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American Shopper’s Award Scam or Legit? Check American Shopper’s Award Reviews below.
Caroline – Mar 01, 2021

he is still bugging me gave me 5 days to think about it . I refuse to pay him the money up front I said if god wanted me to have the money I should not have to pay for it. 400 dollars is what he wants me to pay, no way. phone number is 8007578154, I think it is Bob not sure. 02/01/2021

Marisa – Feb 23, 2021

I received a call from David Peterson and indulged him on the phone call. He did have my name and address. I have filled out drawings in the past for prizes at home shows, etc. but it has been a good while. Anyway, I indulged David Peterson in a conversation. He said that I had won $40,000 and wanted to know who I lived with, my age, and if I remembered filling out a form at my favorite shopping place. I lied on every question and indulged him. He then asked if I had a bank account and I said no. I asked when I would receive the check and he said in 4-5 business days, but it could be today if I would open a bank account. While he was talking I was Googling American Shoppers Award and knew it was a scam. I finally hung up and blocked the number but he is now calling from a different number.

Cheryl – Sep 10, 2020

Victim Location 91007

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Received letter in the mail and multiple phone calls. Offered $7 mil check. Asking for $80,000 registration in order to receive. Registration form 05-164 pending. Mailed certificate of registration, dept of homeland security.

They call at least 5 times a day. Offered to drop from $80,000 to $20k or give them a credit card number. Calls continue but we don’t answer the phone.

Darryl –

Victim Location 85206

Total money lost $50,000

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

This started with a call from Michael Moore who said I had won a million dollars and a Mercedes. Mr "Clark" who is a financial with Bank of America was one name dropped for supposed authenticity. It was imperative for any prize to be awarded that there be no balances on credit cards. They would make the payment and then withdraw it in a few days which became a nightmare of confusion. Then came the request to pay to transfer the car(since I did not want it} This was done through Walmart. There were many other requests for a few thousand here and a few thousand there which finally totaled over $50,000. All the while Michael was very assuring "Just trust me and you will get it all back in the prize". Each time the "prize" was to b e awarded some "unforseen" emergency would arise and another $5,000 would take care of it. Money was sent via UPS, Fed Ex and Walmart. The money was sent to various female names in SC and FL. Another telephone number used was 480-409-8505 Today 9/5 the name of Michael Merchant, John Kingston, Mary Anderson,and "Omar" who wanted $2,000 sent to Sterling Heights, Mich. I believe Michael Merchant hacked Michael Moore as the reason the money could not be forwarded to Wells Fargo per Mrs White 205 598 3154

Raul –

Victim Location 99708

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Mr.David Buckley called and told me I had just won 2.5million dollars and a sumsung washer and dryer valued at 1800.00 which will be delivered to my home address which he told me my address and said that when they delivered the appliances they would need a current picture ID and also a green seal stamp. Which I had to go to the nearest western union or wal-mart to pay the 1% fee for the secured grean seal stamp. Which is the receipt for the wire. Then he would have his delivery team come to my home and deliver the prize and the check and that his authorized official delivery people would escort me to the bank of my choice to make sure that I would be safe and secure cashiers check at my bank. He has called several times. I played him for awhile and said I did go to the bank but they advised me not to send the money because you are trying to scam me. He went all balistic trying to confirm that this is not a scam. And because we are in alaska time zone his offices were shutting down he would have to get me the proof I needed tomorrow. So I was trying to find out if this is legit or am I being scammed?? Course I like to make them work for it and to learn the new spins they are coming up also I would hate to lose out on a legitamate win?

Angel –

Victim Location 70525

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

AMERICAN SHOPPERS AWARDS COMPANY – A.S.A / Affiliate of The Las Vegas Dream Foundation. Arena Complex Km 18 Route de Rufisqu. Tel#: 876-529-2421

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