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Thomas –

Victim Location 80643

Total money lost $3,500

Type of a scam Home Improvement

listed in order:

-completed jobs that were not requested for him to complete by the general contractor on the project

– did not approve the quote of $1,800 to general contractor of the house

– completed said job for the $1,800 however billed for another $3,500 of work that was not asked to be completed by the general contractor nor was it signed off on or approved

– tried to work out a deal with the plumber on work done and he became verbally abusive to the general contractor (a woman on top of it) the woman felt threatened and than cut off communication with Greg.

-attempted to clear up and settle the issue out of court and he was not willing. Even though he still has not written proof of the contractor signing off on the job

– during the last 4 months of dealing with this we have had threats made by the owner, Greg Kennedy to the general contractor, a female

– we have also had people showing up to our house looking for Greg for settlements on payments of equipment he owes money on. Essentially took a loan out for a large piece of machinery and never paid. Now they are coming here looking for him as it has gotten out he has done work at this residence.

– Got with Adams County Courthouse and there are multiple lawsuits currently against him for fraudulent business acts.

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