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BigCommerce Quality Control Scam or Legit? Check BigCommerce Quality Control Reviews below.
Brianna – Dec 07, 2020

I received an email from BigCommerce for Quality Control. I was inboxed the same forms that have been posted above. I did not want to believe it but I realize now, I was also a victim of this FRAUD! I’m beyond distraught. I just moved to the city in an apartment, I’m single on my own income and I’m commuting for work. My contacts were Garry Hicks and Jessica Winslet! Please any idea as to what I should do going forth. I mailed up to 13 packages with legit merchandise inside. iPads, Apple TV’s, sound bars, cuisinart sets, expensive items. This has drive a wedge in my current and future plans. How stressful! 😓😪
Any information in getting justice , please email
[email protected]

Timothy – Dec 09, 2020

Interesting fact… some of the packages I sent were to names listed in these top few posts. However yes I did the work and was never paid. Changed all my bank account information and all my online passwords that may have been similar to ones I used with their system. The police felt like it was some type of identity theft since they asked for all your personal information. I feel like it could be items bought illegally somehow. After the first few they were all high dollar items.

Samantha – Dec 03, 2020

I received the following email:

Dianne Gallagher
Nov 30, 2020, 8:17 AM (3 days ago)
to me

Business Title: Quality Agent.

Company: BigCommerce Quality Control.
Business Sector: Quality Inspection Services.

Wage: $55000 a year.

Job Available: December 7 – December 28 2020.

Appointment type: Permanent.

Location: Nationwide.
Travel Requirement: None.

Job Description:
Our entire business works hard to delight our customers – from the second an order is placed online to the seamless coordination of that order behind the scenes, we strive to stay agile, fluid and competitive.
To help us maintain our high standards of service, we are seeking Quality Controllers, to drive both innovation and execution in our busy Transportation network.

You will receive the goods that will be directed right to your residing address, examine them for accuracy, assure the products correspond with clients’ requests and report to us all detailed information on the received packages.
We will evaluate the seller and update you with the data for further shipment transportation. Then you will ship out the orders to the specified fulfillment warehouses.
It is a perfect opportunity for you to become a part of a huge team of professionals and to eradicate the growth of dishonest sellers.

Required Skills Include:
Ability to read specifications.
Self-motivated, and possess a high degree of curiosity and desire to learn new things.
Ability to write routine reports and correspondence.
Must have strong interpersonal skills, maturity and good judgment; demonstrates a positive can-do attitude; have effective communication skills with a diverse range of individuals.

We offer a number of advantages to pick from: Life insurance, 401K, dental, medical, vision, supplemental insurance.

Why Work With Us?

This opening provides you with the possibility to tailor your day to your wishes and get money.
You are to work right in your house not more than 1-2 hours daily.
You don’t need to commute to office.
There is no strict working schedule.

If you would like to apply for this position, please send your resume to this e-mail.

Best regards,
Dianne Gallagher.

Teresa – Dec 01, 2020

Scammer’s email, [email protected], [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Employment

Initial means of contact Email

It only took me a few seconds to notice that the email did not come from any employment website i’ve posted a resume on if not searched on. It’s important to check the to and from sections. 1 name claiming to be NATASHA SINGLETON had 2 emails which both claimed to be 2 totally different naming conventions. Not to be gender bias but Natasha sure does not sound like a Lucas. i almost felt compelled to respond before checking these out thoroughly. Let’s continue!

The employer title and position title had periods (.) at the end which gave off the essence of copy and pasted info from someone who didn’t take time to check before sending. I wouldn’t want to work for any associate who can’t even take time to run spell-checks nor write up a proper email for the hiring employer or manager. You shouldn’t also. The positions said full time or permanent and the dates did not match up (2-3 weeks). The position also stated 1-2 hours of work a day working from home which would excite anyone when presented payment of 55$k. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

The sender requested that i send my resume at the end. Instead… i sent an inquiry about which email to respond toward (just to see if they would respond again) yet i’d rather not play with fire and just find out who’s behind the scam to save the next. I didn’t get a response email and don’t look forward to one. I will not delete…i WILL MARK AS SPAM (which auto-deletes/removes also).

Always check sender’s email chain. Always check spelling. Always understand when told that you’ve applied to somewhere, and knowing you didn’t and no matter how good the job sounds – it’s best to mark as spam. Hope this helps someone also… Any other suggestions?

Kayla – Dec 01, 2020

Got an email from Therea Obrien. No mention of company or job title. Pathetic options for pay, but it was wfh, quality control. Got another email from Christine Singleton a day later, with specific job title, company, pay of $60k a year to work 2-3 hrs a day from home. These emails seemed sketchy- email addresses were strange, no mention of who they were or where they found my info. Frustrating that people are on genuine searches for employment and scam artists want to take advantage of them too. Especially during the holidays. I’m sharing this hoping that people will search things first before supplying information.

