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Jermaine – Jan 26, 2021

Victim Location 98022

Total money lost $92

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Advertised as same day delivery. Ordered $92 worth of flowers for my mother-in-law. Website says there was a special for free delivery, although they charged me $10 for it. I completed a very detailed survey at the end of my order only to be shown there was an additional $20 service fee. I made a complaint on their website and someone called me. Said, after talking to their supervisor, they would give me 50% off the service fee. No invoice emailed to me and all emails that do come go to spam. No tracking number provided. I complained again and they called back again saying the florist-fulfillment center they use (and can’t disclose to me) wasn’t answering the phone but will cancel my order if not delivered by 1/25/21. Nothing. I will be disputing the charge with my bank and possibly getting a new card to avoid Fraud. This company needs to be investigated by the authorities!

Geoffrey – Jan 19, 2021

Victim Location 92808

Type of a scam Online Purchase

OWNER – Matthew Neuenhaus








Mahwah NJ 07430

United States

Lawrence – Jan 19, 2021

Victim Location 84119

Total money lost $180

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Floral for father’s funeral. Shows me online a beautiful arrangement  chose it with taxes and all other fees. I spent 180.00 the arrangement was supposed to blue and whit. They delivered a green and whit arrangement hardly any flowers everyone commented that it was not close to what I ordered. This was for my father I explained that to them. I wanted something  beautiful and we were very disappointed. 


I called as soon as I seen the flowers requested a new arrangement. Because the arrangement I ordered was full of flowers. The one we got didn’t have the flowers or in the color we ordered. I feel like I was scammed!

Taryn – Jan 11, 2021

Victim Location 44870

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company came up as a local florist in Arkansas. Order was placed for flower delivery. Immediately, a phone call was received saying they didn’t have some of the particular flowers available but they would substitute those flowers with an upgrade for the inconvenience and the designer would make it perfect. The order was delivered two days late and what arrived was a small bundle of flowers in a plastic sack (think grocery store flowers you pick up for $7.99, carnations), no vase or arrangement as shown and ordered in the picture. This was by far not what was ordered or explained over the phone and certainly not the value of the money spent. When the company was contacted, they said the name of the “designer” florist was unavailable and not refund was given since “technically they delivered flowers. It wasn’t their fault that they weren’t the flowers we wanted.” When we asked to speak with a manager, none were available and they would only have the same response. This company is fraud and does not provide the product being ordered.

Jack – Dec 31, 2020

Victim Location 22903

Total money lost $122.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This scam of a company is pretending to be a "top rated flower company in the country" and a "locally owned and operated business" – They are using SEO to populate when people all over the country search for flowers for specific locations posing as a local business. They have a functioning website and I chose an arrangement and stuffed animal to send to someone for the holidays and was guaranteed delivery by a certain day and paid $122.97 for 6 roses with some holly and a small teddy bear. The order wasn’t delivered on the guaranteed day and still not delivered 2 days later. The website makes it impossible to actually speak to a customer service representative by hiding the phone number in the FAQ section. When I tried to cancel the order they refused and insisted it be sent out for redelivery. 2 days after that the recipient got a knock on the door at 9pm while she was sleeping. What arrived was 4 white carnations in a clear vase. Not at all what we ordered and now 5 days late. When the recipient told the delivery person the order wasn’t correct, they reiterated that that is what "Avas Flowers told them to bring". I have now spent over an hour on the phone, being placed on hold for 20 minutes at a time and passed around to different people, all refusing to issue a full refund stating that "there is a process"- when I explained that they had already once been sent for redelivery and that if they had an issue with their third party clients then they needed to deal with that on their own and issue me a refund. The only thing they offered was a $20 credit and $20 refund. There are no managers to speak to, just entry level customer associates who aren’t authorized to issue refunds. I waited for over an hour to ‘speak to a manager’ and when she finally got on the phone she conveniently couldn’t hear me and hung up on me again. This place is a complete scam with no intention on refunding or addressing the over 2k complaints made on the ScamPulse.com already. I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND FOR THEM TO BE SHUT DOWN AS A SCAM BUSINESS.

Brad – Dec 14, 2020

I ordered flowers fir my mothers 94th birthday who lives in Fla.the flowers i ordered online looked nothing like what arrived ,could have bought the the at a grocery store and they would have looked Better! Total rip off and would only credit me $10 ! NEVER ORDER FROM THEM! RIP OFF SCAM!

Jay – Nov 25, 2020

Victim Location 90808

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I payed for a LARGE bouquet of flowers which is a $20 dollar upgrade. It brought my total of the flowers to $64.99 before tax. However when the flowers got delivered to my very sick friend, they sent out a small bouquet (that didn’t include half of the flowers that were shown in the photo) but still charged me for a large!!! After multiple attempts of talking to customer service reps, they said all they could give me was a $12 dollar refund. I told them how is that fair if I payed $20 for an upgrade that I never even got. After being put on hold multiple times they then told me the most they would give me is $15 dollars. I told them I was still unhappy because that is FRAUD and had I known I wouldn’t even be receiving the flowers I purchased A LOT OF MONEY FOR I wouldn’t have gotten them! The representative then put me on another hold after telling me she would process nothing more than $15 dollars. When she got back on the line she told me she processed the request and if there was anything else she could help me with. I checked my email and she only sent me a $10 dollar refund!! I told her where is the rest of my refund, and she then gave me a non convincing response that it only allowed her to send $10 dollars at a time. I told her I would wait. She then put me on hold AGAIN only to disconnect the call. I never got the rest of my refund. THIS COMPANY IS FRAUD!!! I spent over $118 dollars and got this ugly small vase of flowers, a tiny $20 dollar box of chocolates, and a $5 dollar card that only let me type two sentences in!! I am sooo angry with this company and I never get angry like this ever. This is just not right!!!

Jessica – Nov 06, 2020

Victim Location 85296

Total money lost $182.37

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a White Spray of flowers to be sent to ********* ****** in Phoenix AZ on 11/04/20 and to be delivered on 11/05/20.

This is what I ordered https://www.avasflowers.net/product/white-sympathy-spray.

They claim on the Customer Support pngage that it was delivered at 7:45am on 11/05/20.

I was at the chapel at 9:00am and the flowers were not there.

I asked for a refund but they have not responded.

I called my bank Wells Fargo to dispute the charge.

Christopher – Oct 15, 2020

Victim Location 84116

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

When I purchased flowers online this company added charges of $30! They refused to cancel the order and didn’t send what I ordered! Also collect information! Data miner!

Carly – Oct 14, 2020

Victim Location 98223

Total money lost $92

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My daughter is in a hospital in ******* ****** and had a baby. I live in Arlington WA. and wanted to send flowers.So I looked on line for a florist that would deliver today. First website that came up was Ava Flowers so I clicked on, there was a phone number for help so I called and made the order. Was promised it would be delivered that day – hours later received an email and txt message and phone call from Avas (but i was in an appointment so didn’t get to answer phone) all saying, there was a problem with my order please call this number to discuss.Well the phone number was Fake! So I called the number I ordered on and was told I needed to be transferred to someone else,which was also fake and disconnected , three different times!!! Asked my bank, to stop payment, but was told must wait till Avas gets the money (pending now) then file complaint! Which I will do but SUPER annoying to have scammers that hurt people!! Will Never order anything on line again without searching for reviews – I thought it was odd from the beginning – saw reviews too late!!! All Bad –

Andrew – Oct 10, 2020

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered flowers last weekend and they promised Sunday delivery until they had my credit card info. Then they started hedging, but still would not say that they could not deliver on Sunday. They promised Monday morning at the very latest, but on Friday, I got notice to contact them. Needless to say, they had not delivered the flowers, and on that call (3 tries — 20″ on hold until I finally got through on the 3rd try), they offered to deliver on Tuesday. 10 DAYS LATE! For special occasion flowers! They did absolutely nothing to make it right, and cut out the line when I asked them to reverse the charges.

Jose – Oct 02, 2020

Victim Location 94710

Total money lost $10

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I placed an order on September 21, 2021 for a bouquet. The product I selected was $54.99. I added the product to my cart, and proceeded to checkout, where I filled in the delivery address, as well as the billing information. I was given a "Total" of $54.99, with no line item for delivery fee, taxes, or what they are calling "Service Fee". I naturally took this to be the total cost of my order, the amount that would be charged to my credit card. Upon hitting "Continue Checkout" the very nest window was a pop-up for my credit card information. I entered it, and the next screen said my order was complete. I checked my email, to find that I had been charged $79.90. I was outraged. I had not consented to my card being charged in that amount. I called customer service, and the rep seemed quite used to this complaint and stated they have the Service Fee published on their website. They do not. She said the Service Fee is calculated on many factors and varies from order to order, so they do not communicate it to customers until after checkout. I informed her this was fraudulent and misleading. The customer service rep was fairly inflexible. She put me on hold for 10+ minutes until returning to say they could take 50% off the Service Fee. I had never agreed to the amount charged to my card. I was desperate to get these flowers sent last-minute, and they took advantage of that, and I accepted the 50% reduction of Service Fee. Nonetheless, I feel scammed. I find this to be very shady business–totally misleading, hoping the customer will not notice that the business ran your card for $20 more than expected. They need to publish the amount you will be charged PRIOR to taking payment. Period. DO NOT SHOP at AVAS FLOWERS.

Sarah – Sep 24, 2020

Victim Location 90025

Total money lost $137.88

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered from Avas Flowers to send a gift for a friend’s birthday. I originally purchased an item costing $54.99 and they required an additional $9.99 same day delivery fee to arrive at my requested desitation by 2:00pm. I started to feel uneasy when I did not receive and email regarding my invoice of my purchase when the site asks if you want a receipt or not. I then called and spoke to Luis to request them to resend an email of my invoice. He said he sent it over the phone but I received nothing. So 2:30 came around and I thought the flowers would be there by then but I received a call saying they don’t have the flowers I ordered and they said I had the option to choose an item that is more expensive to be deliverd in the nest two days. I called back and told the lady to cancel my order and I did not want to pay an additional $45 for something that would be delivered at the time I requested. Then I went back on their website and requested a "cancellation" of my order. Of course, I received no email about my cacellation so I had to call again and was hung up on three times. Maria, then told me she cancelled the order and sent the refund to my card. I checked my credit card statement and my card was charged. So I had to dispute my charge through my credit card company because it was a false payment. Anyways I was getting really confused because I checked my order on avasflowers.net and saw they changed my order to a flower set costing $99.99 with $9.99 delivery fee and service fee $19.95 and the total was $137.88, obviously I had not recollection changing my order to something more expensive. In fact I remember I cancelled my order, therefore, I will have to call them again in tommorow to demand a refund because I did not make this purchase. They put a charge on my credit card without my approval. This comapny is a complete scam and none of the sustomer service people will help you. They just say they will transfer you and put you on hold, which then leads you straight to a survey and hangs up on you. They have this strategy so they can take your money and there is no email to contact them. DO NOT ORDER form them. I am still fighting to get my money back.

