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Billy –

Victim Location 94998

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from a someone that identified themselves as "Miss Ross" from Legal Locator Services. She said that she was hired by her client, Twin Bluff Financial, to locate me so that papers could be served for a legal action against me. She said that they had attempted to come out to my home address but the address came back as inactive and the next attempt would be to come out to my place of employment. She stated that I owed some $510.00 from some loan that was taken out 3 years ago. I have no record of having ever taken out such loan. I told her to send me documentation as to when, what, and where this loan was taken out so that I could check my records. She explained that I would be served papers and that I would need to go to court. and that the worst case would be that I would have to pay the $510 plus court costs and fees. I have received no letters in the mail and have absolutely no idea what this is about. She had certain information about me such as my address, place of employment, and the last 4 of my social security number. She asked me to verify my date of birth and I told her that she should tell me what it is because I have no idea if her business is legitimate. The information she provided could easily have been general information that someone on the internet received or hacked into. At this time, I told her to go ahead and have the person deliver the papers and that then I would be able to investigate the matter on my end. I asked her when the the process server would be here and she said she didn’t know and that the person had many deliveries today. The Case # they gave me is RA50395.

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