Katherine Watkins

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Lori –

Victim Location 46256

Type of a scam Employment

I did not read the whole thing, but have seen a similar that I learned was pure scam, which I blocked from my email. I will do the same with this, and recommend others do also. Briefly, it proposes to be an opportunity to collect income while working at home, receiving and shipping goods, that will be paid for by the Parent Company (not named), with a guaranteed monthly salary. I suggest that its highest value would be implemented as natural farming fertilizer. I did not lose any money because I never respond to anything I cannot readily identify or have not already requested personally, which I also recommend. Activate your intelligence along with your curiosity; these two must be in parallel sync. Would you trust a passing stranger to drop off your 5-year-old at a local day-care? Think of this in the same vein. Be open-minded, but open your eyes, critically, as well.

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