Nicolas – Sep 23, 2020

Victim Location 10002

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers through the company’s website. They were suppose to send it to my mother on her birthday. She never received the flowers. I then received confirmation from the company that the flowers had ben received by mother at 5:30pm. THIS IS FALSE. My mother and sister were at the place of delivery during delivery time designated by the company but there was never any delivery. The company does not provide tracking information even though they say that they use couriers like Fedex and UPS.

There website offers no means of contacting someone directly from customer service. There is only a fancy FAQ directory which directs you to a message that says if you didn’t get the flowers they were most likely stolen. Their phone number doesn’t work. There are over 1,000 complaints about this company on BBB. I wish I had looked first before giving them my money. I was definitely scammed.

Logan – Sep 14, 2020

Victim Location 33431

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I called Ava’s Flowers # to order flowers for my daughter and chose $49.99. The person answering phone asked me what color bow I wanted and what I wanted to put on card. Then she asked me for my credit card number which I gave her. She then told me the price was $88.91. I asked her how come and she told me that the bow cost $5.00; the card $4.00; the service fee $20 and Delivery $10.00. I told the salesperson that she never told me all the extra charges . She tried to argue with me that it was in the "contract."I told her not to place the order and told her this was a deceptive and fraudulent business. Ava’s e-mailed me the bill immediately. I immediately tried to call them but they placed me on a list and told me, by computer, they would call me back between 1 and 1:30. They still have not contacted me it is 2:30 p.m. I tried to cancel immediately on the web but they said the order was already made. My daughter did receive the order in spite of all of this. I have called my credit card company to dispute charges.

William – Sep 04, 2020

Purchased a medium sized floral arrangement for $60.00 and upon arrival it had been substituted for a small and look NOTHING like the “as shown” I had selected. I can see a few differences as normal but mine looked WAY off compared to my request. Customer service gave me a $20.00 store credit only, as a solution. As if I want to spend it there again as is? Dismal delivery and false advertising. Con artists working with questionable local florists. The joke is on me for not having researched this prior to trusting Avas. How exactly are they in business with an F grade with the BBB and average of 1 star review ratings? I could have spent $60.00 at a local Grocer for triple what I received. Local florists are the ONLY way to go and directly. The owner of this company must have little moral compass. See the difference between purchase and what was received.

Juan – Aug 25, 2020

BEWARE- it’s a scam! Ordered 3 get-well balloons and chocolates for a sick kid, to be delivered the next day. (Also Tricked during call into buying a get well card and ribbon, because all they said was “and what color do u want the ribbon to be? And what do you want written on the card?”, as if they were free with order). Instead of delivering the next day, they did a bait-and-switch. They called and told me the chocolates wouldn’t be available, and the rest couldn’t be delivered until the next day, but for all the trouble I was going through, they’d “throw in an orchid plant”. Well, they ended up CHARGING me for that plant, saying I had agreed to pay for it. Then, instead of 3 get-well balloons, they delivered ONE happy birthday balloon, without even a stick or ribbon tied to it to hold it by! And NO get-well card and ribbon, although they were charged for. When I called, they said I had VERBALLY agreed to all these changes during the prior call, (as if I would agree to a birthday balloon for a sick kid). They agreed to refund me $20, meaning I just paid $74 for a tiny bear, and the wrong sad balloon without a ribbon, and all a day late. I filed with BBB, and am disputing with CC. Everyone should, till these scam artists are run out of “business”.

Lee – Aug 13, 2020

Victim Location 91604

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My elderly mother purchased flowers for a friend’s birthday, believing they were a local company in northern California near where that friend lives, and would deliver the flowers to her residence. She mentioned how on their website (which she found through a google search) they had photos of their nice staff, and were so friendly initially on the phone. The flowers didn’t arrive when they were supposed to, at which point my mother was given the run around over multiple calls about some issues with the designer that were currently being resolved. She also began to receive scam phone calls from "Amazon" saying her account (which she doesn’t have) had been compromised and she needed to call them back to fix it. I intervened as soon as I heard this and, when I didn’t see any Avas Flowers listed on yelp in northern California, was able to get her bank to reimburse her for the purchase as it was clearly a scam. I believe they were involved in passing along her number to other scammers, like the fake "Amazon" that called her, and now she has to be on high alert for being scammed in the future. This is elder abuse and their website should be flagged and removed, and the people behind it sued for the pain and suffering they cause to older people who aren’t discerning enough to catch their scam.

Melanie – Jul 29, 2020

Victim Location 57445

Total money lost $88.43

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers for my mother-in-law in ** for her 81st birthday. I ordered on Monday, July 20th to deliver Thursday, July 23rd. They had plenty of time to deliver them. I was told on the 23rd; they couldn’t be delivered. I went online and canelled the order then contacted my bank to dispute this, because services were not rendered and I won’t pay for something that never occurred. Every day since the 23rd of July, I have gotten emails telling me they can’t deliver my floweres and now I’m getting up to 8 to 10 Robo calls from them at 877-638-3303

I knew immediately I was scammed and called them on Friday to make darn sure this was cancelled verbally, they told me it was not delivered and I couldn’t cancell the order, but they still haven’t been able to deliver the flowers and they had to change the flowers ect, because they were out of season. I’m crazed by this companies harrasement for services I paid a pretty penny for and never got. They even told me they would call my mother in law and explain it was their fault the flowers couldn’t be deliverd, they never did call and lied about that too. I was under the impression this florist was local in **, not NJ and I live in SD and would only buy local… so upset. Now Robo calls don’t stop.

Spencer – Jul 21, 2020

Victim Location 10607

Total money lost $159.93

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered flowers online after calling to make sure they would deliver at the cemetery which they confirmed after speaking with Mark. Got an email confirmation of the delivery went to the cemetery and no flowers. Called Avas Flowers while at the cemetery for Chloe to tell me that the deceased person signed for the flowers. Spoke with Alex who sent me to someone else to tell me that they need to check with the flower designer. In short after 10 days still not heard from them. Don’t believe what you see on their website, it’s just a front to scam people. Still fighting to get my $159.93 back from them. ScamPulse.com should have a better way to monitor online companies like this one.

Levi –

Victim Location 85009

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have spoken to countless number of people. I ordered flowers Thursday 7/9 that were supposed to be delivered Friday 7/10. After spending over an hour on the phone with a representative on Friday 7/10, they were "unable" to deliver flowers to a funeral. Avas Flowers guaranteed they would have the flowers delivered on Saturday 7/11. Even after they guaranteed the flowers to be delivered on Saturday 7/11, I later received an email that they would "not be able to deliver flowers" that Saturday, I was going to have to wait until Monday 7/13. I am now calling again Monday 7/13, another hour on the phone with Avas flowers, and they are still not "able to deliver" Today Monday 7/13/ Again they are guaranteeing me that the flowers will be delivered tomorrow Tuesday 7/14. I have been given the run around and I am still not getting any results. After seeing other reviews, it looks like I am not the first they have to done this too. They are unable to fulfill any client expectations, they are a "Flower Company" yet do not have any bouquets or alternatives ever ready. Their lack of sympathy is unprofessional.

Eugene –

Victim Location 32724

Total money lost $65

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website (https://www.avasflowers.net/) takes flower orders and says they represent various florists. We are a floral store that was contacted by one of Avas Flowers customers, who said they were told Avas Flowers was taking the order and we would deliver it. Of course, we had no knowledge of this order, and have never been contacted by Avas Flowers. So the customer calling us told us she paid Avas Flowers and was told we would deliver the order, and we had to explain that we are not associated in any way with Avas Flowers, and that she apparently had been scammed by them.

Joe –

Victim Location 62690

Total money lost $88

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This "business" took my money for mother’s day flowers I ordered about a month ago. They never got delivered. I called and spoke to them, they "opened an inquiry" and assured me that they would resend the flowers. A week later, the recipient still has yet to receive their flowers, and now they will not answer their customer support line. I just want my money back!!! This website is a scam and it’s very sad that they take advantage of people that are attempting to send joy in times of need or for holidays. The recipient I was sending flowers to for mother’s day lost her son 5 years ago, so this was a very important meaningful delivery to help brighten her day and the fact that they failed to deliver the product not once, but twice just disgusts me. This place needs to be shut down and held accountable.

Rodney –

Victim Location 22046

Total money lost $79.93

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a sophisticated scam. Avas Flowers has a New Jersey address and even a phone number to call for customer service. They insist they delivered flowers we ordered, but they never arrived. Their e-mail with "tracking information" supposedly through "Fedex" (should read FedEx) doesn’t actually have a FedEx tracking number you can find. The customer service representative with heavily accented English will even call the orderer and the intended recipient from a number without caller ID. Unfortunately, all the red flags didn’t appear until after we gave them our money.

Martha –

Victim Location 06850

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My best friend ordered a dozen roses and chocolates two weeks before my 30th birthday. The roses arrived 3 days late, half of the petals were in the box and the what is left on the stems is hanging on by a thread (they fall off if you lightly touch them) and the chocolates were not included either. Checked the reviews and there are hundreds and hundreds of 1 star reviews for this business. Definitely needs to be shut down/investigated.

Haley –

Victim Location 89436

Total money lost $133

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered sympathy bouquet to be delivered 5/16/2020. Product NOT delivered and my debit card was charged. They have a fully automated phone system and unable to contact anyone to resolve anything. Looked up this company after I placed orders to discover they are a SCAM. I’ve filed a request for refund on their website but it states "we are unable to fulfill your request at this time"

Randi –

Victim Location 03773

Total money lost $88.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I looked for florists that delivered to DHMC in Lebanon NH. This company said they were local and had one day delivery. I saw the great reviews and beautiful selections of floral arrangements. I ordered a $54.00 arrangement, a $3.99 card. When I saw the invoice, it was $88.00, they had also charged me a $29.00 service fee. It was at that point I felt that something wasn’t right. I

tried to call the florist. I got an answering machine that said, “Nobody can take the call.” At that time I knew it wasn’t a legitimate florist. I tried emailing them. Later that day I got an email saying they needed me to call them about my order. I tried calling and got the same message. I went back to the website and requested the order to be cancelled. I repeatedly thought the day tried to reach them. By chance I asked the person at the hospital if they received my flowers. I work at the bank and could see they had debited my account $88.00 This evening I received two emails, one stated they were unable to make the delivery. The second email was stating my payment was refunded and it could take up to ten business days to credit my account. I then googled reviews of Avas Flowers and there were several reviews stating they were fraudulent and I knew I was scammed. I then checked the Better Business Bureau website and saw many complaints about Avas Flowers. Why are they still able to scam people?

