Kyle G. Gesell and Katherine Bischoff

Kyle G. Gesell and Katherine Bischoff Scam or Legit? Check Kyle G. Gesell and Katherine Bischoff Reviews below.
Dane –

Victim Location 32304

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

The scam was described as a job interview for a Quest Laboratory position in my area. However, the area code for the phone numbers in my area did not match the area code in the false number provided. Not to mention, the specific position the scammer mentioned was not the position I signed up for. Red flag #1

Red flag #2: The "talent recruiter" informed me (via email) that they left a voicemail on my phone concerning an interview. Keep in mind, I had no missed calls or voicemails. They said the interview would be conducted on the phone instead of in person. I found this odd given that there are local Quest Diagnostic centers in my area.

*2 days later*

Upon asking if the position would be in my area, considering the sketchy phone number and area code, I was immediately notified by a different "talent recruiter" that my upcoming interview was cancelled. Ironically, this person said they called my phone the day before, left me a voicemail (like the first scammer), and called my phone once more today to tell me they had to cancel. This email convinced me something was not right.—Red flag #3

I went digging and found faulty LinkedIn accounts for these people. The Links:

I also googled one of the numbers and found that then number is possibly traced to Menomonee Falls, WI:

Please beware of job ads/listings involving ‘Quest Diagnostics Talent Acquisition’. Be safe!

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