Lay’s Company Name Spoofing

Lay’s Company Name Spoofing Scam or Legit? Check Lay’s Company Name Spoofing Reviews below.
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Type of a scam Employment

I recently came across site because i had a family member, show me this link, that was sent to her via email, at least that what she told me when i asked her were it came from, of course being that i work from home, I am usually pretty good at spotting a scam. However I was somewhat in a rush, in terms of only reading the site information and not the email she was sent, or doing my research for offers such as to make money by wrapping your car. I read the site and one of the biggest things you want to look for with most work at home jobs, is if they are saying you have to pay them to get the job, and this particular site didn’t, would can lurer in many people including people like me every now and then to think that this is a legit offer. Reason why I am reporting now is because I too became interested in this wrapping business and all seemed legit, until i did my research and show that this is a possible scam for many reasons. Because it didn’t have the Frito Lay’s logo on top of screen, secondly no contact for the Frito Lay’s company, name at top only said Lay’s, and while it lure’s you in by saying you don’t have to pay any fee’s it goes on to mention that they would send you a cashier check via usps, also site never asked you thorough questions about your car only Model and year, when most legit companies would want to know about how much you drive, and what area’s you drive in because expose matters to companies that actually hire for such a job. Also most don’t pay weekly and as much as this site was offering. Also spoke with my Family member who did actually speak with someone who was trying to get off to go to home depot and purchase some items that would help him, assist with wrapping the car and then he offered her $700 every two weeks, which mind you they originally offered $300 every week which every 2 weeks is $600, so all in all its a scam and i even called Frito Lay, who said they have been having someone use there brand for a while.

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