Cindy –

Victim Location 30324

Total money lost $65

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased ‘tulip flower bouquet, mother’s day birthday card, and a Balloon" for $65.97 pre-shipping and tax for mother’s day, to be delivered May 7th-May 10th. Unfortunately, the ordered was never received by Sunday, so we looked up our order on the website, and not only had what we ordered changed (we have a receipt for the items selected which do not match what is now associated with our order number), but the items were not delivered until May 12th. The items were different- a dozen HALF DEAD roses. This is outrageous. We attempted to call the company over the weekend, and kept getting disconnected. It appears that this company has scammed many people upon review.

Amanda –

Victim Location 70453

Total money lost $97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers for my grandmother (who is in failing health) for Mother’s Day (likely her last.) I received a delivery confirmation email stating that the flowers were delivered on May 8th at 5:13pm. However, the flowers were NOT delivered. I spent five days navigating through Ava’s website, automated system and "customer service" reps and followed all their protocol for report filing and requesting escalation to a supervisor. On the sixth day I finally received the return call I’d requested for days only to be met with a woman on the other end of the phone who tried to speak over me, was dismissive, rude and unwilling to help. When I pressed her as to why I was lied to, had my money taken, and no flowers were delivered, she said, "I guess it was just a mistake. It happens all the time." She refused to do anything to make the situation right – just said she was cancelling my order!

Had I not checked with my grandmother to make sure she had received the flowers, Ava’s would have simply stolen my $97 and I would have been none the wiser.

Jermaine –

Victim Location 76710

Total money lost $110.85

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ava’s Flowers is a scam. I spoke to a customer service rep who said they were located in Douglas, Wyoming (see photo attached from website) and they are NOT. They are located in New Jersey. The website says: Same Day Delivery (see photo attachment from website). I ordered flowers for my sister on May 9th and they promised they would deliver on that day; it is now Wednesday, May 13th and she still has not received her flowers. The website shows an image of a bouquet for 59.99 (see photo of the bouquet that I ordered from the website) yet I was charged 110.85 for "Same Day Delivery" of which DID NOT HAPPEN!!

Please note: I am only allowed to upload one photo.

Colin –

Victim Location 80447

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers from this company one week prior to the hoped-for delivery date in the town of Estes Park, CO. On the day before the delivery date, I received an email saying my order had been cancelled. No explanation was ever given and no flowers were delivered. All attempts to contact them through any of the means posted on their website were dead-ends. Although I received a refund, I had to lock and eventually cancel the credit card I had used in an attempt to avoid future theft – which I suspect was their aim in the first place.

Erin –

Victim Location 95210

Total money lost $95.88

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My Granddaughter ordered flowers and was charged 95.88. They didn’t deliver what she ordered. They delivered something else that cost $69.00 She called and called and the only time she got through, they put her on hold and she held for 30 minutes and they never came back to the phone. This is a total scam. I would hope that someone would investigate them and shut them down. There is a whole Facebook page for Avas Flowers Scams. Unfortunately she didn’t see it before she ordered flowers. By the way, when you google florists, they come up first on a google search. Google should take them off their searches.

Grant –

Victim Location 28027

Total money lost $88

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered on 4/29 for mothers day to be delivered in 5/9, with the understanding it could be delivered anytime between 5/6 and 5/10 (no problem). I was at my mother’s house yesterday (5/9) when I got a confirmation email saying they had been delivered. So I check the front door, they’re not there. I walked up and down the driveway, and even check the neighbor’s front porches just incase they were delivered to the wrong house, and nothing.

I have called customer service many times today, but have not been able to get ahold of an actual person. I was even asked to participate in a survey asking how the agent treated me on the phone LOL. I was never able to speak with anyone! I hope it doesn’t come to this, but I will file a dispute with my bank tomorrow if needed.

Carla –

Victim Location 97140

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers for my 95 year old grandma for Mother’s Day. They said they were delivered on the 8th but still haven’t turned up. This is a scam

Natasha –

Victim Location 28262

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered an arrangement for my mom. I know for a fact I ordered all roses, but instead got 4 roses and 5 carnations. I paid almost $100 for the crap they delivered. When it was delivered, there were only 9 stems (instead of the 12 I paid for). I’ve reached out on Instagram and they deleted my comment. I then went to facebook, and that’s where I saw that this company has been scamming customers left and right. WHY ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS?!?!?!?!?!

Gina –

Victim Location 45238

Total money lost $108.46

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Friday, 5/8, was having difficulty finding local florist that had flowers to send to my mother in law in Charlevoix, MI, for Mother’s Day. (Flower shortage) AVAS Flowers.net I found online and called them. Man that answered was in New Jersey. Told him what I wanted, needed him to confirm with his connections in Michigan that this order would be filled and delivered the next day. After putting me on hold, he came back confirming my order would be delivered Saturday. (at an exuberant fee…) Flowers were not delivered. Tried contacting company Saturday and Sunday, no answer, no way to contact. Their website told me my flowers would be delivered Thursday 5/14. Cancelled order online Sunday afternoon. No refund. This is a terrible company. I’d like my refund and would like a way to warn other people not to trust them!

Edward –

Victim Location 02169

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered from Avas because it was said to be close to my friends house, ordered a $90 bouquet On 5/4 for her birthday which said was gonna arrive 5/5, they wrote me an email saying those arrangements weren’t available for 5/5 so they’re gonna come 5/6. Nothing. I called and got a hold of someone and they sounded annoyed and didn’t even give me a direct answer. Now I’m trying to cancel and get my money back and no one is responding. They really need to put this business out, I just lost $90 and my friend isn’t having a good birthday.

Jorge –

Victim Location 32092

Total money lost $83.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I spent $83.09 purchasing flowers and a ballon for Mother’s day. My Mom got a totally different item and no ballon. I ordered a full bouquet of varying flowers in a vase. She only got a dozen roses in a box. I tried to call the customer service line for the company and only got a recording and run around from the recorded message. I want a full or partial refund for my order.

Order number was #7036385.

Edward –

Victim Location 14612

Total money lost $65

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Called to order flowers, they said to order online. Went on their website and ordered large flower bouquet and paid extra for rush delivery for a total of $105. Was supposed to receive them by 2pm and they never came. Made multiple calls to try and talk to someone about my issue, they kept putting me through to other people, which those calls always got dropped after being on hold for 30 minutes. Finally the next day got through to someone after multiple attempts and they said they would not use that flower company again (would never tell me what company they were using) and found a different one to use so the same flowers would be sent. They finally arrived but they were not the correct flowers and a much smaller size. Tried to call the company again and the number says it is not a valid number. This company is a complete scam and should be shut down.

Tonya –

Victim Location 63005

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

1st DAY 4/27/20……..4:59 pm….Placed ONLINE order for a flower delivery…..$90.57

2nd DAY 4/28/20……..4:00 am…Tried to CANCEL….sent from one page to another on web site…told

Could NOT cancel….gave a number to call…..called

number…got a recording ….they will call back …..

NEVER returned Call

2nd DAY ………………..8:00 am….Email (no reply) Order scheduled for delivery

2nd DAY ………………..8:00 am….E-mail (no reply)Track your delivery…no tracking #

2nd DAY……………………………….. AVAS Hit Credit Card…………………………………..$90.57

2nd DAY…………………6:45 am…. Email (no reply) Confirms delivery to **********

2nd DAY…………………6:45 pm…. Email (no reply)……order delivered and left with

intended recipient

2nd DAY………………………………..Called hospital …the front desk reported …NO flower delivery…

Checked with shipping and receiving….NO box for ?intended recipient….

3rd DAY…………………………………Called hospital….Supervisor confirmed NO FLOWER DELIVERIES!


Alejandro –

Victim Location 34711

Total money lost $85

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On 12/22/2019 I ordered flowers to be delivered on 12/23/2019 by 8PM. I called multiple times throughout the day and inquired about delivery and was assured the flowers would be delivered by 8PM. After 8PM the flowers were not delivered and I contacted the company again and was informed that they would be delivered the next day. On 12/24/2019 when the flowers were not delivered I contacted the company and was told they couldn’t get ahold of the local flower company that they outsource too. I was unable to receive a refund. I then searched reviews on the company and realized multiple people have experienced the same thing. This company is a fraudulent company.

Erik –

Victim Location 77086

Total money lost $78

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I do not understand why the ScamPulse.com cannot stop this on-line company Avasflowers.net this company is a scam! per reviews and complaints, they pretend to be a flower shop on-line and they DO NOT deliver any flower arrangements and one CANNOT get through a person to find out status of order. when you call their 1-800 for sales or customer service, it disconnects on its own. Is there a way you can block this company to continue operating on-line services?

Zachary –

Victim Location 10001

Total money lost $77.77

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers from this site thinking they were local due to the same area code as my recipient, but her flowers were never delivered and probably had no intention of being delivered. The company is NOT local as they claim to be, which is very suspicious. I filed an "issue" twice (see pic where link is) and received no response. Well, when checking on the status of my order a few days later via phone, there is NO possibility of getting in touch with an actual human. When I call the customer service line, I listen to music for a few minutes before the automated voice tells me I must schedule a call to talk to a human. I did, and they never called me. I did find a human when pressing the button to "place a new order" but "no one could help me" and instead sent me back to the automated portion of their customer service line – four times. Ava’s flowers is a scam company, with scam business practices. Their website touts 5 star review status which I believed, but upon further research, they scored an F at BBB, and have 1 star reviews on many sites from thousands of scammed customers. How is this company still in business?

Sarah –

Victim Location 11542

Total money lost $137.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

after seeing there Ad for 45%off and free shipping, I ordered 2 dozen roses. Upon seeing charge I called to cancel. After an hour waiting for a human, You can’t cancel from web site, I spoke to a person and cancelled the entire order. They just delivered 1 dozen and charged me $137.94

Trying the company again, got a response of nobody here to help. Avas flowers are a rip off

Marcus –

Victim Location 72212

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a pink and ivory roses designer arrangement for my daughter’s birhday, and upgraded from a small to a medium arrangement with a vase. I paid $80 97 for the upgraded arrangement on April 16. She received a vase with 4 day lilies, a stem of flowers in the front and 3-4 stalks of leaves on April 20. It was not at all what I had ordered, and even if substitutions had been made, was not of equal or greater value and quality as they claim in their policies. I tried to contact AVAS Flowers on April 21 in the morning, and but only got a maze of recordings with a promise to return my call between 12-12:30 that day. I went through the same process in the afternoon, with a call back promised for 3-3:30. I called several more times that day, and then tried again on April 22. Again, the same process, with two more promises of calls and no call backs. After trying to reach the online, I tried to reach a person by calling the order line, and was hung up on twice. I was given a customer service number and after 4 attempts, reached a person. He first tried to tell me he could not help me because it had been more than 24 hours since the order was delivered. He then gave me a bogus email address to send a picture of the flowers that were delivered; of course the email bounced back as undeliverable. I have since received two "surveys" from AVAS which have 3 questions that do not pertain to or clarify the problem. Their business practices are shady and probably operate just inside legal parameters. They provide poor products, do not give appropriate value or quality of goods, and then try to evade a customer service process.

