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Jenna –

Victim Location 90069

Type of a scam Utility

Our office received a call from a man with a heavy Mexican accent named ‘Marcus’ claiming to be from LADWP. While the name on the caller ID was unavailable, the number he called from was (800)342-5793. Marcus asked if we had been receiving any of their other notifications that we were behind on our payments. I said we’ve received no other calls from them and he said that our power would be shut off in a matter of minutes if the issue wasn’t addressed. I asked if he had the correct business, and he stated our company name and our old address (we’ve moved offices twice in the past year). When I told him that he had the right business but wrong address, he told me to call the following number to update them on our information and so that our power would not be shut off: (844)293-2556. I hung up on Marcus and looked up the number he gave me. The number is for a call center in Tampa, FL called Rainbow Link. Why would Los Angeles Department of Water and Power direct their calls from a call center in Florida? I tried to call Marcus back on the number listed on the caller ID, and there was an automated answer asking if the caller was over the age of 50 to press 1. If not, press 2. I pressed neither and the message repeated itself one more time before automatically hanging up. I tried to call the number again and it gave me a different automated message: "You have dialed a number that is not available from your calling area," and automatically hung up.

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