Karl Arnold Gold and Precious Stones

Karl Arnold Gold and Precious Stones Scam or Legit? Check Karl Arnold Gold and Precious Stones Reviews below.
Clinton –

Victim Location 08080

Type of a scam Employment

I had an interview for a graphic design position and they hired me right away so I started looking into the company and found that they had said the same thing to me as the other people reporting a scam. They wanted me to cash a check, etc. When I asked to meet in person or have a video chat, they declined.

Corey –

Victim Location 48357

Type of a scam Employment

I was emailed about a job interview that I had applied to on LinkedIn. They gave me a personal identification number, a general time, and told me they had too many applicants and had to complete the interview through Google Hangouts through instant messaging. The interviewer was "Karl Arnold", which was the head of this company. I thought it was odd that the head of the company was hiring me to be their graphic designer. When he asked me questions, he told me to type (DONE) at the end so he knew when to ask me the next question, sort of like I was talking to a computer. They hired me immediately after the interview was over, without wanting to call me or anything, and said that to work for them, they were going to send me a check to buy a new Macbook with all the new programs on it, but through their own vendor. They sent me a contract that said I was hired for a very high wage for a designer, and I signed it and sent it back to them with my phone number, full name and address. They asked me how long it would take for my bank to deposit the check, and said I would be trusted with this check to see how well I could be trusted with these funds, even though they had never met me. Their company is called Karl Arnold Gold and Precious Stones and they gave me this website KarlArnoldGoldandPreciousStones.com. I cannot find their company or Karl Arnold on any other social media page or google, and there’s no other name associated with the company on their page. I will not be depositing this check and will not be communicating with them from here on out.

Thomas –

Victim Location 79413

Type of a scam Employment

I’ve been applying for jobs online when, what I assume is one of the jobs I sent an application out for, replied to me through my email and conducted a google hangouts interview. At first I was okay with that, but we never used the face cam like I had thought, it was all through text. I was told I was hired and to expect a check in the mail to help cover the costs of new equipment, this was to prove that I could handle finances. All of which seemed odd, because I was to be a graphic designer, I would have no contact with the business finances. Finally I searched out for scams under this company, and only found 1, the month before I received my email. I received a check for around ***$, I will not be depositing it, as I was also told this money would go through a third party to buy my equipment (a ploy used by scammers I’ve read), and I hope this helps anyone else being offered a job by Karl Arnold.

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