Amanda –

Victim Location 34203

Total money lost $92.68

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company does not send anything you order! The flower arrangement I paid $92 for never arrived. They said it was delivered when it never was. There are other negative reviews of this business stating they don’t send what you order.

Raul –

Victim Location 99611

Total money lost $54

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My boyfriend ordered flowers to be delivered at my office and was told they don’t like to deliver to offices. What??? Their website says they have same day delivery, he ordered 48 hours before my birthday. Should have been no problem, right? He paid $54 for a bouquet, it ended up being just two chrysanthemums and a bunch of little filler. I tried to get on the web site to make a comment, but everywhere I went they wanted the order number which as the recipient I did not have. Long story short they arrived a week after my birthday and I was very unhappy. I would not recommend these people They are worthless and won’t make good on the damage they have done.

Summer –

Victim Location 07060

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased flowers from this company and paid quite a bit for what I thought was a beautiful arrangement. Well to my surprise it was a cheap backyard piece of garbage. I reached out to the florist to rectify the situation being they have a “money back guarantee” but they refused to refund me my $70+ dollars. I called and emailed to no avail. They outright refused to follow their own policy despite the obvious differences in the arrangement. I understand sometimes there is a difference but this is robbery!! Never again and they shouldn’t have policies listed they do not follow!

Naomi –

Victim Location 89706

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They are a scam flower delivery website. I ordered at 10 am for same day delivery(site says order before 2pm for same day). I called immediately after my order to cancel cause they seemed like a scam(just google them). The lady told me they had someone already working on it and my order would be delivered. At 1:45pm I checked my order. They changed my order time to 2pm(which was still in the future) and changed my delivery date to the next day. I paid alot of money for same day delivery. I called them again and was told they didn’t have anyone to arrange and deliver the flowers yet and I should have read the terms of service. Still no refund and no flowers. Complete 100% scam.

Lauren –

Victim Location 38477

Total money lost $115

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My fiancé ordered me flowers from Ava flowers in February 13 we just got them today 2/18/20 every time you call them on the number they email you it says goodbye and hangs up. He spent $115 and we didn’t revive the balloon. The flowers look old and have brown on them. This company is a scam !!!

Nikki –

Victim Location 33019

Total money lost $128.91

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers and paid with my credit card $128.91.I got a confirmation shortly that the flowers had been delivered at 12:00am which does not make sense. The flowers were never delivered. No real person to talk to and when I called it seems from the phone ring that I am calling internationally.

Please assisit me by closing their website so no other customers will fall in to this scam.


Katrina –

Victim Location 77316

Total money lost $89.91

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered flowers that never arrived, even though they said they did. Can’t get anyone on the phone, their phone number just keeps hanging up on me after holding for 10 min. No real information online.

Claudia –

Victim Location 30310

Total money lost $126.14

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website offers same day delivery flowers. I made a purchase to get flowers for Valentine’s Day. Several hours later I received an email saying that due to the volume of orders they wouldn’t be able to give me what I asked for but they would change the design if I confirmed by 12:00. When I checked the email it was 3:00. Never received a phone call. I requested that I receive my order or get a refund. Next message I get was that the flowers were delivered. Looked in the front of the house no flowers. When I called back to request a refund the machine said they couldn’t because the flowers were already delivered. I’ve tried several times to get someone on the phone but haven’t been able to this far.

Jenna –

Victim Location 02478

Total money lost $63

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Looks like a legit competitor to 1-800-flowers or something like that, however they don’t actually deliver on the agreed date. They have multiple different customer service phone numbers, but there are no actual people to answer your call, just a phone menu that hangs up on you when you reach the point where it should’ve put you into a customer service queue.

Rachel –

Victim Location 47715

Total money lost $120

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My Fiancé ordered flowers to be delivered to me for Valentine’s Day and paid an extra fee for them to be delivered same day. They were not delivered and we cannot get ahold of the company. Customer service number just hangs up. They delete comments on social media and do not reply to direct messages. There are many people complaining about the same issues today. This place is a scam and will not provide any kind of customer service to get an explanation or refund.

Yolanda –

Victim Location 76579

Total money lost $116.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My husband ordered me flowers and he was charged $116.95 for the items, delivery and service fees. I waited all day to receive them and they never came. So while he is at work I called their customer service line multiple times and every call resulted in getting hung up on. You only speak to a recording and every route I tried I was told "you are being directed to someone who can help you further" then after a few seconds I was told "there is no one to help you, good bye" I proceded to look at thier facebook page and saw that there were many deleted comments, "angry" reacts to their posts and some positive comments from what seemed to be fake profiles. I’m super upset and sad for my husband because he tried very hard to get me a gift even with him working all day long only for them to take him hard earned money and give nothing in return.

Chelsea –

Victim Location 58801

Total money lost $118

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received an email, an hour before deadline of delivery.

The website promisses in highlighted title – Same Day Delivery.

Talking with customer suppoert only made me feel that I was scammed as she told me that in order to have my order delivered today I had to place it 4 days ago. She added that because we are near holidays the policy can’t guarantee same day delivery, she did not have any answer to the questios:

1. How do you publish – Same Day Delivery on your website, and is that not under your policy?

2. When aren’t we near a day of holiday?

The email even prove I was hussled as:

1. Instead of the flowers I picked they sell me 10 roses for a total charge of $118.

2. The order was for my wife’s birthday which is today- delivering it tomorrow worth nothing.

I was scammed by Avas Flowets website and hussled by the customer support.

Jamie –

Victim Location 29412

Total money lost $194

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Promise of 45% discount for online purchases no way to get it. Promises next day delivery then notifies you late it will be three days. Has on line cancellation tab that doesn’t allow you to cancel the order

Karl –

Victim Location 34759

Total money lost $78

Type of a scam Online Purchase


I had asked for a boquete of flowers in a basket to be customized and different from how they had it in the photo. I simply said no pink daisies and some roses with a bow, and they said they could do it. The person who received the birthday gift did not even receive it on time. What a disappointment!!! I would believe in 2020 people would be smart. I definitely did not receive what was ordered and getting to customer service is difficult. They used the same supervisor or manager over and over with the same name!!! They claimed to transfer the call, although it was the same man, trying to change his voice and name!! They are playing games here BE WARNED!!!!! I payed $78 dollars for the birthday boquete and they charged extra for many of the things added. First they stated they would give back $20, and asked for us to send a photo!! How insulting, after they admitted they made a mistake they transferred the call to “Carlos” and the price deducted to $7 and change.The customer service stated that they would only give back 10% out of the $78 dollars are you kidding me. Each time we called it was the same person with different names. If you used you credit card especially over the phone cancel it. This is a total scam and a non reputable company to use. False advertising is against the law, I hope they know that very soon they will get caught for their wrong doing!!!!! I would NEVER recommend the company to anyone. I really hope ScamPulse.com will take care of this.

Dustin –

Victim Location 29646

Total money lost $66.30

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I was trying to send flowers to a little girl with brain cancer and these people told me it was delivered! I spoke with the mother and she said it was never received! I paid $66 and when I tried to reach the company they kept giving me the run around!

Andrew –

Victim Location 27545

Total money lost $76

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Order flowers for my wife. For $42 .look at my card and they charge $76… when flowers came, it was the wrong thing and looked like they had been kicked around on ground and like they was half dead….refuse to return my money and dont want to hear what I have to say about the matter

Catherine –

Victim Location 03048

Total money lost $132

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a beautiful flower arraignment of roses and other flowers from this company, based on the same day delivery option. The total cost was $132. 2 hrs later I got an email saying they did not have those flowers, but would upgrade me to a luxury tulip arrangement, no picture nothing. Oh they did say they would give me a $15 web site credit…. As if I would ever order from them again. At that time they also informed me that it would not be delivered for 5 days. When I tried to cancel the order for a full refund, they told me it was not possible. I am totally aggravated by them just changing my order to tulips… Really? At the very least they should have contacted me fu or another selection of my choosing, not just give me their cheapest choice of tulips!! Sad that the ScamPulse.com has not shut them down and stopped their fradulant dealing to trusting consumers.

Teresa –

Victim Location 48439

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Avas Flowers uses bait and switch tactics to illegally obtain extra money from customers after advertising a lower sale price. This company demands more money when they have already accepted payment from the customer.

On the Avas Flower website, flowers are advertised at a “sale” price. After I (the customer) accepted the offer (i.e. the sale price of $34.99) and paid valid consideration of $56.45 ($34.99 for the flowers plus tax and a $17.95 “service & handling fee”), I later received a phone call from a customer service representative (Pablo Smith) informing me that a designer was requiring an additional $15 to complete the order on the previously agreed upon date. I asked to speak to a manager and the manager also demanded additional money.

So after the company took $56.45 from my bank account, they suddenly demanded $71.45 or they would breach the contract and refuse to deliver the flowers (on the previously agreed upon date) without the additional payment.

I refused the company’s demand of additional payment and requested a refund, which I’ve now received after speaking with company representatives and the manger for over 40 minutes.

Cody –

Victim Location 75414

Total money lost $91

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I got ripped off by Avas Florist. And after doing some research on the internet I found out I’m not the only victim of their bait-and-switch program. I’ve contacted four television station TOP line, in that area which is Avon Lake, Ohio. This was a brilliant idea of ** ***. And I continue to call and harass them multiple times a day to the point that they actually have it set to go to answering machine after about 4 calls.

Frank –

Victim Location 48160

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Looking at their website,it looks like great reviews. But if you Google,Ava’s flowers reviews, you see the truth!! I bought an expensive bouquet, and the recipient received NOTHING like I ordered. It was more like ten dollars worth of dead flowers. When you try to contact them,they know it’s you,and they always hang up. I have no idea how they are still in business,with the MANY, MANY complaints. So sad.

Darryl –

Victim Location 98004

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My Mom ordered $80 worth of flowers for my birthday from avasflowers.net. They were not delivered the day they said they would be. Several phone calls were made. This company isn’t local. They are scamming by collecting payment for a display of products that are not delivered. They are continuing to get away with this. The flowers that did finally show up were worth about $10. They looked nothing like what was purchased. These people have even scammed others that are ordering flowers for funerals. This is so wrong and cruel.

