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Tabitha –

Victim Location 60005

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Employment

So I have been applying for Design jobs and came across LCP360. Its and internship position in Des Plaines. I applied they answered with we would like you to think of ways to recreate our website and market yourself to us, then they sent me a link to their website. They told me we could set up an interview so they said i could come in on Friday the 20th of September at 11am. I came in with my portfolio book ready to present. Then after an hour of talking about an assignment they decided I do. They told me I had till monday to finish it and that they would call me on that day to start working. So I worked persistently on this project wanting to put my best into it and sent it through email for feedback. After that I got very few messages only stating excuse as to why he couldn’t send more info and such. A few of his excuses were "My daughter is sick" or "I am busy with the launch". Yet this is inconsistent to his actions before I completed the project he would email me after work too. So if you were busy at work you could still communicate after 5pm. The work i had sent was fairly complete so I know now that he scammed me. He stole my work and decided not to pay me for it. When on the day of the interview he specifically said, "I will compensate you for your time and work on the project even if not hired". I have called and messaged him a few times stating what is the status of the employment, and when will I get paid. He recently messaged me saying he will not compensate me for my work and that supposedly he will not use it and that we will be in touch and still interviewing. I believe this is a scam to get free work from multiple people they are interviewing. He specifically told me he would compensate me for the time i put into the work instead he has changed his mind. I would like anyone who comes across this company to watch out because they will likely not respect you for your work or time and will take advantage of you.

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