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Rebekah – Feb 25, 2021

Total money lost $1,192.53

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My business outsourced this illigitimate company based on Google returning it as a top search and their website seeming professional. Fast forward 7 months and $1200 dollars later, not only have they personally stated to me on phonecall after the fact that they are lying to their customers, but the following (which carries no shock value at this point, only sad disappointment in terms of wasted time and resources):

– Services falsely explained to have you pay ahead. Later "new" fees occur as they explain more services "required" to finish the job (not mentioned earlier). They prey on your lack of computer background.

– Team members consistently rotate to keep you uncertain as to whom is whom (and the stories never stop changing so it doesn’t matter if you remember). Mainly "Danny Edward" was team coordinator. You are never permitted to contact the "manager/president."

Was "refunded" stationary’s from "Mr. Clark" when they turned out aweful-but this illusion of refund was permitted because they were charging another fee that they would soon refuse to reverse.

– Told team member "Alfred Smith" (Australian) was in car accident thus " "Danny Edward," our coordinator from the start and now once again, was taking over. Told far later while talking with "President/CEO – Allen Stanley" these charges would be reversed (failed website design total of $540USD) plus false pretense of securing copyright ($399USD). Actually felt relieved as "Allen" (sounding native to North America over phone) reassured me that the funds would be reversed apologized profusely for my experience. Said he would reach out in 3 days to followup (my mistake). After no callback I was informed upon contacting company he was on "holiday." First for 1 week. Then "25-30" days.

– Speaking now with "Josh Abrham" who soon defers me to "Mark," then "Fayus." Also "Kevin Parker." All of which hung up randomly at some point. Also dealt with a "Daniel." I’m soon back to Josh who tells me the company is not providing services any longer etc (you understand). (Note repeatedly placed on "hold" and hungup on etc). Told me finally they would only refund these if I first allowed them to bill me another time..I’ve ceased communication with them finally accepting my losses.

??website designed at a kindergarten level (never reached completion)

??false logo copyright (thankfully have used logos although I now realize the rights are probably claimed by them and no doubt logo will be advertised as "their work" to lure new people-as I was). If you see a logo baring * **** * * *** (which took them months to do) it’s our sad story. Nonetheless we’ll see if I can properly register this copyright (don’t have high hopes – I do have the files.

Please stay safe and away from Design Eminent (aka Octagroup Technologies aka others). Needless to say they’re not based in the States either. Too many other things to state but these are the main experiences.

Jesus – Dec 01, 2020

i signed up with design eminent early summer 2021. My project manager was Josh Abraham, his manager was Allen Stanley, Web Development Dale Evans.
It nis now December 1, 2021 i have spent over a $1,000 my website is down for the 3rd time, blacklisted on google, as a deceptive website. I emailed owner Jerry Miller, he was not happy with my complaint. I told him his workers would not tell me who the ceo was. Waiting for my problem to be solved. Edmund garey phone 404-437-2028

Jacquelyn – Sep 01, 2020

Buyer Beware

Type of Scam Marketing;

Started a new business and was looking for marketing solution to get my product disseminated to the widest audience possible. Talk to Josh Abrham he claims they could meet my marketing needs. Well today I am left with doing my own Marketing Stragerdy for my Service Dog business Dynamicdogs4U, No return phone calls from the incompetent company, emails promising services but never delivering. You spend more time trying to get the incompetent’s to live up to there agreement… Scam in the making, the Better Business Bureau, and The Attorney General Should Shut-Them-Down. They would do the public, and all of the reputable business owners a favor.

Amber – Sep 21, 2020

I also went through the same ordeal with them. Found out recently that the real name of the company is Design Quotation and they are registered in Sheridan, Wyoming. They actually operate from Saudi Arabia. The Jersey address is totally false. Contact the DA’s office in Sheridan, Wyoming and have them investigated. They need to be shut down

Nicolas – Aug 19, 2020

Victim Location 46563

Type of a scam Online Purchase

BEWARE – Do not use them

I hired them to do a website for a nonprofit organization after they told me that it was 100% money back guarantee. They did not complete the work and refused to give me my money back, which stole money from kids in the hospital.