Joel –

Victim Location 15003

Total money lost $165.19

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers for a funeral. The site looked reputable, however I had a nagging instinct, but i continued anyway. I should have listened to my gut. After the order was placed I tried to call to cancel. The recordings over the phone sounded legit as well. Someone finally answered after being hung up on using the second option for order status, I used the first option which was to place orders. As soon as the person answered I said i wanted to cancel my order, they put me on hold and I went through the entire rotation again. Finally, another person answered and said that the order couldn’t be canceled due to it already going out to a florist. I stated that I just made the order within the past 15 minutes and I want to cancel. She then tried to get me to change my order and/or buy other things to go with my order. Again, I said to cancel my order. While I was on the phone with her arguing, I went on the website to see if I could cancel that way. I found the area for cancelation and filled out the details and when I clicked on the cancel button, it stated that I couldn’t cancel and I had to call the number that I was already on the phone with. After yelling to cancel my order she put me on hold again; she came back and gave me the cancelation number. I wrote the number down and then said I didn’t hear her, she then ended up giving me entirely new numbers. Right after hanging up I immediately called my card company and asked them to shut the card down; I explained that while the order was canceled (according to them) I still had the feeling that they were going to charge me. I’ve never been so furious in my life!

My card company is going to bat for me if the charge goes through.

Frank –

Victim Location 30467

Total money lost $94.86

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We ordered flowers for my mother in law. We spoke with her after they claimed the order was delivered, and she did not receive them. So, we disputed it on our credit card. Well they claimed it was delivered, on out credit card statement. I called them, which then they told me that it was never delivered and apologized but would not refund my money. You ask questions and they answer with the same answer over and over. They are scamming people left and right and need to be stopped..

Adriana –

Victim Location 32065

Total money lost $15

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered flowers. Ava’s credited my 47.00 for flower cancellation due to no delivery. Ava’s charged me 15.00 for I guess an admin fee. Very bad company.

Scott –

Victim Location 95608

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My dear sister died in May, 2019. I ordered flowers to be delivered to the church for the service. 15 min. before the funeral was to begin I noticed my flowers were not there. I couldn’t believe it. I tried calling the co. but after 10min. on hold (delaying the service) I gave up. My niece called the local florist which Avas told me they were when I initially spoke with them.

Their response "Oh no. Not again!" Apparently they have done this before!

Incredibly, the local florist was so very kind and compassionate that they had flowers at the church w/in 7 min. – FREE of charge because they felt so bad about this happening to me on one of the worst days of my life.

I had the presence of mind to cancel the payment on my credit card. I turned off my phone for the service.

After turning it back on I saw I had 4 phone calls and 3 text messages from Avas. They found out the payment had been cancelled for the flowers they promised but did NOT deliver.

Tasha –

Victim Location 41219

Total money lost $56.15

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered flowers was supposed to be same day delivery was not … canceled my order was supposed to have the money back in my checking account I call them they say they have no order under my name and was supposed to be a 7 # confirmation they gave me 9….

Desiree –

Victim Location 78665

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Husband ordered flowers, never delivered, charged credit card. Called for refund. No response. Hundreds of complaints filed.

Robin –

Victim Location 21229

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Avas Flowers falsely advertised the type of flower arrangements that they are able to provide. When the flowers are delivered they are nothing like what was advertised. Not the color not the materials used not the flowers used not the amount of flowers that are used. They actually fill their vase with way more foliage than they do flowers the arrangements look like something sad and depressed and I ordered this for a Mother’s Day delivery gift for my mom. I felt horrible after seeing what was delivered. Please don’t waste your money on their arrangements.

Brent –

Victim Location 07731

Total money lost $103

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased sympathy flowers that I needed to have delivered the same day . I spent over $100 on these non existent flowers and they assured me the flowers would arrive by 5 pm . I called their customer service # after 7 pm and advised the arrangement did Not come . They then advised there was a delivery attempted at 4 pm – this was a lie because people were home the ENTIRE time !!! There was no email , no call , no flowers . Customer service rep did answer right away – was apologetic and kept stating these flowers will be here tomorrow . I am soooo disgusted – this site needs to be shut down – it is a scam . I am know out $103 dollars and the sympathy flowers never were delivered

Jenna –

Victim Location 30044

Total money lost $92.91

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I wanted to send flowers to a family member’s deceased brother in Dallas, TX. I went to the website and decided to call to place my order. I spoke with Cynthia (name she gave me) on 3.28.2019, and she assisted me with placing my order and gave me a confirmation number. Agreement was to have the flower arrangement delivered by 1:00 pm (local time) the next day, 3.29.2019 (Friday). I contacted the Funeral Home on Friday after 4 pm, and they had not received anything from this florist for the deceased. I called the florist using both the number on the website and the number listed on my bank statement, since they were different. I received the worse run around and nobody was able to give me any concrete information. Finally I called the florist back asking that they give me the person at the funeral home who signed for the flower. I was put on hold for over 5 minutes while the rep allegedly called the driver. He did not come back and I was routed to a survey. There is something amiss about this florist and an investigation is needed. I’m left now to contact the funeral home again to see if it finally showed up and possibly get another florist since it is 5:40 pm EST now and the funeral is tomorrow at 1 pm. If you are running a business with a website of all things, anyone should be able to locate an order. After they took my money, it appears that is all they needed.


Micheal –

Victim Location 59102

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My boyfriend ordered flowers through Ava’s Flowers on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, instructing the flowers to be delivered on Thursday, February 14, 2019. By Thursday, I had known of the arrival–as my day was lightly scheduled and I would be home to receive them. Between 6:00pm and 6:30pm, an email was received notifying of a successful delivery. However, I was home, and never received as much as a knock on my door. I had him check to assure the address was correct–it was. He called several times, was put on hold, and then hung up on by the automated message. He then sent an email and received no reply. Friday, February 15, I began looking into them and trying to get ahold of them myself–as I had free time to do so and he didn’t. I called approximately four times–receiving and automated message which put me on hold for a representative–only to hang up on me. I went searching for another way to contact them and found a second number–not listed on their website–leading me to the same conclusion. At this point I felt helpless, and began to call all the identified florists listed on Ava’s Flowers website in my county–which they claim they go through for deliveries, as they are simply a corporate office responsible using third party florists to complete the transaction. Unfortunately, I came to the conclusion that three of these claimed florists were no longer in business, and one very clearly said she "would never do business with Ava’s Flowers," because they "scam people and florists out of their money."

I went to leave a review on their website, which is impossible to do. However, there are an abundant amount of false "5-star reviews" on their website. While researching other ways to contact this company, I came across several secondary sites (i.e. yelp) which allowed for reviews. This company had 1 star, with the majority of reviews explaining situations similar to mine: Money was paid for flowers, the company confirmed delivery, but the flowers never actually arrived. I am positive this company is acting fraudulently, and am appalled they can continue to do "business" at all. It needs to be looked into and come to an end.

Amy –

Victim Location 94117

Total money lost $75

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered flowers for one day delivery and it was not fulfilled. There is a whole Facebook community talking about how they are scammers: https://www.facebook.com/Avas-Flowers-Scam-410325232394070/.

Henry –

Victim Location 08016

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I placed an order with Avas flowers of February 7th to have flowers ordered on February 14th. The flowers were scheduled to be delivered no later than 7PM on the 14th. The flowers were not delivered at all and no notice was given. There is a customer service number on the website that is supposed to have support until 9PM, however, it only has an automated recording. I was charged an invoice for the price of the flowers, yet, the flowers were not delivered. Now doing research there are many reviews from other customers with this same experience. This website is a scam, stay away.

Leah –

Victim Location 85614

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers for a birthday two weeks in advance. My credit card was charged immediately. On the scheduled delivery date I received an email confirming delivery of the flowers, but no flowers had been delivered. When I called the next morning I was told that they would contact the driver to see what happened, but supposedly they couldn’t contact him. A new arrangement was to be delivered the next day. Again no flowers delivered, no communication, customer service not available. A scheduled call back never took place either. I believe this was a complete scam and reversed the charges on my credit card. I don’t believe this is a legitimate business. Do not do business with Avas Flowers

Dawn –

Victim Location 92116

Total money lost $95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers from these people, I did not receive what I ordered. They also delayed my delivery 3 times, and once delivered it was not what I ordered. The company did give me 20 percent off, and sent a coupon for $15 off my next purchase. The flowers that were delivered had no lilies, and no holiday vase as shown in their photo of the holiday splendor bouquet. This is a classic bait and switch. I had no idea I should look for reviews on them ahead of time. I am in San Diego and had the flowers sent to my sister in Arizona. When I looked them up they showed up on google as in the area my sister lived in. When I tried to call about my dissatisfaction, I had to leave a message and never got a call back. Then I emailed and got an email back and was told that they had in fact emailed me to let me know that they would have to substitute flowers. However, I never got any email and they wanted to give me a credit to buy more horrible flowers and service instead of a refund on something that I did not receive! I have since read their reviews on Yelp and they have 1 out of 5 stars, and out of 40 reviews, NOT ONE person was satisfied! Just check their Yelp, this business scams people everyday: https://www.yelp.com/biz/avas-flowers-mahwah-73?start=20.

Janet –

Victim Location 63781

Total money lost $66.13

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I wanted to order from a local florist and apparently AVAS Flowers was a pop-up. I thought I was still on the local florist site and ordered flowers. I called the local florist to make sure they received my order, of course in which they did not. I called Avas Flowers within 15 minutes of the order in which they refused to cancel and refund my order.

Tabitha –

Victim Location 66861

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My boyfriend wanted to order me flowers when our family pet died. He is overseas with the military. Avas Flowers was one of the first companies that popped up. He ordered on 9/18/18 for delivery on 9/19/19. Today is 9/23/18 and the flowers never arrived. I read on line where other people were having difficulties with this company. His checking account was debited $150 for the order. I called in today, and they gave me a fed ex tracking number that shows it is suppose to be lost at the fed ex facility in Tennessee, but they could not tell me where the flowers were arranged at or when they were picked up. They gave me a new fed ex number and an order number, stated they would arrive this coming Tuesday, so am waiting to see if they will finally get it fulfilled. This is after my boyfriend called them every day to see why the arrangement never showed up for me on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Courtney –

Victim Location 30043

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a bait and switch company. An arrangement was ordered that was to include roses. There was not one rose in the delivered arrangement but many, many carnations. When Ava’s flowers was contacted they initially said they would send out another arrangement. Not only did that not happen they are now saying they will not honor that promise. For a company that touts a guarantee of satisfaction they fall short. There is a dedicated Facebook page that addresses this bait and switch company. It seems to me with so many dissatisfied customers a class action lawsuit may be in order. I will be exploring that option next week. Stay away from this company. I suggest using a more widely known online flower delivery service. As a sidenote, not only were cheaper flowers delivered they also died in 3 days. 3 days for all that money. RIPOFF.

