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Larry –

Victim Location 30215

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by a person claiming to be Tony Walker about a work from home job offering $30.75 an hour, said he saw my resume on Indeed and based on my qualifications I was a shoe in for a new opening with Lennar Corporation. Told me to download Google Hangout and contact Eric Hope who messaged me and apologized for the "unprofessional manner of communication" but the world is evolving towards technology and we should too. (red flag) Continued messaging with me and wanted to do a instant chat interview I went along to gather some intel. Says he’s going to send my info to the head of HR then less than a minute later offers me a position. Tells me that the company will send me a check the very next day for materials (red flag) I tell him I’m weary about giving too much personal information out do to online scams. He assures me he’s not a scammer, which at this point I know he is because I’ve done some digging of my own. Meanwhile Tony is still texting me trying to make sure im still interested and have spoken with Eric. These two if they aren’t the same person are persistent until the second I mention I’ve done some research then I was blocked from the hangout app conversation and the number I was receiving text from. Eric also gave me the number 430-702-2075 as a company number so be very cautious!

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