Legent Comm LLC

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Wayne –

Victim Location 18052

Total money lost $42.34

Type of a scam Utility

Advertised on telephone as new long distance company with better rates than existing long distance company. Also stated long distance at existing long distance company would be discontinued in the near future; therefore, no choice in the matter. I had to choose Long Distance America. Received notice in mail that I placed an order to select Long Distance America as long distance company, list of benefits and service agreement describing terms and conditions. I did not place an order nor did I authorize change of long distance. I telephoned numerous times; however, each time one telephone number’s voice mail was full, I could not leave a message and the other telephone number was not accepting voice mail messages at this time. I also went on to website to cancel; however, it refers you to Customer Service at the two telephone numbers. The website contained five links; regulatory (terms and conditions), adding new service (call Customer Service), changing or cancelling service (call Customer Service), faq (same as included in notice) and contact us (call Customer Service or write us at P.O. box number). Telephone bill increased from $81.08 to $135.49.

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