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Blaux Portable AC Scam or Legit? Check Blaux Portable AC Reviews below.
Gregory – Nov 29, 2020

Victim Location 95825

Total money lost $635

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Do not buy anything from this Company they use fake ads and reviews to make them appear legit. My 87 year old Mother got taken by this Company. She ordered one of the portable a/car’s and was told they wouldn’t bill her card for the first thirty days. If she wasn’t happy with it return it within the 30 days and if she kept it they would bill it on the 31st day. They in turn billed her credit card multiple times and then she received three deliveries from them. I called the phone number they list and it wasn’t valid. I then went on the website and hit the chat person and was told I would have to pay to return all of them to get a refund. I figured shipping cost was less then overall charges so I shipped the boxes back to them at 41.00 per package.

They received the packages back but now they don’t have a chat person on the website and there is no way to contact them but an email they list but they don’t respond to any I have written.

They now are advertising heaters and other products so beware of this company. They should not be allowed to sell anything but I’m sure they are one of many on the Internet.

The total of all charges and the returns was 635.00. I can’t believe that they still can be online selling to other people.

I hope people read this before they fall for the fake online gimmick they use. I would love to find these people myself.

Carolyn – Aug 16, 2020

Victim Location 28704

Total money lost $98.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a Blaux personal ac unit on line. Purchased it on 6/24 and never recieved it. Not only that but I was charged twice for it. Customer service is just one person who answers the phone. I am told wait 30 days for a refund and call back. Never received a refund or the product. Total Scam. They also have misleading paid reviews. Their site boasts 4.6 stars on Amazon but in reality it only has two. My bank is advocating for my refund now.

Johnny – Aug 07, 2020

I purchased 2 units on june 20,2020. Since then, they will not return attempted communications and I fear I have been screwed. Is there any legal action to pursue?

Monique – Aug 03, 2020

Victim Location 74745

Total money lost $98.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered one of the AC’s on the 25th of June, emailed them and called six times over the last several weeks. Neither way did I receive any responses. The email address is not valid. I’m still waiting to see if it will show up. No tracking info is available as it hasn’t been shipped yet.

Mallory – Jul 15, 2020

Victim Location 77320

Total money lost $89

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We frequently were re-directed to the Blaux ad or website. They look very professional and attractive. We ordered one unit, they immediately charged our credit card and never provided an order # or tracking #. We have heard nothing since the charge on June 19, 2020. We are asking our credit card company to refund our money. I will also notify Microsoft and Google that they are publishing scam ads.

Miranda – Jul 08, 2020

Victim Location 35611

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I was shopping for portable air conditioners to help me with my COPD. This site opened up a page and had these small acs’ for $89.99.After I clicked on the site it came up with a 50% off deal and the more you bought the more you saved offer.I had looked at others and this seemed ok for a small rechargeable unit.I went through the pages that came up and ended up with 4 plus one of them ordered for $$304.99 plus a lifetime warranty for all of them for $49.99. I have waited for a email with more information after I placed my ordered and paid with paypal credit. I finally decided that it must be a rip off.I tried to find reviews and ratings and I can not find anything other than unusual looking positive reviews. It is like they made my tablet only go to the site and reviews that they wanted me to. If I use Google to search for portable acs’ it goes to a place with the Blaux being number one for 2020 and it has a link to buy them.I have filed for a refund with paypal yesterday. Fortunately, for me they have protection for such things so maybe I will get my money back.I hope no one else is misled and falls for this and loses more than I did with no way to get it back.

Kenneth – Aug 07, 2020

You are wasting your time with paypal. They are just as bad as blaux. I have filed complaints with them (blaux) 3 times and they sided with the seller each time.

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