Legacy INC – Legacy Soft INC/ Garmin Imposter

Legacy INC – Legacy Soft INC/ Garmin Imposter Scam or Legit? Check Legacy INC – Legacy Soft INC/ Garmin Imposter Reviews below.
Alexandra –

Victim Location 12056

Type of a scam Tech Support

Our Garmin watch was not working and we googled "garmin support". We called a number listed that we thought was Garmin.

They claimed the issue was we had a virus in our network and we needed a firewall installed on our network. Then they said they would clean everything up and finally reset our Garmin software. They switched us to their tech guy, who called us. They remotely accessed our pc (we let them) they showed up diagrams and even a link to Walmart where getting a network firewall installed would cost over $1,000. after an hour and a half they said they were done and had as re-sync our Garmin watch and it seemed to work. They said we should send a check rather than credit cards because our network was compromised so they had us place the check on our scanner and they remotely scanned it in. Then they filled out an ACH/EFT Authorization Form withdrawing the fee ($399.98) from our checking account and sent it to our printer for verification. They said we can call their number 1-888-559-0043 for three years of support as part of the deal. It was at the end that we realized we were dealing with someone other than Garmin and we realized we had no evidence of anything being done for us. We later realized our wireless router came with its own firewall and we didn’t need a "firewall for our network". We called our bank and cancelled the transaction before it went through, but we are also closing that account since they now have all our information to make electronic withdrawals. Since then they have called us several times, we don’t answer but they never leave voice mail.

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