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Caroline – Feb 27, 2021

Victim Location 98501

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a text msg that said: no subject/[Facebook] We received reports concerning your recent posts and comments on our platform: http://fbreports-tqvr0h9lnn3g.pnglus.al

When I clicked the link to see what it was all about my phone popped up that it was an unsecure site, and could hurt my phone or that sender could be trying to get my personal information. Not my phones exact wording, it is how ever exact wording I typed out for what the text said. I knew it wasn’t true also cause I am irked at facebook and have been for awhile so I have been on it to comment or post anything at all in months. Since facebook makes it next to impossible to tell them this stuff I came here to let others know. I have received 2 of these in 2 days both from different addresses. Didnt see a phone number it came from. That first one I typed out came from [email protected] The second one said exactly the same words but came from [email protected] I did text back and say thats funny I have not been on facebook in months and if they didnt leave me alone I would report them, Ive heard nothing since.

Luke – Nov 05, 2020

Victim Location 13862

Type of a scam Phishing

I receive a text message from the number listed above and in the accompanying screenshot attached below. The text says that Facebook has removed a post from my business page. My business page hasn’t been active for several years. There is a dubious link included in the message. I checked the link from a virtual machine and it takes you to a page asking you to log in to Facebook. Naturally I didn’t do this. I did check my Facebook page through my phone app and there is no indication that I’ve had any posts removed from any pages further suggesting that this text is a phishing attempt.

Carla – Nov 02, 2020

Victim Location 88201

Type of a scam Investment

Tried to get me to invest money and get a larger amount of money in return requested my Id and login in information hacked my FB account and changed all my log in info and I can’t get back in the I started getting harrassed and threatened by a person from the management of the cash app to pay more money just to get my account back. They also sent out messages to my contact saying plz help me and had all of my contacts. Had ppl panicing thinking I was in trouble or hurt and continues to thearen me for more oney

Maria –

Victim Location 14480

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Phishing

I was told my Facebook account had been hacked and that they needed google play cards to verify the account! So I went and got some and they kept needing more ended up spending 1500 on cards when they wanted another 1500 on cards a red flag went up you had to keep spending so you could get your money back

Heidi –

Victim Location 14048

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I called a number that I thought was customer service for facebook. I wanted to call and complain to facebook about some unauthorized charges to my PayPal account totaling $350. They said that they have a minimum of $750 to refund. so, they told me in order to get my refund back, I had to give them $400 to make up the difference before they would refund my money…$750. They wanted me to buy a google play card in the amount of $400, call them back and give them the number of the card, then they would refund me $750…clearly a scam…

Tara –

Victim Location 78467

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Contacted by 3 people through Facebook Messenger claiming to be FB agents, said I won $300,000 in Facebook Promo Lottery. I sent them $150 in iTunes cards to get check hand delivered. Then was contacted again to send another $425 for tax clearance. They won’t stop texting, calling and harassing me for the money saying I’m holding up my winnings. Contact info for agents claiming to not be scammers Steven Gilks (305) 707-6149 x19; Nicole Rayes (209) 439-6582 and Mark Zucaberg

Nina –

Victim Location 98282

Type of a scam Phishing

I took copious notes, so you should contact me as needed to flesh out the details. Basically, my iPhone 4 stopped working as it had for some time, years, before. This was on Sat. June 23.

I looked for online references that might help, especially FaceBook help pages. This led to Google results. Among the top results was a phone number for a customer service center for FaceBook. Since it was on Google, I took this to be legitimate. 888/ 743-0274. They seemed to be the real deal. They said they could reset my account.

Indeed, after I gave them my email address, I got an email that looked like it came from FaceBook. They asked me for my account number and password, but I had forgotten them. They said never mind, put me on hold and came back with the explanation that my account had been hacked and that all my related financial information was compromised.

They sent me over to another phone center. This one told me I needed to pay $200.00 and go buy a Google Play card, because they could not take a payment over the phone as my info was compromised. They gave me a number to call back. This one was 914/ 290-4991 and I should call ext 321 for Benny.

I kept asking why this was necessary, and got the story that this was needed as a deposit only and that this would be refunded. The purpose of it was that Microsoft required this before it would allow the software to be used on a rental basis. I tried to probe further into this and was told to "believe me when I tell you."

I called a third number that popped up on Google, and this one was answered by a young woman, also with the same Indian accent. 877/ 915-5164. I asked her where she was. She said Menlo Park. I asked her if she knew there were outfits using the FaceBook name for scamming. She said she was not there to answer questions about my curiosity. She abruptly hung up.

I request that you accelerate this up to a higher level than just one customer complaint.

If FaceBook is allowing Google to display these phone numbers, it means that both companies are profoundly compromised. If FaceBook is actually operating incompetent customer service which includes really bad public information in an environment that is otherwise noted for world-spanning capacity to reach billions of people, then the entire corporate foundation is in jeopardy. I want to know if there is anyone intelligent who will speak to this.

Candice –

Victim Location 97330

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Tech Support

They asked me to pay in google play and asked for 400 in sets of cards, then got transferred asked to pay 200 more for refund.

Deborah –

Victim Location 29642

Type of a scam Phishing

Apparently facebook doesnt have a phone call number. When trying to contact facebook the first number you find are these numbers. They ask you to buy i tune cards to add a antivirus to your phone because it was compromised that the is the reason facebook was blocked, that someone has acess to you Facebook and phone.

