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Kenneth McFarlane – McFarlane Latter Architects Scam or Legit? Check Kenneth McFarlane – McFarlane Latter Architects Reviews below.
Aimee –

Victim Location 97089

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

On 09/06/16 the fraudsters using the name Ken McFarlane, claiming to be an architect in London, sent xxxxx, a 501c3 nonprofit, an email asking how to send a donation to our nonprofit. On 09/12/16 xxxxx received a cashier’s check for $44,850 by USPS Priority mail from NYC. The cashier’s check was a fake, and our accounting staff prevented the check from being deposited. However, after it was received, the fraudsters/Ken McFarlane again emailed xxxxx stating that the donation sent had been for more money that it was supposed to be, and insisted that we send $20,000 back to him by wire transfer to a Wells Fargo bank account that he gave us the routing and account number to, in Texas.

A google search of "nonprofit fraud McFarlane" brings up many news stories and warnings about this scam from multiple states where many nonprofits have been defrauded and had thousands stolen from them. Detective Robin Fry in SeaTac WA has been investigating these scammers, as have other states. This instance of theft / check fraud / wire fraud attempt has been reported to the OR DoJ, the FBI, and the FTC.

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