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Candice –

Victim Location 08831

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

My mother resides in an assisted living facility and has mild to sever dementia. One day a box was delivered to her apartment. It contained 2 knee braces and a back brace. My mother is not in need of either of these. I checked with the physical therapist in the facility who assured me they did not order the items. After calling the "company", I was told my mother was referred by a "friend". I was told that the order was going to be charged to Medicare and her secondary insurance and there would be no charge to my mother. They told me they would cancel the order and this would not happen again. (??) While my mother does not know the name or address of the facility she does remember her social security number which I guess is how they got her information. I am now off to inform Medicare of the same scam.

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