Last Stop Bond Agency

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Sergio –

Victim Location 53022

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I rec’d. a call from who I thought was my grandson, telling me he was in an accident and fractured his nose, saying that’s why he was talking funny. I was told he needed bail money asap, that his atty. would be calling me, and not to tell any other family member about his predicament because he was in jail on OWI charges due to his having 2 glasses of wine at a wedding reception that night. Then Atty. "John Fisher" called from 912-385-0917 telling me that my grandson’s bail due is $10,000, but that $3,333 will be acceptable if I send it today via a Walmart Money Gram. That’s when I called the to determine whether or not this is a scam. verified that it is a scam.

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