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Edwin –

Total money lost $4,436.27

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial loan ws for $25,000.00 cdn. I was forwarded a contract on Feb 20th. that stated that I would deposit $1222.52 to secure the loan. T was told to forward the amount by Moneygram to an Aron Myers. I did that, but I was called back later, and was informed that there was a technical problem and the funds did not go through. I was to return to PO and get funds back and send them by Western Union. I did that with an additional dost of $70.98. Based on the contract, this was suppose to be the only deposit I would need to send. But llater that day, Feb 2oth.. when I called as the loan was not deposited, I was told that I had to pay $490.00 to have the funds converted from USD to CDN. I sent that amount by Moneygram, plus $26.00 for transfer. Still next day, Feb 22nd. the loan was not forthcoming. I was told I had to pay an additional $500.00 for conversion again. I mentioned about the previous day’s amount but they said it was an error and I had to pay and then I would get the loan. This went on for the remaining days of the week. Feb 22, I paid $480+ 26.00 for transfer: Feb 23 $437.41 + 26.00 for transfer; Feb 24 $798.54 + 50.00 and by the weekend , I still had no loan. I called the Mnday morning, and spoke with the Manager, who said he was surprised I still had not received the loan and will find out what is going on. He said it was because I was not in Ontario, and the laws were different. He said they need $794.00 and he was 100% sure and that he will see that I get the loan. This was Feb 27th. I ocmplained about the time and money I was spending and was assured that was the last payment. Nonetheless, when no loan was forthcoming on Feb 28th, I called again, and once again I was told I had to pay more money. I refused and sent an email indicating the amount I spent and still have not received my loan. To date no one has gotten in touch with me. I just want my money back.

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