Leo jones claimed to work for BBB

Leo jones claimed to work for BBB Scam or Legit? Check Leo jones claimed to work for BBB Reviews below.
Casey –

Victim Location 45239

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

i got scammed 8 weeks ago from one person. Then another person named leo jones claimed he works for the BBB and a ron barry claimed he works for the govt officials. They told me that I had to pay them in order to get my money back. When i tried to pay them in a few weeks they told that i need to pay them in 1 to 2 days and kept all the money that i tried to pay them the first. They told me if i didnt pay them they will arrest and charge me for fraud, money laundering and bribery. So i paid the finally and then they said i got approved for a check for $66800 but i would have to pay a tax redemption and then they would add that that on. i told them i dont have anymore money and told them they can keep the check. now they said they will add international irs fraud charges to me. The said they will put me in jail for 6-8 months, revoke 3years employment, seize all my bank accounts and take my house away. He has done that to many other victims and maybe other ones right. these people need to be stopped and arrested before they do more damage. you may get some people complaining to you because the person named leo jones works for the BBB. this is his numbers



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