Kohler (impostor)

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Jose –

Victim Location 26764

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from Clifford Wade at "Kohler" saying that they were interested in interviewing me for a work at home data entry position. I was to create a gmail account and download Google Hangouts to conduct the interview. I did that and during the interview process, I received another email saying what my job description would be, with a lot of grammatical errors. Flag #1. There were a lot of discrepancies in the email. They gave me a link to the Kohler website, and every email address I found on there was @kohler.com, this email was from @consultant.com and @gmail.com. Flag #2. They also offered me $21.74/hr, which is a ridiculously high amount for work at home data entry. That also contradicted what the email said, $14/hr for training and $18/hr for the job. Flag #3. I also received a hiring confirmation letter, that said "Dear Employee", not my actual name. And again, if I had any questions I was supposed to contact an @consultant.com email, never gave me a phone number. Then after contacting Mr. Wade again on hangouts (he actually told me to call him Mr. Wade, yet another flag), he explained how he was going to open a location at my home. I asked him to elaborate on that and he didn’t give me much information, he changed the subject and said he wanted to get on with the hiring process because he has something important to do later. So then I told him I was no longer interested and he just said "Alright, bye" very abruptly. In addition to him asking me to call him Mr. Wade, he also kept asking "Understood?" after everything he told me. He seemed very commanding. Granted, I don’t have much experience with at home interviews, I’m not sure how they’re normally conducted, but this just seemed very strange to me.

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