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Jerry –

Victim Location 33611

Total money lost $198

Type of a scam Online Purchase

FRAUDULENT charges and recurring charges will happen to your credit/debit card if you use this company! I saw their ad on social media and went to their website to read about their diet product. They were offering a special rate of $33.97 for five bottles of their supplement. I know it is foolish to think a supplement might be effective but their website had all the investors from Shark Tank on it and their support of the claims of the product. I placed my order and hit "ship now" button and the screen changed and a paragraph about fraud popped up. I immediately panicked and called their customer service at once. Within one minute of my clicking "send my order" I was on the phone with them. I was told that the charge was going to be for $198.00!!!!! (Shipping charges were undisclosed on the website and at no place did I ever approve any charge over $33.97). I told their representative to cancel the order immediately. She said she would discount the order. I said NO cancel the order immediately. She said she would talk to her manager and offered another discount. I said NO. She gave me a cancellation #. I hung up with her and immediately called my bank. Even though I was told it was cancelled, the charge was made anyway!!!! I immediately cancelled my debit card to prevent more fraud from this company but I knew I had to do something. I don’t want anyone else to lose money to this dishonest, feels criminal, website or company. There was NO (NONE) disclosure at all about the shipping charges. There was NO disclosure about recurring charges. This website is clearly stealing information and taking funds on an ongoing basis from people who use their debit cards. It should be noted (and I should have been wiser) that when I first attempted to place my order I used a Visa card. This was declined by their website. Appears they only wanted debit cards. With hindsight I should have known better. My bank agreed with me on the scam to redirect purchasers to use their debit for checking account fraud. It feels like absolute theft and there has to be a law requiring disclosure of exorbitant shipping fees and agreement to the total charge the customer is agreeing to be charged to them.

Tracy –

Total money lost $169

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Product for sale at advertised rate. Once product chosen and credit card info given email received with order ID number and name of charges that will appear on Credit card (Pure Vitamins Store) but no where the amount?? I emailed them

For an amount. Nothing was received. Gave it 45 minutes and called credit card company. Amount charged was more than what i had ordered. Not by thousands but easily by $100.00+ more. I advised Credit Card company then contacted seller company and advised i would report them. Suddenly i was getting a credit back and able to purchase product at 50%. Then i received email that order cancelled. Then email again that order was on again as it had already shipped. I told them to Please Cancel. Last email says that a refund has been made to me but as shipment already sent i can just refuse it when it arrives!!! So. Order originally should have been about $99.00 as told to me on one email. Charged on my CC -$169.07. Then talk of a refund of $79.50? Then

Latest amount was $129.00. Last email Jul 11/19 at 3:34:13 pm says order cancelled BUT already shipped so refuse on receipt!! For attachment. Have emails and screen shot/s. Will try and add

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