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Deanna – Mar 01, 2021

I was living in the layfayette st apartment when the fire department/police showed up and kicked everyone out, this guy owes me $2000, this guy had better hope he never runs into me in the city face to face, scam artist sociopath

Sean – Oct 22, 2020

I was scammed out of money by the McCuskers. I have ready everywhere of the people getting scammed out of their money but has anyone contact an attorney and what was the outcome? I haven’t read anywhere that people were able to recover their money or able to find the guy.

Did this guy disappear all together?

Amy – Nov 30, 2020

Hi :
This guy screams fishy!
He didn’t scam me, because I made him pay in advance for my services but anyone could see he was all the time paranoid and changing the time of scheduled meetings as if he was expecting that coming over my office the cops or someone would be waiting for him.
None of the phone numbers you guys are sharing are the ones he is using and the real estate website you named is another phantom website, he, and whoever works with him have several years doing this.
I am sorry to say this, but only someone from out of state would pay in NY in advance for a rental without moving in, that is crazy, we Newyorkers don’t trust like that and he took advantage of your innocence.
Guys like this can roll for years doing these scams and finally moving to a totally different business and I don’t think anyone will catch them.
Any lawyer to tell you different is going to take your money and won’t be able to recover yours so my advice would be to take it as a bad experience and move on.
I am very sorry for anyone who had to go through this situation but it is what it is.

Geoffrey – Oct 22, 2020

if anyone here or know of anyone that has retained a lawyer i would like to know more about it.

if not then we should come together to get a lawyer to see what our legal options are.

Ivan – Jul 12, 2020

My name is molly and I am also a victim. I was suppose to move into 429 Broome in January, and by mid January the property was never finished. Ryan owes me 2 months rent, and I was able to receive a judgement against him in court. It has been hard to collect as he has used accounts that are un traceable and an address that is not even real. He has not responded to me since March. I was able to get a partial refund after I threatened legal action. And since I never recurved the rest, I went ahead with this action. Anyone who is his victim should file a court case in small claims with any information provided you have of his. There is a ton of us that are victims. We should also send in this story into a local news station to have a story made about him so hopefully some people will see his picture and can report him.

Ronald – Jun 12, 2020

My name is Maria Izquierdo and I am victim too. I’ve been scammed by Ryan McCusker. On September 4th, 2019 we went together to Bank of America on Canal Street to make the transaction with a teller. I paid him $4,500 for two months rent plus security deposit. He called me a day before I was supposed to move to the 3rd floor of 161 Lafayette street (SoHo), telling me that I couldn’t move in yet and to give him more time. I did. Then ended up telling me I couldn’t move in at all and that he would pay me back the $4,500. It’s been 9 month and he still owes me $3,000. I’ve been patient but this is too much time. I probably need to call the police and hire a lawyer to pursue this as FRAUD / THEFT. Does he have open cases in court? Email me to [email protected] if you’re in a similar situation as I am, or if you have already taken action about this SCAM from Ryan McCusker.

Catherine – May 27, 2020

guys, DM me on instagram @ryan_mccusker_nyc
let give him a lesson

Brooke – May 27, 2020

take all of his photos and post them and give a description of who he is and what he does

Adrian – Apr 21, 2020

His photos need to be plastered across SoHo and Bowery (his usual haunts) saying he is a scammer and needs to be reported to the police. He can threaten all he wants but he does not respond to phone, email or texts. His phone is no longer reachable. Folks in Boston should also probably do the same, if you know the area where he rents apartments.

Brittney – Apr 20, 2020

Also scammed for $2400.
Lease signed and money sent via Zelle. What a joke.
Nothing I can do because I’m stuck in CA with this pandemic stuff happening.
See my photo from a video we took when we viewed the apartment he was scamming people for.

Jerome – Apr 08, 2020

My email is [email protected] am a victim of the brothers Ryan and Sean McCusker too. They owe me 1,800 . They asked me to leave the place where I was leaving on Dale St on very short notice because their sister was going to move in. They said they would give me the money I paid in advance back, plus a compensation of 300 dollars. As I hadn’t got any money from them until the day I was supposed to leave I told them I wouldn’t leave . Then Sean handed me a check signed by Ryan and asked me to wait a few days to deposit it. The check bounced and I’ve never heard of the brothers again. I filled a small claim in the housing court in Boston, but the hearing was canceled due to the pandemic.

April – Apr 03, 2020

I am going to add more pictures of the criminal/scammer. This is a photo of Ryan McCusker/Paul McCusker/Paul Ryan McCusker recently.

He looks totally homeless and he’s a very ugly guy. He always wears those AirPods. His brother/accomplice, Sean/John/Donald McCusker is a bit taller, and has no style. Please be aware of these losers and report their location so we can find them and serve them justice.

Roberto – May 23, 2020

Why would you give money to a homeless looking person. Seems like none of you did your research, welcome to NYC . My advice, as someone who has also been stolen from , and I’m talking over 10k, move on. You will make it back, money comes and goes. Don’t let it ruin your health and mental wellness. Take is as a life lesson .

Tabitha – Apr 02, 2020

Scammer’s phone 9174538043

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Rental

Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

He will post an ad on Craigslist for a room in SoHo. Asked first + last + deposit up front. My friends saw the place in-person for me (as I was coming from out of state). It was under renovation, but he said it would ready by move-in, and I signed a lease saying I could get my money back if the room was not ready in time.

It was not ready in time. Despite several delays, during which I was shown the place by John, his brother, Ryan finally admitted it was cancelled and said I would receive a refund. That was two weeks ago – all lines of contact have gone dead.

