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Jay –

Victim Location 33315

Total money lost $950

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I recently booked a transportation service from Kimberly through Uship. The booking time was to to pick up a dog on January 2, 2016 from its breeder in Alabama (who is located in the same state as the transporter) and have it transported on January 4, 2016 in Florida to Sonic Express which is a Bahamian cargo company. Sonic Express was unable to accept it until he is six (6) months old, therefore she was told to bring him back on the 25 January 2016. So instead of her taking back to the breeder Kimberly requested to board the animal for $100 a week until his shipment date, because she didnt felt it be wise to let the breeder hold on the dog after receiving payment. So i give her permission to board him until the 25 january,2016. Doing the dog boarding period Kimberly had showed signs of mistrust and fraudulent actions to me.

: Jan 8, 2016 Kimberly Smith said that breeder didnt provide her with the dog health certificate he needs it before shipment day and requested that she get it and i just refund her back. But her profile clearly states she will pickup any animal without health certificate. i even emailed kimberly on the 3rd jan asking if the breeder give her the dog health certificate among other items she replied yes.

: Jan 22, 2016 I bought dog food, pan, vitamins, shampoo thinking my dog coming early this week, only to have Kimberly Smith requesting addtional funds to retrieve AKC papers from the breeder and it will take 10 to twelve days to register him and stated that the company (Sonic Express) say they will not ship him without those papers. I told no he dont need those papers and i will call them, she said no she just came from the company hour ago that I need to send her the money to pay the breeder to obtain those papers. I call the company the following week the manager told me that there is no such requirements and he doesn’t even know what those papers are. Furthermore I emailed the breeder requiring about the akc papers in which I sent kimberly to pay him for He told me that he haven’t received any funds from Kimberly.

: Feb 10, 2016 i paid Kimberly Smith $200 to reshipped the dog (even though she initially told me she reshipped without fee) but i still paid (by paypal to Kannabis) because i just wanted my dog. She later that day told uship that "She doesnt know any Kannabis paypal account and she dont even know where i got that info from. " This is the same account all her boarding funds were sent to. I even have her email [email protected] requesting that i send payments to Kannabis. Kimberly lied and claim thats not her email its [email protected] But [email protected] is also the same email that send a photo of my dog on pick up day.

: Feb 10, 2016 Kimberly Smith posted (after constant complain from me to uship) that she will be in Florida thursday and friday. I posted ok i talked to the manger at Sonic Express (Shipping company) and he said whatever she has just bring him and i list his number for uship or kimberly to confirm (he said this because i explained to him that i need to get this dog because i believed she trying to thief him). I also posted that my mother will be traveling there that day for her to meet up in case there be a problem with shipment (even though i know she is the actual problem). One the next day (feb 11, 2016 @ 8:10a.m) kimberly smith reported that she been at the shipping company from 7:00 am for an hour and no one is there so she is heading back to Alabama the dog is hers. Kimberly Smith knows quite well that The shipping company (sonic express) doesnt open until 9:00 which i posted to her round 8:20 that very same thursday i even told her this on the dog first day of pickup.she claim she will be there thursday and friday and also has claim trying hard to deliver him. so why on thursday when sun hasnt even fully set she wants to get out of florida like a wanted fugitive. heres why because she had never been in florida on that day she made it up (among other things) she deliberately said 7:00 because she knows the shipping company and my mother (she even avoid my mother calls) wont be there that time to give an account of her not actually being there. and same time denied receiving the $200 (by saying she dont know kanabiis paypal account) so she wont have to refund that back. it was a double scam to keep the dog and the money.

kimberly smith isnt delivering the dog to company or breeder and not allowing for him to be pickup intentionally holding on the animal and trying to scam me out of money by shipping and boarding. She even rename name.

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