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Carly –

Victim Location 53538

Total money lost $97

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I was on a website that offers a variety of products at a discount, coupons for products or free samples. One after another pops up and you can either skip it or click on it and it will tell you more about it. When it came to the Le Jeune anti wrinkle cream I decided to find out more and thoroughly read all of the information I was given at that time. It said all I had to pay for to get this "free sample" was shipping of $4.95 and some nominal fee of @ $1.95. I made sure there was no club I was joining or phone calls I was going to have to make because I’ve been tricked once before like that and it was a nightmare. I saw nothing. Not anywhere. I received my sample and still no card saying "Thank you for joining….." or reminder that I had so many days to cancel said membership. There were only instructions on how to use the product but no phone number or contact information of any kind on the pamphlet. When the charge of $97.00 showed up on my bank register I immediately called my bank to try to get the information attached to that transaction. They gave me the phone number and address they were showing which as it turns out came back to Chase Bank. They would not tell me anything of course so I looked on Le Jeune’s own official website to find some kind of number I could call to find out what was going on but again, there is no number, no email address and no "contact us" tab offered on their website. The one thing that IS faithfully on every single Web based advertisement I have seen of theirs is a box to fill out to get that NOT "free trial". I am totally convinced at this point that their whole marketing ploy is to either hope people don’t notice the charges or hope that it’s too much trouble to fight them. Businesses like this should be made an example of. People are tired of being taken advantage of. All I wanted to do was see if the product worked before spending a bunch of money on it. If it had, I probably would have gladly handed over the $97.00. Now, even if it works I would not give them another cent. Just stupid.

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