Report any dealings with Paul Ryan McCusker, John McCusker, City Equity Global LLC, and now Luxe Micro LLC to the police. They are scammers.

Sara – Nov 30, 2020

He is not using that number anymore and he has other phantom real estate websites.
At this point, let it go because these guys are professionals, you won’t catch them.
They are probably working in a totally different business at this point

Lori – Apr 02, 2020

The other reports here are true. I tried to rent an apartment from him that was constantly under renovation. Now he has finally stopped responding, and is holding on to $3600.

Will be contacting the police. Anyone with a similar experience, feel free to contact me at [email protected] Let’s get our money back.

Him and his brother John are both involved; Ryan himself showed the apartment to my friends, while his brother John showed it to me.

Ruben – Mar 31, 2020

I have met both Paul Ryan McCusker (AKA Ryan McCusker) and Sean McCusker. These two men are professional scam artists that have ways of working around the law to screw people out of tremendous amounts of money. I have personally lost a substantial amount of money dealing with them and know of at least 3 others who have been scammed by them. Their original scam tactic was to trick you into false investments and promise you returns at exorbitant interest rates, and then never give you back any of your money. Now their newest scam is tricking people into renting apartments, collecting first month, last month, and security, and then running off with your money. If you try to google any of their names, the address and phone numbers are constantly changing. These people are impossible to find because they set themselves up not to get caught. They are scammers, they are criminals and anyone associated with them need to face justice. Please be aware about doing any business with these people and stay far away.

Please, for the benefit of your safety and financials, stay away from these monsters and City Equity Global or Luxe Micro. These companies are designed to trick people into thinking they are getting a deal. The people behind these companies, Ryan and Sean McCusker (and probably Meredith McCusker too) are extremely vicious and anyone who may want to get together and go after these guys, let me know and message me and we will get a class Action lawsuit going after them. Since no one here has to power to find these guys, maybe the law can. I will include pictures of the criminal since there are none on the internet. Maybe this can help others identify him when he needs to get served. Please be aware that he does tend to grow out his hair and a beard. He probably does this to change his identity as often as possible.

Marcus – Apr 02, 2020

Zero, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] They got me with the real estate scam.

Jaime – Mar 20, 2020

I too lost money. This was a for a place in SoHo. He kept saying it was being renovated and after contacting him multiple times, he showed me the “renovated place” again and it was still under construction. He showed that people had already move their things (and I did see a pile of things under plastic ) but now I am not sure if any of them are legit. He operated under Luxe Micro and City Equity global. Can you guys get in touch? We can file a lawsuit together.

Thank you.

Kenneth – Apr 02, 2020

sn, reach out to me at [email protected] I lost money on the same SoHo place.

Trisha – Mar 20, 2020

BTW, he also operated under the company – Luxe Micro. Initially, he responded to my email under City Global but I have a valid contract and now he refuses to answer or respond.

Trevor – May 23, 2020

Scammer’s phone +1 (917) 453-8043

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Rental

Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

Please do not rent from these people. It’s a scheme. The parties are Paul Ryan McCusker (the CEO), Sean McCusker and Meredith McCusker or “City Equity Global” as they call it. This dude lives in NY, he sends you a contract and has his brother show the house, then if you try to move out he disappears with your deposit. They usually advertise rooms it as $1000/month. We first thought he owed the house, but it turns out he rented it from the owner and wasn’t paying rent. There were several 14-day notice to quit left at our door from the real owner evicting him. He was taking our money and not paying the real owner of the house. When we tried to pay rent directly to the owner he threatened to file an eviction order just to screw up our credit.

I’ve already filed a report with the city hall as well. Other people have come knocking on the door trying to get his address and trying to get their rent and deposit back. To this day he refuses to give out his address. This business is probably not even real. I’ve tried to serve him as well but his siblings cover him up. Police reports have been made as well. They have photos of him in the court system from previous complaints. Probably got an warrant for him

I have screenshots of every message he sent, here are some examples. I posted on other networks as well.

“I got nothing to lose. You got your credit on the line. You can’t do [censored] to me”

“You have no idea what type of person I am”

“I will and once you have an eviction on your credit you will never be able to get an apartment”

Devon – Apr 08, 2020

I’m sorry to say but he is right, as sad as it is. The justice system will only disappoint you and waste a lot of your time & energy. Trust me. The only chance at getting your money back, is if he decided to give it to you himself. Try being nice, Threatening people will only make them hate you. Be a diplomat. Your not doing yourself any favors by pissing him off.

Barry – Apr 05, 2020

My email is [email protected]
Feel free to reach out, there’s another solid amount of people in the Boston area that are after him

Gary – Apr 02, 2020

Hello, my roommates and I are in a similar situation and were former tenants of Dale St. We would be happy to be in touch to discuss our options. We also have not received our security deposit in return.

Barry – Mar 18, 2020


Same thing happened to me that happened to Zayn. Reach out to me at [email protected] Let’s go to the police.

Johnny –


I had the same experience with Ryan. He scammed me of $3,600 for an apartment in NYC. How can i get in touch with you?

Shane –

Victim Location 10019

Total money lost $6,270.15

Type of a scam Rental

found ryan through a craigslist ad for a room available. saw the place, signed a lease and paid the first month rent, last month rent and deposit. was notified the day before the room i had paid to move into was not available as the previous tenant was refusing to move out. ryan, ceo of city equity global asked that i find a airbnb while he sorted the situation, and promised to reimburse the airbnb cost. a month later, the room was still not available. this time because the fire department was called to kick everyone out; turns out the unit was for commercial use, not residential. i asked for a full refund and he is not returning any phone calls or email. phone is always turned off now. listed address is not valid either.

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