Taryn –

Victim Location 02871

Total money lost $65

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers from them as they advertised as a local business. I ordered flowers online from this company to be delivered the same day as a birthday gift. I received a text that the flowers were delivered but the recipient never received them, they were not delivered and my account was charged and I never received the product. When the company was contacted by me both by email and phone I was given the run around that the local business that "Avas flowers" utilized was closed and that they would be in touch once they heard back from the local business that delivered the flowers. I’m still waiting….

Caitlin –

Victim Location 85268

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My boyfriend ordered flowers from them. They called me directly saying they couldn’t deliver them. We called to cancel the order and they charged us anyway even though they did not fulfill their contractual obligation. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

Ian –

Victim Location 53066

Total money lost $326

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My experience with Ava’s Flowers was by far the worst customer service that I have ever had. I called them on a Thursday requesting a delivery on Friday, which their site states is what they do. They also claim to be a local florist – which they are not. I requested a bouquet, and 3 boutonniere/corsage packages for a friend’s wedding as there was an issue with the ones she received from another florist. The total price was roughly $330. They flowers didn’t arrive on Friday and I called at about 3:30pm to find out what the situation was regarding the delivery. While on hold, someone from customer service called me to tell me that they couldn’t fulfill the order. I asked if they would be able to deliver early the following day and was told I would receive a call back. No call back and I wasn’t able to get through their customer service line before they closed. I assumed the flowers weren’t coming and even received an I’m sorry note from Ava’s. Not so bad right… keep reading.

At 5pm on Saturday, I received a call from a local florist stating they were there to deliver the flowers. The wedding had already taken place and we were at the reception so we were not going to accept the delivery as not only was it too late, but Ava’s already stated that they would not be able to provide the flowers.

On the following Monday morning, I called Ava’s requesting a refund as they did, in fact, charge me for the flowers that I never received. The first time I was put on hold due to high call volume, and eventually the system asked for a call back number and stated I would be called back within a few hours. No call came.

I called again and spoke with someone who stated that they would have to look into the matter, and they put me on hold for 35 minutes. The person then stated they would provide a refund, but had to look into the matter further, and they would call me back. No one called back.

Here we are 8 days later, and I call again. The person I talked to this time stated that I need to pay for the flower because I refused them. Yes, I refused flowers that were too late and that I was told by an Ava’s customer service person weren’t coming. I then asked to speak with a manager, and was told that they are too busy to speak with me.

Now I am also refusing to pay for goods that were not received. We are filing a dispute through our credit card company and are moving forward accordingly. It’s unfortunately that a company that raves about their customer service treats their customers so poorly. Their website provides false advertising as well. Under their terms and conditions they state that they will provide a full refund for goods that are not delivered or if you are unsatisfied with the service. They also state that they have high ratings on Google, Bing, Trustpilot, and Resellers Ratings, but they definitely do not.

Kari –

Victim Location 18337

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered flowers, told they did not have the product code number on their web, told they would deliver near color I ordered which was Premium bouquet for same day delivery. Received call from a man I could not understand but understood that the delivery had not be made that day.and they would send a note explaining what happened to recipient and deliver a dozen long stem roses with vase, at same cost. Nothing ever arrived. Scam…

Patrick –

Victim Location 45068

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! THEY LIE , TAKE YOUR MONEY AND SEND THE CHEAPEST UGLIEST ARRANGEMENT I HAVE EVER SEEN!! The product I ordered is NOT the product my daughter received. She was having a breast cancer surgery and her favorite flower is a White Lilly. The arrangement was for just that, WHITE LILLIES! Instead they send the cheapest arrangement of pink roses. Their advertisement said the best Flower company in Colchester, then I find out they’re in NJ. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT, LIES AND DECEIT ARE ALL THEY OFFER. THEY OWE ME MY MONEY BACK LIKE THEY SAID IN THEIR OFFER!

Kenneth –

Victim Location 80014

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I ordered a flower arrangement to be delivered the next day, guaranteed by 11AM arrival. At 11AM the next day, I did not receive a confirmation text that the flowers were delivered, which I was told I would receive. I called customer service and was told that my flowers would not be delivered as promised on the designated date and would be delivered the following day, with any ENTIRELY DIFFERENT arrangement than what I purchased because they could not fulfill the order. The account manager was rude, condescending, and informed me that I would be charged for the flowers no matter what, even after attempting to cancel the order. She insisted that I pay the $28.00 handling fee, even when I told her I no longer wanted the flowers delivered the next day, since the order was not what I ordered nor was it delivered on time. She refused to let me speak with her manager and told me that they "probably wouldn’t call me back" when I asked to her give them my information.

Their website says they are rated 4.9/5 stars on google, when their rating is actually 1.1/5 stars. The copy of their policy also states for late delivery/nondelivery states "With respect to all delivery policies stated in this section, in the event that no delivery attempt was made and the order was not delivered on the requested delivery date, we will offer the Customer (i) a re-delivery attempt; (ii) a credit towards the purchase of Products; or (iii) a full refund, at the Customer’s option". According to the policy I should have the option to receive a full refund, which they are refusing to do.

I hope people see this before they think twice about ordering from this company. Their business is NOT worth your money and they are running a complete scam!!!!

Carmen –

Victim Location 97415

Total money lost $83.93

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Needed to order flowers for a friend but did not know the local florist name . There is only 1 is our town that I did know. Google searched and Avas Flowers came up as the local florist in Brooking Oregon..Early in the morning so business was not open yet. Since I needed same day delivery I would place online to give them early morning start. Once the order was placed 24.99 service and handling fee charged. They advertised as a local florist and they are not. They are a service company taking advantage of the florist. They charge them and the customer for there false advertisment. The Customer service would not resolve our issue and disconnected the phone conversation when we demanded a full refund. Do not do business with them they can not guarantee a a single service as they are not the local florist

Tristan –

Victim Location 80231

Total money lost $55

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Thievery in the flower marketing business Terrible service. An absolute joke.

First off, this isn’t a local flourist, it’s a company that markets to local areas and charges the local flourist a cut when you make a purchase through them.

The website had advertised same day delivery on certain flowers. I selected a same day delivery item for my girlfriend’s six month anniversary. I placed the order at 11am. At 230pm I got an email saying the order will not be delivered same day due to "unforseen circumstances".

Through 45 mins on the phone, and calls through 3 different customer service agents, I told them I simply wanted a refund. A flower delivery for 6 months anniversaries is not worth 55.75$ a day late. People make mistakes, things happen, fine. I get that. No problem. Just give me a refund. They offered me a 15% credit and a discount on a future order. And refused to cancel my order. I explained I clicked on same day delivery advertising, and paid for it. If you can’t deliver what’s promised, it’s unethical to charge for it.

The only reason this one star company shows up first on Google is they pay for advertising, next time call your local flourist!!! These thieves deserve to be shut down. And how do they have a ScamPulse.com rating? That must be another piece of false advertising on their website.

Nicholas –

Victim Location 07675

Total money lost $92

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On a TUESDAY I wanted to place an online order for funeral flowers for FRIDAY. The online form wasn’t working, so I was forced to call in the order. The man who helped me asked me WHAT Time is the funeral. I said 3:30. Deliver by 2pm. Guests arrive between 2:30 and 3 for a 3:30 funeral. ON the day of the funeral I received an email confirming delivery ACTUAL DELIVERY DATE: 3/23

ACTUAL DELIVERY TIME: 4:33 PM. ARE YOU KIDDING? AFTER THE FUNERAL IS OVER????? This is NOT acceptable. What’s worse? when I contacted the grieving family, they said NO FLOWERS were received. They are crooks and liars. When I called to inquire, they stated that the flowers arrived a little after 3:10 (STILL NOT ACCEPTABLE, but anyway I don’t believe them, because the family says NO FLOWERS were received), and that the email was wrong. (WHAT?). They refused to provide evidence of that, and refused to let me speak to a manager. Then I emailed, and asked to speak to a manager/supervisor and got an email back saying," How are you. I see one of our employees helped you already!" This business is a scam and shout be shut down. They ripped me off for $100 and what’s worse, my sentiments of sympathy didn’t get expressed at a difficult time. Stay away!

Jacob –

Victim Location 98119

Total money lost $69

Type of a scam Online Purchase

AVA’s FLOWERS IS A COMPLETE SCAM!! Please call and confirm you speaking to a real local florist!!!!!!

I live in Seattle and wanted to send a flower arrangement to my dear friend in the suburbs of *** ***.

I wanted the flowers to be delivered the same day, so I decided to reach out to a local florist which I believed was in her area.

The Google Search in her area pulled up a florist called Ava’s flowers so I looked at their site and they had beautiful arrangements.

They assured me, that the flowers would be delivered the same day, and they would deliver that bouquet with multicolor roses, just as pictured.


I was completely embarrassed, that my friend my think I ordered such a low-quality arrangement for her. The arrangement look like someone purchased it from the gas station:(

I called them to file a complaint, and request that the florist re-deliver a new arrangement. By this point, I realized that this wasn’t an actual florist in ***, but a call-center, probably in another country, as no one spoke fluent English.

After many calls (one call in which I was hung up on) and emails (sending them pictures of the ugly arrangement) THEY TOLD ME THEY WOULD NOT SEND OUT A NEW ARRANGEMENT, AND WOULD ONLY REFUND ME 12 DOLLARS!!!!

Are you freaking kidding me??? I asked to speak to a manager, and they refused to connect me with a supervisor.

When I realized trying to resolve the problem with these SCAMMERS wasn’t going to work, I called my bank to have them dispute the charges.

I am now looking for a Non-Floral gift to send my friend

Theresa –

Victim Location 12883

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

False advertising, never ended up delivering order and is not responding for a refund for the product.

Todd –

Victim Location 95126

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for local florist to send a co-worker flowers in her area, kinda remote area (*** *** **). I used Yelp.com to do a search for florist in her area. Avas Flowers came up at "local" and does same day delivery to *** ***. I clicked on URL link which took me to https://www.avasflowers.net I began to search all the Same Day delivery options for *** ***. I found an arrangement completed the process with Credit card information, ship to, bill to. I immediately received a confirmation/receipt for the order.