Margaret – Nov 30, 2020

I received this email as well. First of all, the company maintains websites for businesses, so there shouldn’t be any fulfillment of physical items. I worked for a small business in the past that used bitcommerce, and this felt off to me. Secondly, being paid 60k a year for barely any work from an unvetted employee just sounds fake. No company would ever spend that much. Why wouldn’t they have the people at the fulfillment site test the items? And what items precisely? The name associated with my email was Josie Hall. Upon checking the website, they do not have any remote jobs in this category, as I figured would be the case.

Dominique – Nov 29, 2020

Victim Location 77571

Total money lost $720

Type of a scam Employment

BEWARE! I applied for this work from home Office Assistant position through I was contacted via email where they detailed the position and salary. I was sent legitimate PDF paperwork via email, told to fill them out and email them back. They have a legitimate looking website called BigCommerce Quality Control with a phone number that if called, goes to an automated answering machine (which should have been the first red flag)

All communication with "the hiring manager" was done only via email. The position was a work from home position where I would be mailed packages via FedEx or UPS, I would open and do a quality check and fill out their online form about my findings on each package. Each package inspected and shipped to their customer would be $40. Per week I was receiving about 5-6 packages a week. Each package received was something very expensive such as new apple watches, electronics, high end apparel, etc. (This is another reason I thought this was a legitimate company) After a 30 day probationary period I was told I would then be considered for a full time position there.

When I would email the manager about pay or packages, I would not get a response. The position promised a payout after 30 days. I stuck to this job for 30 days and on my last day they kicked me out of their fake portal where I was not able to log in anymore to view all my packages or pay. (attached is a picture of their portal they use) There has been no way to get ahold of anyone there and they have not responded to any emails. After this happened I came here to to see if anyone else has been scammed in the same way and low and behold, yes! This was a complete waste of my time and these people received FREE WORK from me for a whole month. DO NOT ACCEPT WORK FROM THESE SCAMMERS!

Dale – Nov 23, 2020

I just got the same email, stating they would start me at 60k. Emails like this- i always ignore. They are all piece of [censored] scam artists. The person was called Joanne Joseph by the way. Changing up names- like they always do.
I did not respond. Do not respond to these types of emails people. They are all scammers!
The email stated id be performing quality control and such, I could work 2-3 hrs a day… blah blah blah. Truly pathetic.

Mathew – Nov 16, 2020

I just went through the same thing. I have shipped and received, and more, now I haven’t heard anything since the week prior to getting paid. I am in the hole with UPS for shipping. How and where do I report this? Now I am stuck with $180 invoice for UPS.

Dustin – Nov 16, 2020

The contact name was Garry Hicks,
Garry Hicks
[email protected]

I also saved all of the shipping labels, and the labels of where I was to ship to, not sure if these are others scammed as well, or what. But I have it all, and this is not ok to do to anyone.

Janet – Nov 16, 2020

I took multiple screen shots, and printed out pages from the control panel too, as well as created my own personal spreadsheet for tracking. I am a stay at home mom who was trying to help our single income family of 5. This is terrible and this should be fought and stopped before more fall victim.

Edwin – Nov 14, 2020

I reported to indeed and the police so far. They did not pay me either. They are operating under bronxetestbox BC quality and a third one I can’t recall. You can not speak to a human by phone the police and I both tried. Also I contacted UPS they said to report it to They said it’s likely they are using stolen shipping accounts as well. I continue to email them daily. Their website does not take inquiries at the contact us form anymore. Next week I will reach out to other government agencies in my state and in California.

Carrie – Nov 06, 2020

I have been sending and receiving packages. I think it’s legit. They have put a lot of time and effort into the website and software and shipping if they aren’t.

Alan – Nov 11, 2020

Hi I have also been sending and received packages for a month and when it came time to pay nothing was deposited on my bank account. I have called and emailed and Celia Guzman has not responded.

Nicole – Nov 11, 2020

I did the recieving and sending packages for a month and when it came time to pay me I didn’t receive a dime. So it might be legit to an extent but a scam when it comes time to pay. I haven’t recieved my money at all and its been almost a week now.

Robin – Nov 07, 2020

After digging further I have found the phone number on the letter head is registered to a person. Nobody answers it has said for days “all operators are busy”. I have emailed “HR” or Celia Guzman as well as the people in the back office that send packages inquiring as to why nobody answers and received no reply. I am certainly concerned now.

Mitchell – Nov 05, 2020

I was sent a job offer via email, after applying on Indeed. I have tried to reach the company several times to reach HR, but each time it goes straight to a recording asking you to leave voicemail. I emailed Celia Guzman asking for a call back to discuss the position. I received another email with a job offer and asking for my bank account or PayPal info for payroll. I am not sending in personal info without speaking to someone and interviewing. I’m thinking this is a scam

Nina – Nov 05, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Employment

Initial means of contact Email

I’ve submit my Resume for Admin. Assistant and received the below email
from the undersigned. I emailed and asked for sending more details. Then another one contacted me called “Celia Guzma”
Her email is below

Dear Sahar,

We ahve received your Office Assistant job application.
If you are interested in this opening – please e-mail us directly at [email protected] so that we could e-mail you additional information regarding this job.

