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Rebecca –

Victim Location 10562

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from number 646-889-8259. I did not notice caller name or number. I picked up and answered, and someone said my name and I responded "yes". Then there was silence and the line was disconnected. I looked at called ID and noted KWN and the number. I usually check before answering, but I was on a call for work and simply picked up and said hello without looking first.

I heard stories of callers recording the "yes" and using it later as proof of agreement to purchase or contribute to something.

When calling the number back, a recording identifies the organization and offer to record a message, but the voice mail box is full.

Ricardo –

Victim Location 85730

Type of a scam Charity

A female called my house using my first name as if they were friends with me. They said hi Dale, so nice to hear your voice, this is Trish with the Kids Wish Network. I hung up at that point as I am on the FTC National Do Not Call list.

My wife was listening in on another extension in the house and thinks I now have a special friend.

Alex –

Victim Location 45036

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a letter last week, week of July 24, 2017 and it said that I had won  a prize of $10,175.28 and to reply by October 17, 2017 from Kids Wish Network ** *** *** ** *** ** *** and the president’s name is Tam *** The letter also says that I can donate $7 or $10 to help the children, but I don’t have to. It says put smiles on the faces of the sick boys and girls all across the county even in Ohio.

Kenneth –

Victim Location 68116

Type of a scam Charity

unsolicited phone call from Kids Wish Network @ 3:51 PM on 4/18/17. Female Caller asked for me by name. After saying "yes" the caller said there was no message and hung up. I was able to save the phone number and name. My wife works with charities in this area distributing books to youth, so I naturally was willing to take a message. An internet search shows that this charity is the worst rated charity in the country. Therefore, I think they were trying to get me to agree to a donation with using my answer. This kind of activity must be stopped as other charities will suffer as no one will want to participate willingly.

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