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Matthew –

Victim Location 78717

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called my work place and said I was going to be served if I don’t call 415-226-9265. I called and a "lawyer" named Elizabeth Thomas claimed that in 2008 I owed First Bank of Delaware $4000+++ and that I need to pay so I don’t go to court. I believed them even though I wasn’t sure because I was afraid to go to court. She transferred me to LP Services Group to pay. A Jonathan with ext 123 said I need to sign a document stating that I need to pay a certain amount every month for the lawsuit to be dropped. If I don’t receive a document within 30 min. I need to call back. I didn’t receive any document and so I called but no one answered. I called the "lawyer’s" number and no one answered. No email came until the following week. I called their offices and asked for their website and address. Both claimed they don’t have a website. The other gave me an address. I called the building manager and they informed me that there was no such business there. The lawyers office put me on hold several times but never gave me an address. They told me to google several stuff. I called the sheriffs office in our city to make sure if there was a lawsuit filed under my name. There wasn’t any lawsuit filed under my name.

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