Latoya –

Victim Location 95957

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a text from the scammer saying "Dear Facebook user, your account is reported to have violated our policies, to avoid account suspension visit: http://facebook.review-policy.com/" and I could tell that the provided website is fake. I could tell it was fake because facebook uses https:// not http:// and I’m pretty sure that they don’t use dashes in their URLs. So, I opened a Private Window in my browser and typed in the URL. Turns out that the URL redirected me to a mobile website located at http://unc-nupes.com/facebook/. That’s all I know, I didn’t further my investigation because I didn’t want a worm, trojan horse, etc. on my computer. Of course, that doesn’t mean I still didn’t receive a trojan horse.

Alan –

Victim Location 98273

Total money lost $450

Type of a scam Tech Support

They said to buy i tunes cards so they can fix the problem

Marissa –

Victim Location 12901

Type of a scam Identity Theft

My name is *** ***, and I am a long time Facebook user. Recently on or about January 1st, I tried to sign on to my Facebook Account, I was denied access and told that I had to provide my Government-Issued License Photo ID with my Full Name, Address, Birthday, Picture, A total of 2 different forms of ID (ex: school ID, credit card) that both show the same name. They said, "One of the IDs must also include a photo or date of birth that matches the information on your Facebook profile." As requested I sent this information to them to this provided email address: [email protected] I sent this information 3 or 4 different times over a 48 hour time spane. I received 1 message stating that they have received my email and information and were going to review my situation and account and was told they would get back to me as soon as possible. It has been about 7 days and I still have not received any reply regarding this issue and still can not sign on to my Facebook Account, so I had called a number, 1-800-697-5593 that was supposed to be a Facebook Contact Number and spoke with a representative who told me that my Facebook Account has been hacked and said that I have to provide a credit card, which will be charged $10 to take care of this security breach issue. So, I gave the representative access to take over my desktop to try and figure out the issue and I started to type in my personal information, including my full name, address, phone number, date of birth. Then, I said that I do not think I am responsible for paying for a security breach issue that they should have been providing security protection to ALL their users in the first place, not to mention it seemed rather fishy to me that Facebook would be asking for all of this personal information and money. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he transferred me to him. His name was Jake. I explained the problem and my concerns to him and asked if they could just fix this security breach for free and that they were responsible for this issue and they said No they were not and he hung up on me. I then called back again and was connected to a different representative, whom I asked to speak with the highest supervisor or manager available right away. He said that he was the highest "Supervisor" available and that his name was Thomas, whom I asked for his last name and employee ID number, so that I may document whom all I spoke with about this issue. Thomas said he would not provide me with any personal information, yet they wanted me to do so with them. The only information he gave me was that his first name was Thomas and that his "Id" was Thomasexecuted96. He then had me grant him access to my desktop again to try and discover the hacking problem for himself and told me that he could take care of this issue for me. With access to my desktop, i could see everything he was doing and he could see my screen and could control my computer. He went to a target gift card website that said I would be granted a $100 gift card, which didn’t make sense to me. He then told me I had to provide my personal information again and a credit card that they would charge $100 to take care of this issue and then refund the $100 to me immediately. So, I provided all the information they had asked for, including the credit card information. Then as I was doing this I was told by my husband that he had heard on the news and just looked up this problem happening to others on the internet and told me that this had to be a scam because Facebook apparently doesn’t have a 1-800-Contact Number and would never ask for this type of information. While on the phone with this representative who had access to my desktop, I then deleted my personal information and he had then asked me to retype it in. I asked if they had it saved so I didn’t have to retype it and he said NO. I asked this because I wanted to make sure they didn’t have access to my card before I got off the line with them. So when I retyped the information in, I put in a fake credit card number and address. He then told me to look at my card to make sure I typed it in correctly because he said that the first numbers in the card that I first typed in had started with #### (He repeated my exact card number, even thought he claimed they didn’t have it saved. I said how do you know that?, I thought the information was deleted and it was not saved. He then told me that it was auto saved on his computer. Which, he originally told me it was not and that I had to retype the information in. So, I deleted that information and told the gentleman that I refused to do this. They had access to my credit card information now, and I was worried about theft. He claimed that I had nothing to worry about, but I had said that I thought this whole thing was fishy because at first they said it would only cost $10 to fix and then the second time they said it would cost $100 but it would be refunded immediately. This just sounds like a scam to me. All I want is to sign on to and access my own Facebook Account that I have had for many years and to make sure that the credit card that I had provided will not be used by anyone who does not have my permission to use it. Can someone please help me. I want to make sure that I didn’t just get scammed and be able to have access to my Facebook account because it is how I stay in contact with family and friends and has so many pictures of my family, friends, children, and grandchildren’s photos on it. My daughter helped me and was present during this whole situation and is willing to speak with anyone whom needs any information about this whole situation. She is willing to provide her name and number for you to contact, if you choose to do so. Thank You for your time, help, and consideration.

Sincerely, *** ***

Candice –

Victim Location 45402

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

Received an email from [email protected] asking if I logged in from somewhere new. It is a phishing email. They want you to click on the link provided and provide them with your username and password so they can hack your account.

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