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Aaron –

Victim Location 46765

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I met Tony Screeton at a restaurant that I frequent regularly. He seemed like a nice fellow. He offered to do a quote for some work I needed done. He met my wife and I at our home and gave us a quote. We signed papers and gave him $6,000 as a down payment. He worked at least 2 days with another worker, and did a great job. After that, he did not show up and we unable to reach him by phone. I called several times and left voicemails. He texted back, finally, with an excuse. He was upset that I had called several times. He also told me that things cost more and the job was larger than he originally thought. He asked for more money, but none was given. We left town for a week and were told that the job would be done when we returned. Nothing was completed because his brother died and he had to be with family. After that, the weather turned bad and work was halted until spring. We received a text that he would be here on Monday, but again an excuse. I called and texted Tuesday evening and let him know that my wife and I were upset. He texted back and threatened to sue us for nonpayment of his labor. We have not heard back from him.

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