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Caitlin –

Victim Location 33178

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Employment

This individual offers fake job opportunities in his alleged company via social media mostly twitter. Jobs are not real and the company is a phony. When you interview on Skype with him he supposedly is traveling at the time and after asking you a few questions he requests money to be sent to his company in Caracas Venezuela via western union for a background check. I sent $100 first because I figured it was just a small amount but on the same day he asked for $900 and then $400.

I originally had responded to two different jobs he posted on Twitter one in New York and another one in Mexico. In time I realized they were fake. He also posted on Linkedin with the same result: jobs were not real. I noticed that he also mixes real jobs he finds online from other companies claiming that he owns or he’s related somehow to such companies. For example in one instance he claimed to be an executive with Bain & Co Financial and posted jobs from them claiming that he was personally asked to find someone for that role.

Furthermore he claims to be a writer for important business magazines like Inc but there are no articles online with his name.

As many other victims have pointed out his office in New York is a virtual corporation created online. It is not a physical address and he is not in the U.S.

He goes by the last name Confalonieri but he has many different aliases online. As per one of his victims’ reports he is a photographer from Venezuela and he has never worked in venture capital. He makes an income by coning startups with his background check scams.

Lastly I want to point out that once you don’t send him what he asks for or when you ask for more information he immediately becomes very aggressive so I be very careful.

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