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Legit Flex Job Scam or Legit? Check Legit Flex Job Reviews below.
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Victim Location 91355

Total money lost $20

Type of a scam Employment

The company claims that they pay out quite a bit of money to freelance employees that fill out worksheets for them. They ask the person to fill out four worksheets and then send them into the closest office (I BELIEVE THERE ARE THREE LISTED) to the person filling out such forms. The catch is that you have to send $** in cash or money order to them. The site seemed legit, they have instructional videos and with the three offices nationwide I believed I should give it a try. I e-mailed them one time when I first signed up and that was to find out where the forms were located on the site which they answered me. When I asked them where the money was for the work I did, no response. Then I tried e-mailing them again and the server could not be reached. I believe what I wrote in the e-mail wasn’t liked by these individuals with a company that basically sounds like HACKERS minus the H. It’s only $** dollars that they got me for but I believe a lot of people have lost more than that. Thanks for anything you can do to get these people off the internet.

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