In 10minutes time I received text (from 201-431-0070) that there is a problem with my order. I called 877-638-6619 as instructed in text, while I was on office phone with Avas, I started to get a call from the number I had just dialed on my cell. I told the guy I was already on the phone with another person from his company, so I hung up with him and continued my call with initial guy. The representative from Avas Flowers started to tell me that the arrangement had flowers that weren’t available but he would gladly upgrade me to 2 dozen premium roses for a small charge. I said I didn’t want roses. He started to tell me of other flowers that I might consider. The representative gave me several codes to look up on website of what they could offer; WGF, WBOB, WEBO…this was getting very complicated, since some of the codes he was giving me was just blank screens. I finally said okay to bouquet called Horizon Hues Bouquet code WGF101, but then he said that arrangement if flowers would be delivered by Tuesday if not the latest by Wednesday (today is Monday 1/29/18). I told him I picked his site since it said same day delivery and I liked the original arrangement…now he is telling me he can do 2-3 days for same price but less flowers and not one I originally liked. He continued to try and sell/pitch other flowers arrangement (which sounded/looked like simple bouquets I could just buy at the Market. I didn’t care for his suggestions and that Same Day didn’t seem like an option anymore. I started to get suspicious so I asked him to cancel my order, I had just placed it I didn’t see a problem since they couldn’t meet their our advertisement. The representative said he was sorry he couldn’t help me and that he would process the cancellation. No confirmation information given, so I was on the lookout for the email stating cancellation.

Next I got another call from Issac that there was problem the flowers I wanted weren’t available. Issac started the whole pitch again about alternate arrangement for small fee. I told Issac I already spoke to someone and asked to have my order canceled. I asked him if there were any notes on my order about cancellation….then he put me on hold and came back to say yes the cancellation was in process. I told him that I was suspicious of his company and I would be monitoring my cancellation and was ready to report them if necessary.

Never got it cancellation, instead I got an email that the product I ordered was not available and that I should call them.

I called the number again and got Issac. I asked if he was the one I spoke to earlier about canceling my order he said yes. I told him I still didn’t receive cancellation email but I did get an email stating to call them since my product was not available. Issac said he’d check and put me on hold, he returned to say the cancellation had went thru and I should see an email immediately. We waited on the line but no email ever came thru. I asked for his name and confirmation number or something for our transaction on the phone just now…he gave me Issac and confirmation # ***.

Since then I searched for the website again and found that it wasn’t coming up on my search as before, florist that ship to *** ***, **. I then typed in florist for *** ***, ** on yelp and Avas Flowers was not listed very strange. I got the cancellation email at 3:03pm that my money of $88.92 would be refunded but would take my bank up to 10 days to process.

This website portrays themselves as local florist that can do same day delivery. They allow you to pick the arrangements, delivery date and finally take your money to only give you less than what was advertised. They will also try to delay the refund in hopes you give up.

Dylan –

Victim Location 14526

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

January 19, 2018 I placed an online order for delivery of a flower arrangement through Avas Flowers, Geneseo, NY 14454, after doing an online search for florists in Geneseo, NY 14454 where the recipient of the flowers resides. Website: Avasflowers.com I asked if I was speaking directly to the florist location in Geneseo, NY, and was told yes. I asked about a certain arrangement I wanted that I chose off their website, specifically whether they had all the flowers available that were in this arrangement, they said yes. I made my order which was the Premium option for Floral Harmony, 70.00. I was told the arrangement would be delivered the next day, Saturday January 20, 2018. I did receive confirmation email from Avas Flowers that the arrangement was delivered on that said day at 2:15pm. I received from recipient a photo of what was received, nothing resembling or close to what I ordered. I called Avas Flowers at 3:20 to tell them that I was disappointed, that I did not get what I ordered or paid for. I asked again, if I was talking directly to the florist, and I was told no. (I was speaking to the same person that took my order the day before) I was told that they would have to contact the florist that prepared the arrangement, I would be put on hold. She came back on the phone and said they could not reach florist and requested that I send an email to them (Avas Flowers) with photo of what the flowers looked like, which I did. (I will mention here, that the customer service order representative that I was speaking to could barely speak english, was very difficult to understand, and I had to repeatedly correct her with recipient’s name and address information as she did not have it correct) I did receive 3 survey emails from this company at this point, which I filled out stating my disappointment and sent back. January 22, 2018 Monday, received email in response to my email complaint with photo, stating, ‘I know you are very unhappy in regards to the arrangement of our flower. Our designer offers that since your recipient is within 2 blocks from the address, the recipient can drop by and choose any flowers that she like. We will wait for your response. Thank you’. I then called Avas Flowers to ask what is the name of the florist and address that you used, so that I can tell recipient to go there to get her flowers. She would not tell me. I asked to speak to management, she would not let me speak to anyone else. I believe this is a scam/fraud business. I am also worried that they have my credit card information on file. I also see other complaints listed for this company dating back to 2003, in ScamPulse.com website where their address is listed in New Jersey. Why is it that this ‘company’ is still operating?

Misty –

Victim Location 54016

Total money lost $61

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered flowers, didn’t deliver, wouldn’t give refund on credit card payment.

Audrey –

Victim Location 29414

Total money lost $68.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ava’s flowers did not work on the website to order same day delivery and I called the company to place the order. They guaranteed same day delivery to Austin, TX and did not call or contact me in a clear way to let me know the flowers were not delivered the same day. I received an unclear email stating they were upgrading my order and delivering "as requested" on 11/17. They were to be delivered on 11/16. I called the company and spoke to a representative to get my money back and cancel their proposed next day order. The representative offered 3 or 4 other options and continuously talked over me. She finally stated my money would be refunded and she would cancel my order and i would get a confirmation email. Today there was no confirmation and when I checked they are still scheduled to be delivered today. This company is pushy and untrustworthy. They did not follow through on the product they were selling.

Adrian –

Victim Location 89130

Total money lost $71.13

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers online for same day delivery and paid online. 2 hours later, I receive an "URGENT" text regarding my order and to call 877-638-6619 immediately. I call; obviously a call center from the background noise. I am put on hold for almost 10 minutes and then hung up on; call back and told "Unfortunately there is a problem with your order, they cannot deliver today unless you pay 10 extra dollars". I immediately state "this is a SCAM and CANCEL my order immediately". He then puts me on hold; comes back and tries to upsell me more and offer me "free stuff"; I continue to say "CANCEL MY ORDER IMMEDIATELY". He finally says he will and puts me on hold again; states it is taken care of and when I ask for the refund confirmation number, he says it is being emailed to me. I receive a hand written email saying there will be a refund – with NO confirmation number. TOTAL SCAM

Per credit card company, no refund issued at this time.

Catherine –

Victim Location 63139

Total money lost $81.93

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found this website when searching for a company to deliver sympathy flowers to an area in Illinois with which I am unfamiliar. Avas came up and I ordered an arrangement to be delivered to the funeral home at noon on the day of the funeral. I received an e-mail confirmation of my order and a receipt, and my credit card was charged. The next day, the day of the funeral, I received a text that something was wrong with the order and that the delivery would not proceed. When I called the call center, the rep offered next-day delivery, and little explanation as to why the order could not be delivered as promised. When asked, he would not connect me with a manager. I demanded a refund and he refused. After a heated exchange, the rep agreed to refund my credit card the full amount, $81.93, and sent me a cancellation confirmation e-mail that did not contain a cancellation confirmation number. When I explained that the number was missing, he gave me one, probably made-up, over the phone. He promised that the refund would be submitted to my credit card company, and that processing on American Express’ end may take up to 10 days. As of today, 9 days after the refund was promised by Avas, American Express has received no notice of a refund from Avas. American Express was wonderful, and excused the charge with no problem. I am convinced that this is a huge scam. The woman at the local florist with whom I ultimately worked confirmed that she was aware of this kind of company, and mentioned that it would be a miracle if the refund actually went through.

Alicia –

Victim Location 76574

Total money lost $60.13

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Florist that claims to be family owned and operated

Drew –

Victim Location 41030

Total money lost $64.93

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On 8/31/2017 I purchased what I believed was a beautiful arrangement from

Avasflowers.net. This was a bright vibrant colored arrangement and perfect to brighten the day of someone who just lost a relative. My recipient received the arrangement the same day, but when she sent a picture to me, the arrangement was unrecognizable. I contacted Ava’s flowers by phone the evening of 8/31, I was then asked to email a picture of what was received. I then called 5 times on 9/1 to ask for a refund. All I was offered was 10% off my next order. I then received an email stating that the arrangement received "was beautiful and the florist followed the recipe". I believe this is a scam. They will not work with me on refunding any money, and you can’t not reach someone (even a supervisor) who will authorize a refund. I asked for $50 back, just the cost of the arrangement, not the shipping and handling and tax. That’s another thing, "free delivery" but a shipping and handling fee of $13. I can not reach someone who speaks clear English, and there is a definite language barrier. There is a Facebook page "Ava’s flowers is a scam" for a reason. This has happened to a lot of people. A picture of what I ordered is on the left, a picture of what a friend received is on the right.

Jerome –

Victim Location 20191

Total money lost $115.88

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Alexis Juan Carlos A was the last email name I got attached to [email protected] I have called repeatedly today for hours and been hung up on many times. I finally decided to submit something with the bank to try to get my money back. I filed a complaint here on ScamPulse.com and now I am reporting it here I wish I had checked ScamPulse.com first, they Avas Flowers has a rating grade of [censored] They try and act like they want to help you when you call but the hung up on me repeatedly and there was no resolution met. They repeatedly told me the order number I had on the invoice they mailed me was not coming up in their system. Please don’t waist hours and days with this company, it was bad enough they didn’t deliver my roses for my wedding but all this calling and getting hung up on is such a waste of time, please don’t do that to yoursel[censored]Q

Spencer –

Victim Location 06880

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Victim made an over the phone flower order, to be delivered to an out of state funeral home. Delivery was never made however, credit card was charged.

Victim, On being notified that flower arrangement was not provided (by family members at the wake!) Then attempted calling the Avasflowers for an explanation and refund for services not provided.

It appears the contact number on website is to a call center. Agent did not appear to have good knowledge of English language and continued to sidetrack verbally with scripted response.

As yet, no refund has been received nor email stating same which agent assured victim would receive.

Bank has been notified.

Official complaint lodged with FTD ( their endorsement logo was on the ‘avasflowers’ website) although link was inactive! May be a fraudulent displaying of same to entice Customer, as FTD is world renowned and respected flower delivery Company.


