737

Scammer’s address Ontario, California

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Phone

This phone number/company has called my husband a number of times and my son a number of times saying there trying to reach my husband about a lawsuit with ADP. There is no lawsuit with ADP but a simple Google search can give you a person’s information to sound legitimate which they have done masterfully, luckily we have not fallen victim to their scam and everyone stay vigilant these people are dirty. I told my son to block their phone number as well as my husband.

Morgan – Oct 23, 2020

This legitimately just scared this [censored] out of me! I am a very anxious person… That was horrible. For shame on anyone who does this!

Alison – Oct 13, 2020

Scam ALERT****This place just called me saying I was being sued. When I confronted her she hung on me. So I call back and got a man. They ask for case number and had all my information except social security number and they used my last name from 20 years ago. They are saying and doing the samething to everyone.

Tammy – Oct 20, 2020

Same thing. Someone name Samantha called me for someone else. I call and asked them to remove my number and the [censored] hung up on me. Total scammers.

Charlotte – Sep 29, 2020

These scammers called my sister-in-law from a strange number, looking for me. 214-4402. Then she gave me an 888 number and a “case number”. 888.219.7021 I called them and spoke to a guy who told me that my local hospital had filed a suit for an outstanding debt. And that someone had been out to subpeona me. I told him that no one had come to my house. Later on, as I was thinking about it, I got concerned and started looking up the number. I called back and got the name of the “law firm” and more info. Supposedly, this is from a bill back in 2009! And our hospital wasn’t even the name he gave me. We’ve changed names since then. There other inconsistencies, too. He quickly hung up which made me even more suspicuous. I found this site and called back again and told them that they were scammers and to never call me again. I’m going to call them everyday. I have time.

Keith – Sep 28, 2020

These people have called me harassing me they’ve got my private information SSN all that. They claimed St Mary’s is sueing me. I called st Mary’s they are not sueing me. I reported them to the police. They’ve called my mother and my ex husband stating I owe all this money and that they’re taking my car and my house! Advent Litigation is SCAMMERS!

Darrell – Sep 24, 2020

On 9/23.2020 a company called Advent Litigation Associates called me multiple times to confirm my information in regards to a arising lawsuit against me, i requested to give me more information of the account number and the phone number of company that supposedly suing me for medical debt collections and they told me that was private information, and hung up. later that day they called again with another company name stating if i did not confirm my information with them they would sue me and send me to court and deport me. They were harrasing me and yelling to confirm my information. I have googled there number and they are know for scamming and harrasing people for all types of people. 786-627-4581 they have non stopped calling me and harrasing me to settle complete legal action against me.

Emmanuel – Sep 25, 2020

Got a VM from the same place but about my daughter. They gave me a case number. When I called them back, they played dumb, trying to get her birthdate from me. They had it all wrong! Hung up and reported it to the Attorney General.

Jaime – Sep 23, 2020

I have been receiving this call now for a couple of years, first they used the name I use on my social media profile, not what I use everyday. They call people off my friends list (the ones who have their phone numbers listed) and leaving messages that they have legal decision against me. You call the 888 number and it never rings, auto hangs up. I sent a message to the phone number that actually called, a couple of years ago it was a man with a heavy accent, never could under stand. This time a couple of weeks ago it was a female that was talking with a very nasally accent, the name she left me was Cynthia Taylor, then she called my ex-husband (and to say my wife in law was livid… lol) and same nasally accented girl used the name Samantha Harper… I sent an text again to the number that called, told them the same as the guy, to send me a registered letter through the PO, and I would take it to my lawyer. other wise stop harassing’s me. I never got a response from the guy, we will see if I get one back from Cynthia or Samantha.

Katie – Sep 18, 2020

I have been receiving multiple calls, per day, at all hours of the day and night from different alleged local 859 area code numbers. Most recently, today 9.18.2020. A message was left by Steven Taylor, calling from 859-359-6183. He states that he is looking for me, by my full legal name. He leaves a number for me to call stating that a legal action has been filed against me. He left a number of 888-790-9641 as a return number. I called the 888 number and I am told it is Advent Litigation Associates. A lady named Amy Paige answered the phone. She tells me I need a case number, which I didn’t have at the time, but it was left on the voicemail from Steven, but I didn’t have it at the time. She then tells me I have to verify my name, my number, and last 4 digits of my social security number. I refuse to identify any information. I am told that I am not entitled to any information until I verify my personal information. I again do not verify any information. I am told that Steven is the process server and civil suit has been filed against me. I checked my stat’s online public records for my maiden and married name. There are no suits filed against me in the state where I reside. I am a law abiding citizen who has not been involved in anything, ever, in my life. I also researched online and have not been able to find any relevant information that this is a legit company.

Dennis – Sep 25, 2020

888-801-5379. Same call but about my daughter.

Jack – Sep 15, 2020

I was told that I owe 2k to Wlls Fargo for a bill that’s 9 years old. ALA said that Wells Fargo is sueing me. I was hung up by 2 people & noone wanted to talk to me after I demanded that they send me written proof that I owe this money.

James – Sep 10, 2020

I have been getting called every day by the same person who can hardly say her name. I think it is Sofia Gainer but I am not sure because she mumbles it out each time I ask her to repeat it. They give a case number, make it sound like I am being sued or will have people banging on my door coming to arrest me. They always say “this is in regards to a complaint against you, if you do not respond a decision will be made without you”. The complaint is an overdraft fee from M&T bank in 2010… ?! WHat?! I dealt with that when I closed my account and have the paperwork to prove it. So when I call every time I get this receptionist who never seems to be able to patch me through to the “person in charge of my case”. Do not give these people any information. They just want your bank account number.

