laborers help on rails earn big

laborers help on rails earn big Scam or Legit? Check laborers help on rails earn big Reviews below.
Jeffrey –

Victim Location 39565

Total money lost $39

Type of a scam Employment

We contacted this business to see what it was about and they talked their company up so much and stated that it was one time fee of $39.00 and were guaranteed to find my husband a job. So my husband paid the one time fee and they told him that he would be getting a receipt via email which NEVER happened! We gave it a few days and still nothing.. We tried calling them at these numbers, 601-965-9622 (main office, so they said) could never get anyone on the phone.. Then we called the lady that we paid her name was Jessica at her "direct line" 678-212-5152.. Still no answer.. We finally got someone one the phone and they told us we would have to speak to management and told us they were going to put us on hold "briefly" and hung up on us.. Still tried calling and to no surprise.. NO ANSWER.. I went to the bank to take of this and there was a phone number on our bank statement 303-995-4209.. That number is a non existing number! Before I deposited my husbands check that I asked the bank teller was there anything pending and sure enough it was this company trying to push threw $5,000.00.. Even though my husband ONLY paid with his debit card I felt that I needed to shut the entire account down and reopen a new account and get new cards and EVERYTHING!!! We were surly undoubtedly scammed by these people.. You can go on craigslist and type in "laborers Help On Rails Earn Big (gulfport, MS) and there they are scamming away to innocent people.. I hope they get caught and are forced to pay everyone back that was scammed like us!!! The item number on craigslist is 5772223932.. BEWARE OF THESE HEARTLESS FLESH EATERS!!!!

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