Harry Cooper’s Asphalt Maintainence

Harry Cooper’s Asphalt Maintainence Scam or Legit? Check Harry Cooper’s Asphalt Maintainence Reviews below.
Jennifer –

Victim Location 44262

Type of a scam Home Improvement

The scammer came to our door, saying he was in our neighborhood and noticed our asphalt driveway was in need of repair. My wife and I went out to look at the driveway with him so he could give us an estimate. He gave us a price of $320 to patch several small and one large depression and seal the entire driveway with two coats. I asked him what he would do about all the cracks. He said the sealer would take care of the cracks. I then asked him how he would go about prepping the driveway for the sealer coat. Would you power wash the surface? "No", he said. He would blow it off with a leaf blower. Would you remove the moss and occasional weeds growing in the cracks. "No", he said. The sealer will kill those plants. After hearing this, I was convinced he would not do a professional job and decided not to hire him. Add to this suspicion the fact that he showed up in a white unmarked pickup truck, was a fast-talker, and admitted he did not have a professional license, but was working towards one. He sensed my hesitation and said he’d give us a couple days to think about it, then he would come back around to find out what we decided. He left a business card. Two days later we left our home from mid-morning until early afternoon. When we arrived home we found the entrance to our driveway taped across. He had gone ahead and patched and sealed it without our consent. It was a very sloppy job. The sealer had been applied with a sprayer instead of a squeegee, and had been oversprayed onto the grass along the drive, as well as a gravel parking area off to the side. He left a sealer footprint on the paver brick walkway leading to our door. The largest of the patched areas was mounded up at least an inch above the surface of the drive. I called him immediately and told him that I had not wanted him to do the job, and that he had done so without our consent. I told him how sloppy the his work was. He said it would look better after he applies the second coat. I told him I don’t want a second coat, I don’t want him to come back, and I will not pay him for the work that he’d done. He defended the job he’d done and said he’d see me in court. I filed a report with our local police department.

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