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Katie –

Victim Location 73102

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Fair warning about this as my grand daughter (13) received a voice mail about a family member we don’t even know that has a court subpoena pending. When calling this number back, you receive a recording to leave a message with the case number provided during the initial call. Two things wrong with this: 1. First, they contacted a minor whose number doesn’t have texting or data and is only known to 3 people in the entire family, 2. They contacted several other family members with the same message.

As my grand daughters number is only known to me, my wife and her mother, they have somehow managed to illegally acquire this number and more importantly its association with a family member.

I have 0, no make that -100% confidence that nothing will be done through our magnanimous FCC to investigate and prosecute this type of activity nor any other gov law enforcement organization.

The only way to stop this kind of activity is for the public to find ways to track down the perpetrators and prosecute them according to law or expose the people behind the organization(s) and post their identities on the internet for all to see.

Perhaps you or your family members may pass this off with little regard towards others being made victims but I like the idea of turning the tables on the scammers and exposing their identities.

A national website devoted to scammers being id’ed, that would require registration for their offenses similar to sex crimes would do wonders toward curtailing this activity.

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