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I have received your letter. From this point of time you are on the way of completing process.

You will find the appendix enclosed to this e-mail:


2. Read ABOUT WORK (find enclosed file)

All you have to do is just read, fill-in and send back to me this document via e-mail. You should be very careful with this document to exclude possible mistakes. The next step of Application process will be EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT sign and PAYMENT DETAILS form. Thanks for your time and interest. If you have any other questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me at anytime. My job is to assist you during registration process.

Sincerely Yours, Miranda Thompson

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The travel agency was founded in 2013 in Sweden. At present time we are one of ten best travel agencies of Sweden. For 5 years of hard work we have got a wide experience and we have business in Europe and Asia. Our company has been repeatedly awarded with diplomas and letters for professionalism and organizing talent. The largest tour operators are sure in our reliability and mark our high parameters in work. With the help of our company thousands people travel around the world. Dynamical development of our company allows us to strengthen strongly the positions in the market of tourist services. Annually we open new offices. More than 5 years we have been organizing individual and group tours in different countries of the world. Till 2013 we did not render the services of tourism in such countries as the Brazil, USA, Mexico,Australia and Germany In 2013 our travel agency decided to begin representation of the services of tourism in the USA. For two years of work in the Italy we have done a great work and have got well communications. We cooperate with a plenty of business partners, and also we have own network of our agents, we work only with the reliable partners, therefore we can guarantee high quality of offered services. We carry out a constant support of tourists during all trips, we have discounts to constant clients. The only problem we have faced with is a lack of the staff on post of Tour Manager. For the further prosperity it will be necessary to have even more employees who will represent the interests of our company in the country. Having considered your resume in one of the Job sites we have decided to offer you the post of a Tour Manager.

Below we will give answers to the questions that you may have:

1) Why do you use my service, why cannot your client send money directly to the receiver? And what does my job consist in?

* The clients of our company travel all over the world. In the majority of cases people can’t plan their expenses and here is the problem with cash. For example: the citizen of the USA or other country has a vacation in Egypt. Due to some circumstances our client needs money urgently.

*One can get money via ??? (Cash dispenser) using one’s credit or debit card. There’s a great disadvantage because credit and debit cards usually have some limit for transaction in other countries. This sum is about $300USD- $500USD per day. These limits are set by the bank.

*One can ask a friend or a relative to send some money to Egypt.

*One can use the service of our company. We accommodate this service “Money transfer” to our clients, who travel with our agency.

With our help our clients can receive money in a couple of hours.

Our client can use on-line access to his bank account and transfer money from his account into yours. If our company appoints you to the post of Tour Manager, your job will consist in receiving our client’s money into your account. After getting money you should send it by Western Union or Money Gram to Egypt. As a result our client receives the money in the shortest possible time. Money transfer from USA to Egypt takes a lot of time and it is practically impossible. Appointment of Tour Manager is very relevant in our travel company. “Money order” is in requisition among our clients. Egypt is just an example.

2) How can your clients send their money to unknown person like me? If by any reason our client won’t receive the money, our travel agency will completely compensate it. In our turn we demand this money from insurance company. This money is insured.

If our client loses money because of your fault, the insurer will call you a criminal and will give a claim to a court. All your bank accounts will be closed and you will appear in the black list of debtors. This money will be returned, be sure. After receiving money you become responsible for it. Before we employ you, our security police will check up all the information that you give us to minimize a risk of our client’s money loss. So, when you will fill in THE APPLICATION and EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT, you must give us the reliable information.

3) Does your company pay taxes? Should I pay taxes from deals with the client? Do you have the license which grants you the right to be engaged in tourism?

Our company pays taxes under the legislation of Sweden, because it is based in Sweden. You shouldn’t pay any taxes. Our Company had received the license to be engaged in tourism in 2013.

Requirements and notes:

We specified that work isn’t constant. You will receive money transfers from our clients only when it will be needed. We will inform you by email or by cell phone if our client transfers money. In average, you will receive two – three money transfer from our clients per week. It’s not excluded that you will receive more transfers.

You will get your salary in 30 days after you complete the first transfer, BUT to get your salary you must complete at least 10 transfers from our clients a month. So you will get your salary after ten successful transactions. If you didn’t manage 10 orders per month, you would get your salary after the ten transfer only. You will get 5% from each money transfer made by the client as a bonus. You will get your salary to your bank account. Transferring money you should not pay your own money for Western Union and Money Gram service.

If you do not want to give us your personal bank account . Our company can open bank accounts

I ‘m looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely Yours, Miranda Thompson

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