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Joe –

Victim Location 06470

Total money lost $2,732

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I initially received a LinkedIn In message from an industry associate detailing a part time positon as a Mystery Shopper. I responded to the link and registered. In a couple of days I received an email with some follow-up questions about specific retail stores in area and then followed by a email stating 1st assignment was sent with check to purchase 3 Postal Money Orders from the United States Postal Office plus 10 books of stamps. Received in the mail a Cashier’s Check issued from The Missouri Bank II in the amount of $2,998.00 and deposited into my bank account. I waited until the next day to confirm funds were actually credited into my account. Next day started receiving texts asking when I would be completing the assignment so I confirm funds were credited into my bank account and immediately went to the US Postal Office in town to complete the assigned assignment – Purchase Three Postal Money Orders at $850.00 each and $98.00 worth of stamps. Received a follow-up text on status update while still at the Post Office. Upon completion of task I completed the one page survey provided and mailed overnight next day delivery ($80.00 cost ) all the Postal Money Orders and stamps valued at $2,652.80 to a Houston TX address. The next day I received notification from my bank that the check was returned as a fraud check. My bank account was overdrawn and my bank informed me that there was nothing they could do as the funds were withdrawn as cash by myself. The website is still up but the original LinkenIn message is removed and no response from the original person I had text correspondence exchanges. I am going to start with local police and post office to report the scam but not sure if these scammers will ever get rightfully prosecuted and I will ever recoup my lost hard earned funds.

Ivan –

Victim Location 16803

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My son, a student, received an envelope in the mail from Robert Krans. I texted my son to see if he knew anything about this. He didn’t know a Robert Krans, so I told him I would open the enveolpe. There was a letter with instructions and a check for $1,990 enclosed. I immediately research online to see if this was a scam and found out it was. Then I came to the to report it.

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