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Roberto – Feb 24, 2021

Victim Location 53929

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I received a call from ALL AMERUCAN MEDICAL on 2-24-21. The gal’s name was Anne Williams. I found out later by googling this company name, that there is a legitimate All American Medical company that provides diabetic supplies to its customers. However the call I received was about my Medicare card. They wanted the date on the card that I received the card & also my card #. I gave them neither! They already had my name & address. They said they need to send me a new Medicare card because of Covid. This sounded rather suspicious to me & as I kept asking them questions, I was eventually put on the phone with a "supervisor", who’s name I gave above. She reassured me this was a legitimate company, but I still had reservations because we receive so many scam & telemarketer calls. When I kept questioning their legitimacy, they finally hung up on me.

I’m glad I did because I then immediately called the # on back of my Medicare card & they said they do not work with any company by this name & they DO NOT need to send me a new card!

I was VERY glad I knew enough to not give that All American Co my Medicare #. I dont know what they do with a Medicare # if they receive it. I feel bad for those that do give out that information because they do sound very convincing, but its a scam!!

Neil –

Victim Location 51501

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

This company is contacting our patients trying to get them to agree to purchase DME (specifically a back brace) however the provider will not sign off because the patient has no indication for the use of a back brace or other DMW at this time. The company then tells the patient to just find a new doctor till you get what you want. The company also admitted to me the RN Lead on the phone that they do tell patient to just find a new doctor till the patient gets that they want.

The company calls patients at least every other day, several times a day. This particular patient is slower functioning therefore she believed she needed one because that company told her she did.

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  1. Received the same call today 11-18-21 from the same company (All American Medical) asking for another family member (my older mother) in regards to her Medicare card. Sound convincing but get dodgy when you try to ask too many questions. They should absolutely be reported to the relevant authorities as an obvious predatory scam on the elderly. SCAM ALERT.

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