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Shaun –

Victim Location 19143

Total money lost $998.50

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I filled out an online database for loan matching. I was contacted by someone who pretended to be a representative of a loan company called LendUp loan. The representative called my phone number and sent me a text stating I am approved for a loan for $10000. He asked for valid information pertaining to loan approval such as last four of social security number, bank account number, routing number and bank name. This all seemed to be legitimate from the experience of taking out loans in the past. After a review period he communicated via phone and text that I would need to send money via western union to a recipient in GA in order to be approved and he stated that this action would allow me to build credit. He stated that he would deposit an amount to my account and I should send that amount to the recipient. The next day there was a deposit to my account for the amount of 998.50. It showed as a mobile deposit that cleared and was available for use into my account. Since it cleared successfully I did not consider anything to be suspicious and I proceeded to complete the western union transfer. He contacted me to do this five times that morning and put an extreme rush on doing the process and claimed he would make the deposit of the loan the same day. After completing the western union process, he contacted me later that day stating that I would need to complete one more western union transfer to be able to complete the loan. I questioned him about this and received a vague response of him stating just do this to increase my credit. He contacted me the next day stating that I would not have to complete a second western union transaction but instead I should buy a $100 iTunes gift card and take a picture of the redemption code. At this point I knew it was a scam and he is still insisting that I send him this code. My account is currently negative the amount of the check he deposited to my account as the transaction has been reversed.

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