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Melody –

Victim Location 41056

Total money lost $161.15

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I kept noticing an ad on facebook regarding 60% off playsets. When i clicked the link it had a sale timer on it and when I selected the swingset I wanted and tried to use my visa card (which it stated it would accept) it came up with an error message that only a mastercard could be used. I used my mothers card (do not own a mastercard) it accepted and stated it was approved. I have not received an email confirmation of my order, and my mom received a charge on her account that was for the wrong amount and the transaction information was a bunch of letters. I went back online to contact them, and I could only fill out an online based email, which i did. Still no response yet. Also it appears the sale timer has started over again, appearing the be a scam. I contacted the bank, who has to approve the payment and then I have to file a claim that i did not receive my product or attempted to reach out with no contact. Buyers, beware.

Adam –

Victim Location 25413

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website popped up several times as a Facebook ad selling kids outdoor play sets for under $200 when they retail closer to $1000. The site claims that items are on clearance and a clock is counting down however going back to the site later in the day restarted the original countdown. The company does not publish any physical address or phone number and the site advertises free shipping without any indication of a method of shipment.

The FAQ part of the site claims to accept multiple forms of payment "We take credit card (Visa and Master), Western Union and bank transfer." (from FAQ) but at checkout only "Master" is acceptable. I had attempted to start an order from my "cart" with a guest account (entering email address only) and could not use the same email from a different device without logging in to an account. An account and password had been generated without informing me. Email communications do not include unsubscribe or routine certification information. I did not follow through with a purchase but these and other circumstances have convinced me that it is a scam.

Another terrible business practice and Huge Red Flag – FAQs encourage attempting to submit purchase at least 3 times before contacting customer service about any errors and claim that any duplicate orders will be cancelled! "If errors occur when you pay with credit card, please return to the page of goods and purchase again. The previous unpaid order will be cancelled within 24 hours. Or contact your credit card company to make sure that your card is authorized for transaction. If you have three or more orders which cannot be accepted by our payment system, please contact us for help." (from FAQ)

I have included a copy of the account creation email below in it’s entirety – only my username and password have been removed. There were no graphics, no signature and no fine print.


Welcome to family! We know you have many choices. When you choose us, we must tell you that how happy we are.

You should know some key information in your account:

Your user name in is : ———————–

Your login password is: —————–

Please properly protect your user name and password. If you lose or forget the password, you can enter the login page to reset your password.

Thank you for choosing ! We expect to cooperate with you.

We will use EMAIL as the most important tool to communicate with you. In order to ensure that you will not miss any important information, please add [email protected] into the list of your contacts.

Should you have any other question, please contact our customer service staff for support."

Stacey –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website popped up on Facebook several times advertising kids outdoor play sets for dirt cheap $127.00 when they retail for $800 and up. The website doesn’t say the currency (I assumed American as it’s an American website .com). They say it’s a sale and have a clock ticking down the time however I went on the website yesterday and it said only 22 hours left and today when I went on it said the same time remaining. The website says free shipping but doesn’t specify any details. The website says they accept visa and MasterCard but when you go to checkout it says it only accepts MasterCard. I emailed the company to ask questions (1. What currency is the item listed in as I live in Canada and wanted to know the true cost, 2. Was shipping free to Canada, 3. Why can’t I pay with. Visa card). I received an email response however the spelling/sentences don’t make sense and they didn’t actually answer my questions. I think tho is worth looking into. Luckily I don’t have a MasterCard so didn’t end up purchasing it but the more I thought about it the more I think it’s a scam.

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