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Nancy –

Victim Location 92220

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

So I was applying for a online loan after relative passed I needed a loan I was aware my credit wasn’t the greatest but there might be program to help the day after I applied I received a message stating I was approved for 8000 I was so excited news came at perfect timing I spoke to a agent through out the remainder of the day he access my chase account he told me since I didn’t have available funds I would have to go to Wells Fargo get a prepaid account so when I got to the bank the banker suggested for me to just open a account with them considering my parol checks are are made from their bank account would be free if I got direct deposit I was so happy feeling like it was my lucky day after so much pain after losing a family member who all I wanted was to be able to make my finances work so I can provide some cost for burial and be financially set on my bills etc. it was a blessing until I let agent know they then told me my account was to fresh but they would still help me out it didn’t make sense but I was so excited I didn’t pay attention later that day the agent told me he was going to deposit a grant in my account from us treasury department it will be in my account by midnight he asked me for my online banking information I trusted it was just the procedure so gave it to him around six am the filling morning agent accused me of taking some of there money they asked me to go to my bank take out the funds that clear give it to the. In a few days I will receive my loan after the other portion clear immediately I check my account the checks looked funny cause it was not issued by us treasury department so I contacted agency they then told me that the name on the checks were people who issued checks from that department I explain to agent that it was weird he than asked me to go to Walgreens get a iTunes card deposit money into them to receive my loan right after went to police station to report what had happen after that officer informed me it was fraud close my accounts immediately so I did I visit well Fargo to make sure it closed out it did but they posted also a fraud alert any where I apply they think I’m some kind of criminal do to the circumstances it’s very hard to even access my own account all be cause I was lured into a scam I just would like to report this to save some one this awful burden I have over my shoulders due to these scam artist my life has been financially stressful

Audrey –

Victim Location 53711

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This was supposedly Lending Club trying to give me a loan. I needed a loan to help pay for college tuition for the spring. I applied on the Lending Club website, it says my application went through and they are reviewing this. I got a call a few hours later from this 650 area code number. They said I was approved with the loan. They deposited a check into my bank account, my bank called me and said it was suspicious so they locked my account until the check is bounced back. I called the Lending Club number on the website, they said that I was not approved for a loan. I called the number back and the man was filled with lies. If you get a call from this number do not follow through with it. They try putting a check in your bank account then wiring it to someone else.

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