Eric – Jul 19, 2020

Terrible Company! Great communications until you pay them. Lies and miscommunications. I have screenshots and texts to show it! Beware of Nathan and Dale in particular. Promise to call back and do not. Promise to rectify situations and do not. I believe that many of the posts on Trustpilot, where almost 50% of the reviews are rated a 1 were sent in by Design Eminent. Look at Yelp Reviews … all terrible.

Chad – Sep 21, 2020

I also went through the same ordeal with them. Found out recently that the real name of the company is Design Quotation and they are registered in Sheridan, Wyoming. They actually operate from Saudi Arabia. The Jersey address is totally false – that’s why BBB can’t do anything to help. When a complain is filed it goes to Jersey since that’s the address on google. Design Eminent doesn’t exist legally in the US. If you go through your charges on your bank statement, you’ll see the real company there (Design Quotation).
Contact the DA’s office in Sheridan, Wyoming and have them investigated. They need to be shut down!

Isaac – Jul 19, 2020

Correction: 19% of reviews on Trustpilot are rated at a 1.

Abby – Jun 29, 2020

Victim Location 14420

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Design Eminent stole 3000 in multiple charges for a website with 15 pages custom graphics, content, and pictures. I paid half and after two day I received a 1/2 done sites. I asked for an additional upgrade of a schedule for two hundred and paid that and another percentage. I checked the demo site once a day to see updates and sent a list of Items to include or address. They did one item of the list and left it. I waited another week and still no updates. Then I became curious so I looked them up a little deeper, a few queries later and I see their F rated. I read the complaints and said, that is exactly what they did to me. *** This is important** They did this previous under the name Ocotologo. Both were Regus virtual address with mail routing service. Others had put their stories and found out they are incorporated in Wyoming and use Stripe as a Credit Card vendor. The have good english skills but still have an Indian Accent or Pakistani. I spoke with others on the phone with others that had been scammed.

Katie – Sep 21, 2020

You are totally right. They actually operate from Saudi Arabia. BBB can’t help because their address in Jersey is false. Report them under their real name – Design Quotation which is based in Sheridan, WY.

Cassandra – May 16, 2020

We had very bad Webdesign experience and overall with design eminent. Lowest quality where nothing properly works, half of the agreed functionalities are still missing completely, they even put discriminating messages while the site was already live and we are already 3 months behind agreed delivery time. They make you pay 100% upfront with their money back guarantee re assurance which turns out to be as much of a lie and false statement as all they do.
Stay away!

Brenda – May 15, 2020

Do NOT engage with them. They are thieves and have no clue about web development, project management and customer servive. They are late, what they do is wrong and they keep charging you things without agreement. AVOID by all means

Ernest – May 12, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

Horrible scam experience. Sweet talkers promising the world where nothing gets done and to make matters worse they take money from you without a contract and agreement and do not even return it back. STEALING lost almost 2500. $ as they keep asking for more and more to get-to Even the most basic thing. In hindsight should have just given up on the first 1000$ rather then throwing good money, time and nerves after bad money

Caroline – May 12, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Horrible scam experience. Sweet talkers promising the world where nothing gets done and to make matters worse they take money from you without a contract and agreement and do not even return it back. STEALING

