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Melody –

Victim Location 92677

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I recently lost my family dog after 15 years and was shopping for boxers puppies in the south California area. I could an add that said they had puppies available and there was a number listed w the add so I figured I’d reach out .?+1 (720) 358-7107?. two days later , the person, Larry Bruce , reached out telling me he has boxers available and that they were $500 each which is a very reasonable price. My wife and I were very excited hoping we could get one for our two little boys for Xmas one took the passing of our dog very hard.

I started to email Larry at [email protected] and he wanted me to answer a lot of personal questions about my caring for dogs. He used this as platform to tell me how much he cared and that he needed to find a proper home for these dogs and his wife just died, etc etc .. he asked me where I was from and after he found out , he told me he lived out of state in Colorado Springs. He said it was only $600 all inclusive to send us the puppy . I have shipped dogs in the past and I know it’s not $100. I stated to get suspicious . I gave him an opportunity to save face . I asked to set up a Skype interview to see the litter and his setup and him . Also I told him that I would want a notorized contact before I would send any money to a stranger . He didn’t response back to the email until

The next day . He messaged back today .. completely ignoring my previous message and asking for my personal information. I caught it before it was too late but I’d like to make sure he doesn’t scam anyone else . In this age, the world is full of terrible people and it’s quite a shame . Please spread the word.

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