We will be looking forward to your reply.
Thank you!

Nicole Donovan
HR Department
[email protected]

On Saturday, October 31, 2020, 12:43:28 AM GMT+4, Celia Guzman wrote:

image.png [email protected]
image.png (818) 855-5046
Dear Sahar,

Thank you for applying to the Quality Control Associate position at eHub Inspect.

We would like to inform you that we received your application, and our hiring team is currently reviewing it.

This position would require you to communicate with your supervisor on a daily basis, and it is very important for us that each and every associate has a good interpersonal rapport. A friendly personality, and good communication skills – is a must. In order to know you better, and get a feeling of your personality, please answer the following questions:
1.What do you do when a work-related issue arises?
a)Ignore the issue.
b)Try to solve the issue myself.
c)Bring up this issue to my supervisor.
2.How do you describe your written and verbal communication skills?
a)Above average.
c)Below average.
3.if given a choice – When would you prefer to perform your work-related tasks?
Also, we have attached some additional material to this e-mail, in order for you to get a better understanding of the tasks and duties that are required for this position. We hope that this information would be helpful in your decision-making process.
If you decide that this position is the correct fit for you – Please reply back to this e-mail, including your answers to the above-listed questions. You will be notified on the decision of your application within 24 hours after we receive your reply.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and thank you for your time.
HR Department
BigCommerce Quality Control

((I sent a question and did not get reply))
Hi Celia,
Thank you for your email, you will find my answers in “Red”.
I believe my skills meet your requirements.
I started my career as an air crew, followed by Customer Service Representative in Abu Dhabi Airport Services, then Help Desk coordinator promoted to Help Desk Manager, and then moved to the UK College of Policing as their Regional Liaison Officer in the Middle East, and my last post was Bilingual Executive Assistant to the CEO of an Entertainment Company.

Lastly, I have a question related to the position’s name. On, the posted position advertised was “Office Assistant”, whereas the position you are currently offering me is “Quality Control Associate”. Would there might be any of a misunderstanding between these positions or is it safe to assume that they are both so-called the same?

Best Regards,

Paula – Nov 05, 2020

Here is the emails

Paul – Oct 29, 2020

OMG I gave my info, but I started getting suspicious which is how I found this page. I have checked indeed and I did not apply for this position. I applied for an office assistant position with a plumbing company. Someone, please tell me what their intentions are!

Dane – Nov 05, 2020

Hello! I realize this is probably a scam I was sending packages out to them.. and today was the pay date. I never received any money and I contacted them multiple times and did not received any messages, therefore promoted me to realize this was an scam :/

Mary – Oct 30, 2020

Omg … Same. I gave them my signature, my bank account / routing number.

Lydia – Oct 29, 2020

Same thing happened to me and the original indeed listing was deleted.

Anna – Oct 26, 2020

I just got an offer letter from this Quality Control “company” what threw me off was the I don’t remember applying for this? My application was submitted for Integrity Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. but when they contacted them the name was different and i tried to go back to the indeed application and it was deleted.


I was sent this:


image.png [email protected]
image.png (818) 835-8697
We are excited to inform you that your Quality Control Associate application has been approved! We are looking forward to having you on our team!

Please read the attached Job Offer Letter and Payroll Delivery Form.

Should you choose to accept our offer – you would need to print out, sign and date your Job Offer Letter. Also, you will need to complete your Payroll Delivery Form, where you will have the ability to choose your Payroll delivery method (you can change your Payroll delivery method at any time on your Control Panel). Send us back your signed documents as an attachment, by replying to this e-mail.

You will receive a response within 24 hours, with detailed instructions on how you can register for your Employee Control Panel.

This Job Offer will be valid for the next 5 business days.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and thank you for your time.

HR Department
BigCommerce Quality Control

Chase – Nov 05, 2020

We need to report it to Indeed

Tommy – Sep 02, 2020

Victim Location 95008

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a quality control job via Indeed. I was contacted via email regarding the position and was asked to send some personal information after being given a FAQ and job description. The job entailed receiving packages and doing quality control inspections and then sending the packages to the end customer. I was asked to fill out a questionnaire in lieu of a formal interview. After this step, I was sent a job offer and asked to create an account for a control center account. Here I was again requested for some personal information including drivers license and direct deposit info. It was at this point I realized something may be amiss and did some research on the scam.

Dustin – Oct 13, 2020

What did you find out because they reached out to me as well. I haven’t given any info but once i saw western Union & moneygram i was thinking something ain’t right!

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