Kleinbard and Associates

Kleinbard and Associates Scam or Legit? Check Kleinbard and Associates Reviews below.
Eduardo –

Victim Location 91790

Type of a scam Debt Collections

These people called me about a debt my father owes. Somehow they have his information and threatened a lawsuit if he does not pay. I asked them for their business license and they hung up on me. My father is elderly and this would definitely scare him in to payment. THIS IS A SCAM

Willie –

Victim Location 27834

Type of a scam Other

Company keeps calling in reference to someone and a claim filed against them. Instructed to call back or action will be taken against individual. They will ask for case or file number if you call back. This “law company” has “hired” another company to make phone calls to whomever has claims filed against them. When I returned the phone call I was able to get the name of the “law company” after asking several times for it then had to ask the person to slow down when saying the name so I could even understand what she was saying. When I told her I needed to speak to “Amanda smith” (person that continuously leaves me voicemails) the receptionist at law firm stated she did not work there and that she just makes phone calls. She then proceeded to ask me for a file number to which I said I didn’t have one I just needed to speak to Amanda and to please give me her contact information. The receptionist stated she doesn’t have contact information but needed my claim number. I told her again I didn’t have one (even though one was given in the voicemail) and she proceeded to say “ok” rudely and hang up on me. Two days before the above phone call occurred, I received another call from the same blocked caller ID. Another voicemail was left asking me to return phone call at 855-379-0483. I did so and told the receptionist that I am not “*** ***” and to please stop calling this number as it is incorrect. The lady stated I would be removed from calling list, but yet again, 2 days later I receive another one. I have also received several additional phone calls with the same voicemail over the past several months. It wasn’t until the last two recent calls that they started blocking their caller ID.

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