Hope Alainna Derrick

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Timothy –

Victim Location 81504

Total money lost $1,600

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was trying to sell a dress on Poshmark online. I was selling it for $40. It was the first item I was trying to sell. I’ve never used Poshmark before. This person contacted me via comment. Then we exchanged emails. Then as the transactions were about to take place, this person mailed me a check for $1,660. He/she was needing the difference back. So I venmoed and Zelle-d the money back of a total of $1,400. 3 days later, their check bounced at my bank. I have never been scammed before. Tried to contact them and they did not answer. They also received the dress. They stole $1,660 from my account and got a free dress unfortunately. This is all happening after I am taking a budget class to reduce debt, with a suggestion to sell things. Now I am in debt with my bank to pay off the negative balances from a scammer. The irony.

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