Lender processing center/New Say Yes

Lender processing center/New Say Yes Scam or Legit? Check Lender processing center/New Say Yes Reviews below.
Summer –

Victim Location 23462

Type of a scam Phishing

This number kept calling repeatedly, usually I would not answer, but I called it back and automated response had 3 choices with something about mortgage rates if you rate was higher than click 1 if lower than click 2 and to remove from call list click 9 well first two result in all our operators are busy please leave your info and the 9 just repeats the message. So the next day they called more, I was at work and not wanting to be bothered I answered and an automated voice said my name and I said hello it said my name again and I said yes and the call immediately cutoff they got what they needed my voice recording saying yes. I usually would not of fallen for this except they used my name, sad thing is I knew about these scams and they still got me.

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