Gina – Sep 10, 2020

Also, to report these people and get them shut down, go here

Ronnie – Sep 03, 2020

Scammer’s phone 7866274581

Scammer’s website N/A

Scammer’s address N/A

Scammer’s email N/A

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Phone

I received a call from “Advent Litigation Associates”, claiming that my dad (who is elderly) is being sued in civil court and I needed to provide his information so they can send legal papers to him. They refused to provide more information.
When I asked what this lawsuit was in regards to? How they got my number? And why they didn’t send legal documents directly to my dad’s address rather than calling MY phone? The lady said, “I don’t have time for this” and hung up! I immediately called back and got an automated response “you have reached a non-working number.”
Beware! If you receive a call from this so-called ADVENT LITIGATION ASSOCIATES, don’t give any info, nor confirm anything! They are scammers!

Danielle – Sep 02, 2020

This company just called and has been for the past couple days including calling my husbands family members! They are stating he is being sued for a 53rd bank debt in 2008 for over 1,000$! He has never even had an account there and there is also a statue of limitations of 6 years on debt! They stated he would be served papers by a process server and they wanted a bunch of information pertaining to him personally! Is this a joke! Is this even a real company? Help

Ricardo – Sep 02, 2020

The same thing just happened to my husband. I got a call from him saying that he owed money and was going to be taken to court. He owed 5/3 money when we got married 8 years ago but we paid that debt 8 years ago. He told them that and said dont make sense and the man said that’s the way the cookie crumbles and put him on hold. He hung up. I called them to find out what the business was. The first time I was put on hold and the second time a guy answered who I barely could understand. He gave me the business name and i wrote it down after several times of trying to understand what he was saying. When I typed in the business it led me straight to this site.

The number they called from was thus 888-705-0954.

Its hard enough to make money and pay bills without scammers. Very aggravating. Just wanted to share our experience to keep those thieves from taking anyone’s money.

Hilary –

They have been calling me this month saying they’re calling for my daughter. The first guy who called I could barely understand, bad English. Couldn’t understand the name of the company. The second guy who called also just mumbled the name of the company and gave a six digits account number. This second guy gave a return number of 888-252-3969. Nowadays, of course, the safe thing is to turn to the Internet whenever anyone calls with this type of info. And here I am. Scamville, clearly.

Ruben –

After this company phoned my daughter and my place of employment and left messages for me to call them, which is a privacy violation due to them mentioning litigation, i had a very rude encounter with someone stating I owed a bank money, I would be charged $4000 in attys fees, a lien would be put on my car, which they knew the make and year, I would have to go to classes to learn how to manage my money and I would be served at my job. After several calls to the bank, different departments etc. It was determined any money paid to anyone would not be seen by the bank. See, my account had been sold in 2007! So, the collection agent that bought it isnt even around anymore. I called Advent back, where once again, the so called lady handling my case got on the phone and adamantly tried to say I did owe, they would serve me at work etc. So i asked for an itemized list of monies owed and why had i heard nothing of this prior to now? They sent me a letter in January of 2020 to an old address. Hm. Needless to say, i told her if she called my family or my work again, She would be in trouble. She hung up on me twice. I called back a third time, only to be put on hold for an extended time, then the”receptionist” answered it again. I asked him if they served summons to the sheriffs department. I suggessted he get a different job because he was working for some shady people then I hung up.

Janet –

They called me about a debt saying that I can settle with them or I can go to court and told me I would get a summons The guy was being disrespectful saying I need to do as I’m told I’ve even recorded them and to make it so bad they said that it was something from 2010 and now they are calling my family members asking if they know me after they talked to me I feel like I am being harassed!

Sean –

These people have called both me and my husband. In the past it was just him, at our old address around 6 months ago. Now today (Aug 20, 2020) they call me asking for my husband, gave 4-digit case number, guy called Steven Taylor, all very similar to the story above. I call back, i ask what it’s about, they transfer me through to someone ‘official’, i give case number , they say husbands name, yes they have case, cannot divulge the information, he must call himself. My husband is not even going to call back it’s such a scam and very similar to the one he’s had before. Worryingly they do have our new address (and now my number as well as his). Where do they get the data?!

Armando –

This is complete fraud and scam if anyone call you from this number or this particular company do a trace and it will leave you right to them. This is not a legal company nor does it exist they have nothing to do with Law.

they tell you its a civil case with a 6 digit case number that doesnt exist

Edward –

So frustrating! I appreciate this information!

Yolanda –

Victim Location 33461

Type of a scam Other

I received a phone call from a local number 561-437-3904. I called the number back and said who is this, they said Advent Litigation Associates. I hung up and listened to the voicemail that popped up on my phone. It had a phone number of 888-230-4625 to call Advent Litigation Associates and if I didn’t it would result in a legal decision against me. The man’s name that left the message was Steven Taylor that I should call him back due to a civil case of legal action that could result in a decision made without my knowledge if I did not return his call. I called and was then put on hold and told I would need to talk to his attorney. After waiting 5 minutes on hold, they hung up on me. I called back 3 times, each time they would answer and hang up on me. They would not tell me anything about what the call was about because they asked if my last 4 digits of my social security number were xxxx and I told them, I won’t give you my social security number. They hung up on me again. I then looked up the address that they gave me and found out that this address is out of business. There isn’t a listing for Advent Litigation Associates. It is a scam and also I read 3 other reviews that people were scammed by this company under another name. Please help and stop this company from harassing me. Thank you

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