Rachael –

Victim Location 60452

Total money lost $91.87

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My family ordered a floral arrangement online that included extras: balloons, chocolates, full sized birthday card, etc. What I received was a disappointment, the floral arrangement was NOTHING like the picture online. What I received was so low quality, it is unacceptable for a "professional" florist. When I confronted them about it, they said that the floral arrangement "met their standards", so they must have extremely low standards. A $92 floral arrangement that looks worse than a $10 Walmart bouquet is a disgrace. Moving on to the extras…. my family ordered multiple balloons, and only one was attached, they proceeded to claim that all of the balloons were attached, assuming that I couldn’t count and insulting my intelligence, when clearly they made the mistake. There was a small box of chocolates attached to my order, which was the wrong size. When confronting them, they said that the chocolates are of a "better quality" and that is why the box is smaller. If you ask me, $40 for 8 pieces of chocolates is ridiculous, even if it is the "better quality" that they insist. To add to this horrible disaster of an order, my family paid extra for a full sized card, what was attached to my flowers was a normal card you get for free from any florist with a purchase of a floral arrangement, again, disappointing. When contacting customer service, they acted like they were going to fix the mistake, I waited for 5 hours for a redelivery of the correct order and no one showed up. I contacted customer service again and they offered to refund me $20 in store credit because they couldn’t contact the local florist for the redelivery. The customer service was horrible, they were very rude on the phone, they offered no help and no explanations. This entire experience was a nightmare. They use FALSE ADVERTISING and get you to pay more than what everything is worth. It is FRAUD and a huge SCAM.

Lawrence –

Victim Location 51540

Total money lost $142

Type of a scam Online Purchase

my husband ordered flowers/chocolate for valentines day. Both were ordered as large. We received a tiny box of candy and flowers that were wilted and some were dead. Company refusing to refund any money. When I investigated them online several complaints from others for the exact same thing.

Matthew –

Victim Location 03833

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Poor fiance ordered flowers and never received them. Waited 3 business days.


Curtis –

Victim Location 81001

Total money lost $153.92

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My boyfriend ordered me flowers, chocolate, and a bear on Valentines Day and they have not arrived yet – 2 days late already. I called the company on the website and it said customer service was open 24 hours. I’m on hold the FIRST time for 30 mins, a message pops up and said "i’m sorry but we are closed please try back at a different time." It gave me an option of leaving a call back number, so I left my phone number and then the recording said my number wasn’t valid and then hung up on me. I called back again and was placed on hold for an additional 15 mins. Another recording message popped up and said "Please called back again at normal business hours & leave a call back number"…i left my call back number AGAIN and it was accepted. It then gave me an option of what time I would want one of their agents to call me back. I chose the first option which was time 830 am – 9am….I get a call around 845am saying their business is not open and i need to try back again at 9am…I then called back at 9 and was on hold for another 20 mins. I finally was able to talk to a customer service rep. I explained to him that i have yet to receive the 3 items that said were shipped, he asked for my confirmation number and then placed me on hold for another 10 mins. He then gets back on the line and says he "can’t get a hold of the designer"….I told him this whole website was a scam after reading the reviews online (I had a lot of time to read since I was placed on hold for so long.) The representative then tells me I need to "watch my mouth & watch what I say because this is not a fake company." After he said that I demanded he refund my boyfriends credit card of the FULL amount…which was $153.92! I told the representative I was not getting off the phone with him until the card is fully refunded and I have proof the amount was placed back on the card. He said all he could do was send a confirmation email and it would take 24-48 hours for the card to be refunded.

Please stop this business! It is fake and they are scamming people for a ton of money!!!!!

Paul –

Victim Location 44889

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered Valentines Day flowers. I never received them from my husband but he was charged.

Misty –

Victim Location 55343

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased some flowers for delivery from the site. I think it may be a scam? I’m starting to get worried. No deliveries made. When I call customer service, they have an automated line that seems like they are trying to connect you, but in one way or another, after keeping you on hold for about 7 minutes and ask for a call back number, they end the call. BUT when calling the same number to make an order, less than 15 seconds to get someone on the line, ready to assist you and get your personal information….

Derrick –

Victim Location 14580

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase


Christopher –

Victim Location 83227

Total money lost $68

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Avas Flowers website takes orders for floral arrangements & do not deliver flowers after taking you credit card info & charging you for the flowers. When I called them four times inquiring about my order they hang up on me! My Father died Saturday so I wanted to send my Mother flowers, they confirmed my order online & said they flowers would arrive Saturday afternoon. They were a now show. when I tried calling the Avas flowers the workers would hang up when I asked them where my order was. I called my bank & had them block my credit card in case of future charges from this company. This is unacceptable! Please help stop this company from doing this to other people! It is horrible, especially when you have just lost a loved one.

Abigail –

Victim Location 95124

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Misleading website found when typing any city and florist it was the top ad in google search. Clicked and on the website it shows the city you searched and says Best Same Day Flower Delivery. After submitting order I realized the company was based in NJ (not where I was delivering flowers) so I called to cancel. Even though order had been placed within 5 minutes the rep said it was impossible to cancel and the best they could do is refund less a $13.95 service charge. I’d never use these guys again.

Mallory –

Victim Location 77441

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My sister ordered flowers on 14jan17 on what looked like a legitimate local flower delivery website (AvasFlowers) (pngage had the name of our town listed in the pngage tab!! to make it look local which is evidently is not). The order was taken, payment (CC) was taken, and an order number issued: #3875017 by AvasFlowers. Subsequently the order was not delivered as agreed & paid for, and upon further enquiry, the 855 phone nr for AvasFlowers (a call center?) was answered by several Filipinos (Louisa, Julio and one other). I made several calls as they requested time to ‘check things out’, or I was hung up on while put ‘on Hold’. I was not called back as promised after the third call. Then an Email was received with the message that something had gone wrong with the order and they requested to conduct ‘an online survey’ (while the issue was clearly unresolved). Similarly every phone call ended with a request for a survey while the issue was still unresolved). To top things off, another Email from [email protected] was received stating that my son had accepted the flowers on the promised day, Monday 16jan17. He was not home that day, his wife was all day and no flowers were delivered to her. Having checked your BBB site, the negative rating of this company is nearly 100%, but we did not know this at the time. Not clear to us how they can be allowed to stay in business. Since the flowers were ordered by my sister (at my recommendation) from abroad (in the Netherlands) for my son and daughter-in-law here in the US, and this site does not allow foreign sources except Canada, I have listed our own address in the US.

Terrance –

Victim Location 74859

Total money lost $102.93

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I would like a refund!!! This was a scam and I am filing a report against y’all.

I spent $102 for a premium gourmet sausage and cheese basket and I specifically said NO FRUIT. And it came with 2- $3 kraft cheese slices from Walmart and 2 small hillshire farm sausage . Dollar tree knife and cutting board and crackers with a crap ton of fruit! This is ridiculous , we don’t have a lot of money to loose but my husband has been gone for 2 months and my Childrens wanted to send him a gift. And this is what we got .

It’s nothing like what was advertised . Not to mention it was suppose to be delivered Saturday and your people called and said your supplier didn’t have the gourmet cheese and meat so it would have to wait until Monday! IS YOUR SUPPLIER WALMART?! Dollar TREE?!

I could have done a better job. I trusted your website!

Cynthia –

Victim Location 28681

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This business takes money from your credit card and does not deliver goods ( in this case flowers for my daughters birthday). When you call to check the status of your order, they put you on hold indefinitely. Their website and reviews are fake as well. Most of the links you click to contact are not even clickable…just fake windows.

Karen –

Victim Location 01760

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company falsely advertises that they are a local family run company. They are not.

I ordered a floral arrangement on line according to a very specific picture. They sent something that didn’t remotely resemble what I ordered. They even spelled the note card message incorrectly.

When I contacted them they just kept me on hold and no-one ever answered. I foolishly fell for a scam company that takes peoples money and does not deliver. What they do deliver is an embarrassment to the purchaser.

I wish I had seen all the complaints before I ordered. This company should not be allowed to do business.

Meagan –

Victim Location 77057

Total money lost $85

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Has an ongoing "Flash Sale" for 45% off and Free Shipping and (always) states it "ends in 40, or 45 or 32 minutes" — it changes each time you open the site. This is a fraudulent "limited time" promotion.

Paid a total of $85 for an allegedly $109.99 regularly-priced "Premium" item, for something that would likely cost no more than $12 in a floral department at a grocery store. Highly inappropriate container for a sympathy arrangement (and I made sure this was clearly the purpose of the arrangement on the order).

After receiving the photos of the item my friend received, I phoned the 855 number a total of 19 times and was treated with extreme rudeness and repeatedly hung-up on once I started to explain the issue. Finally spoke to someone who said I had to send a complaint by email. Received an email back from Christopher U [email protected] on 10 December who said ‘sorry, but it’s the florist’s choice of flowers on hand’, and offered a $20 credit for my next order. Apparently that florist had no flowers on hand. I would never order from them again and explained this and said it was unacceptable – either send what was ordered or give a full refund. Explained I would file a bbb complaint and open a credit card dispute. After seeing that there have been over 1200 complaints, many of which have been ignored/unresolved, and they have an F rating, it’s clear they will make nothing right and a bbb online complaint would be a waste of time. I have filed a credit card dispute with my bank to recover what I can.

This is obviously a scam site that provides inferior products, makes false claims and false pricing discounts, "free shipping" becomes a fee for "handling",rude/no customer service. This place needs to be investigated and shut down permanently to stop them from taking advantage of people.

Grant –

Victim Location 46142

Total money lost $78

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We paid $80 for flowers to be delivered and they never showed up. Received an email from Avas that they were delivered. After reading reviews there were HUNDREDS of others with the same experience.

Casey –

Victim Location 22407

Total money lost $106

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Avas Flowers (http://www.avasflowers.net/) is a sham business! Please shut them down, please. I ordered $106 worth of b’day stuff to be delivered and it never arrived. Of course their customer service team would not issue a refund and gave me the royal runaround. There are a multitude of similar consumer complaints as well as lawsuit info against this "business" on the internet.

Randy –

Victim Location 45424

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers to be delivered on September 6. Avas Flowers sent me an email back saying that the flowers had been delivered on September 6. In reality. the flowers weren’t delivered until September 7 and the order was wrong. I have made multiple attempts to contact Avas Flowers but they have yet to return a phone call or email.

Crystal –

Victim Location 95630

Total money lost $68

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The website is designed to make you think you are ordering from a local florist. They advertise a sale and send a product that is not even close to the advertised product. They offer no refunds for dissatisfied customers.

Martin –

Victim Location 26833

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

father googled *** wv florist and this site came up first with a 4.5 star rating and claimed to be local business. father ordered flowers for grandmas funeral, paid extra for guaranteed same day delivery on monday the 19th of september 2016. today is the 21st, still no delivery. called the number on the site, got the run around, asked for supervisor and was hung up on. tried again, was told they dont do refunds before they hung up again. looked them up on review and complaint sites to see nothing but 1 star ratings and similar complaints.

Alexander –

Victim Location 06477

Total money lost $63.33

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered flowers to be delivered to CT. Flowers were totally unacceptable, $5.00 worth of flowers charged $63.33.

Customer service hung up phone many times, and are not helpful. Advertise customer satisfaction, but if you look at face book and consumer reviews there are hundreds of complains. Overcharge for product, they don’t want. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

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