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Priscilla –

Victim Location 83704

Type of a scam Rental

A rental listing was posted on Zillow as well as a few other popular rental sites. The rental address that was advertised was 8015 W Corona St Boise, ID 83709. On the listing the “landlord” put their email address (provided above) and asked they be contacted for further information about the property. On Zillow I pressed the contact landlord button and emailed about being interested in the property. Through the emails many questions were dodged, and after further investigation we discovered that the person was using an expired license and the name and personal information on the expired license to claim to be someone else. The property was listed on the ADA County Assesors Office under a completely different name than the person who was claiming to own the property and was trying to rent it out. The scammer had us fill out a rental application and send pictures of our ID to get a background check. No money was sent as the scammer was unable to provide proof of ownership of the property.

Patricia –

Victim Location 28403

Type of a scam Rental

This person would pose as the owner of the house to rent. They would look up the Zillow for house and look up tax record to see who own it. Make a fake email with the owner name. The owner of the house passed away . Just his wife left. Posted on HotPads and the next day take it down. Trying to get your address and other vital informations. Then they called and pretend to be the landlord saying they will rent for you but they need a deposit money from you. The bank account to deposit well Fargo with the name Jennifer powers. A lot of people know NC real estate rule the deposit have to be in the state of NC. Can be deposit in personal bank account.

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