Candace – May 12, 2020

Victim Location 07102

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I initially hired Design Eminent to design a logo for my Organization. After a long process of getting the logo I wanted I ran into legal issues with a company that had a similar name as mine. Jay Berry (Account Manager) mentioned to me that I would have to register my company logo and name as a Trademark to protect from any other companies etc. He mentioned to me that I would have to register it as a copyright first then I would have be able to register the trademark. After speaking with there legal team about the situation I proceeded with the copyright. I registered it Aug 7, 2019. They mentioned it would take about 2-3 months to get approved. I patiently waited, 1 year has now gone by now. No copyright has been filed. I call to follow up & they told me it was registered through the USPTO. I look up the serial number they gave me and it is to a totally different business. He then mentions to me that it is registered through the Library of congress. I call them and they have no submission with the serial number they provided. At this point I feel like I have been lied to about everything and requested a refund. They told me that a copyright is only valid for one year and that it has expired, I did research. A copyright is good for 70 years after being published. Ali was the gentleman on the phone, he screamed at me on the phone and made me feel like I was in the wrong for requesting my money back. Ali then tells me that they will have there lawyers reach out to me because there policy says no refunds etc. Then hangs up. And just like that they took my money.

Ashlee – Apr 26, 2020

Victim Location 50662

Total money lost $850

Type of a scam Online Purchase

There business offers 100% quarantee and 100% satifaction it does neither I contacted the federal trade commision about and they told me they investigate aftet they reach a certain amount of complaints. They build a website that needed a dedicated server and wanted 598 a year something i didnt order or want they also took 300 dollars out of my accout without my permission. I will be filling a small claims suit against them. They cost me 850 dollars and i recieved nothing.

Ruben – Apr 26, 2020

Victim Location 41001

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company stole my money. I specifically asked if my InfusionSoft campaign could be integrated with my website or if that would be a separate charge when building my website. I have a chat transcript indicating that everything would be included, so I decided to go with them and purchase the package. Once we reached the point to where the campaigns needed to be integrated they told me I owe them $600 or they wouldn’t release the website to me. I disputed the charge with my credit card company. Please beware of this company. They really need to be shut down….they are complete scammers!!!!!

Mitchell –

Had the same experience. They are not based in the US. I don’t know how they still in operation. They charge your credit card without authorization and never deliver on a single thing. Its absurd! Karma will come knocking on their door soon.

Krystle –

Victim Location 63545

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Online Purchase

When I started working for the company I was so impressed with how fast they worked and the professionalism of the team when they designed my logo. Once the website design started it was absolutely terrible. Not only do they hit you with hidden fees, promise you there are no more fees, then hit you again with more but they STEAL your money and commit fraud. I asked to have the login for the website so that I could help them fix spacing errors instead of trying to explain over the phone or messaging system. I didn’t hear back after a week so I asked again and then received a notification from my bank that $350 was taken from my account from them. I immediately talked to Ferris Marven (my account leader) and was told that’s what it cost in order for me to get a login. I related that they most definitely did not have my consent to take money from my account. I was told that day (Monday) and the next (Tuesday) that the refund was processed on Monday. Tuesday I talked with Dennis Taylor who is Ferris Marven’s boss who again told us the refund was processed Monday. By Friday we talked again with Dennis who related no refund was processed but was assured that the refund would be processed after the phone call. The next Tuesday comes around with still no refund. We talk to Dennis again who assures us the refund was processed on Friday and that he will provide receipt of refund. By Thursday we have continued to not receive money that was stolen from our account. We talk to Dennis who says he will provide receipt. We eventually talk to the CEO of the company Jerry Miller who relates they do not refund money. Remind you this is money they have stolen from my account without authorization. Jerry Miller the CEO says he is doing us a favor to refund our money in a MONTH! I cannot in good faith recommend this company to anyone. The worst customer service I have ever received, I’ve been lied to, I’ve been stolen from, and even the CEO does not care!!

Michael –

Dennis Taylor isn’t even his real name. They are not Americans. I don’t know how they manage to operate in this country. They should be investigated and shut down. They are crooks and liars. They stole over $1500 from me.

Frederick –

Type of a scam Tech Support

Hi, so I have start a new business and I was looking for help with my business card. Well, I find them, We chat and a person working there called me to have more details about my ideas. Well they are really persuasive and say that they have been there for over 10 years. I cant find any other informations about them on internet. Plus, Ive been looking for there adress and it is a rental bureau place call ”Regus”. I called them to to find out if design eminent was a scam and the lady just hangout on me. I really wasted my time.

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