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Learning Center-Let’s Study Employment Scam Scam or Legit? Check Learning Center-Let’s Study Employment Scam Reviews below.
Claudia –

Victim Location 53511

Type of a scam Employment

The scammer set itself up as a business that provided housing for foreign exchange students. I was offered a position as a project manager. They sent me contracts to sign. I was told I would train for 4 weeks at $27 per hour and then start at $32 per hour if I passed the training. After two weeks I was told they would send me the money for students and I was to take the money out of my bank account and transfer it to a hostel using an ATM. I spotted the scam right away and called them on it. I haven’t heard from them since. The web site cannot be found using a search engine. I was able to find the web site by doing a reverse phone search. The fact that I couldn’t find the web site says to me that they are not registered with any of the search engines available, quite unusual for any business. There is no information on the web site. It looks good, but is useless other than to impress a potential victim.

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